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Detective Donald 2: The Party

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#48246
Fun:*** (2.89)
Difficulty:** (1.68)
Submitted By:sheep1234tus****!




Having arrested John Jacobson, the man who kidnapped Bill Richman, a party was held in Detective Donald's honor. However, to test Donald's smarts, Bill Richman sent Donald this paper:

Dear Donald,
To get to the party, drive to Green Road, where there will be a row of eleven houses that look exactly the same. One of them is my house. Which one, you ask? Well, you'll have to find out with these clues:
My house is not the one on the left.
I have exactly two neighbors.
Do not enter the third one, because it's not my house.
Don't enter the ninth one either.
Lose the thought of entering the three houses on the very right.
Erase the thought of entering the houses on the left, too.
Okay, enough hints. Which house do I live in? If you think there's not enough clues, think again!

Donald read it over a couple times, and drove to the house where the party was being held.
Which house in the row did Bill live in?

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Dec 04, 2010

Good one. I took my time work out the clue then realise the answer is something else.
Dec 08, 2010

Brilliant - I was working it out on paper and then looked at the hint and realised there was a hidden clue. Very good
Dec 08, 2010

Brilliant - I was working it out on paper and then looked at the hint and realised there was a hidden clue. Very good
Dec 11, 2010

I got it right it was hard took me a minute Than I took a second look at it and I put two and two together fun one
Dec 11, 2010

That was awesome it took me awhile and i did not even see the clue but i guessed and got it right it was very hard.
Feb 12, 2011

Good idea!!! I had a completely different way of solving it and although I solved it I love the idea!!!
Feb 13, 2011

Very cute But it might be better in the Logic section?
Feb 18, 2011

I agree with Trewg! This not a mystery! It should either be in the logic section or the riddle section! Good RIDDLE though.
Mar 14, 2011

uh. ok. but i kinda think theres another way to solve this. without the MIDDLE thing. Assuming six houses on the left, five on the right i got the anwer as the seventh house- as in the fourth house on the right. Maybe im wrong.
Apr 01, 2011

This was very good, Very hard for me, and very fun,

Alice ;)
(user deleted)
Apr 14, 2011

wew !
Nov 20, 2011

hd td middle dw it reads and i thought it was the 4# house because the hint said whats left? and there were 4 houses left.
Mar 26, 2012

Why waste your mind doing this?
Just listen for the party noise.
Jun 10, 2012

I figured it out when it got to the part with "erase the thought of going into the houses on the left" because you don't realy use "erase" in that context so I knew something was up.
Mar 23, 2013

Yeah! Just go to the house with noise, agreed with 2 commentrs back!
Jun 13, 2013

drew a picture, worked back word, nothing came to me. the i saw it.
Jun 10, 2014

Good Job- At first I thought I was supposed to study the clues, but then I realized that it spelled out middle on the left.Clever.
Mar 15, 2017

Y JunJie: Have you heard of a surprise party

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