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These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#48383
Fun:*** (2.28)
Difficulty:*** (2.37)
Submitted By:bookworm91*******
Corrected By:boodler




Captain Jonathan Frakes is leading his crew on a long, exhausting journey through the treasure vaults of the late Doug the Despot, who amassed fabulous wealth and hid it away in catacombs beneath the Capital City of Earth. Unfortunately for treasure hunters, Doug also laid several nasty booby traps along the way in the form of puzzles. One of these puzzles is five numbered doors. There is an inscription above them.

"One of us right; four of us wrong.
Four are alike; one doesn't belong."

The doors are numbered:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Which door should Captain Frakes choose?

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Jan 11, 2011

Haha I was thinking way too literally before I saw the hint. I just read a book on the Golden Ratio this summer, so that was the clincher
Jan 13, 2011

Um, how are the treasure hunters supposed to know about the Golden Ratio and the Sequence?
Jan 13, 2011

Um, how are the treasure hunters supposed to know about the Golden Ratio and the Sequence?
Jan 13, 2011

@braingle100: They are brilliant, logical people who have done their research on math and nature. Plus they have all you Brainglers to help them figure it out. And Captain Frakes has a communication device with a built-in Google. And did I mention they are brilliant?
Jan 24, 2011

oh i never thought to use that technique truly teasing teaser
Feb 18, 2011

It is also the only non-prime number.
Feb 18, 2011

1 is technically also a non-prime number, as a prime number has 2 factors (1 and itself), but 1 is unique in that it only has 1 factor.

But that's why I used the Golden Ratio hint, to cancel that possibility out
Mar 13, 2011

I'd say the answer is #1. "One of us right" could be interpreted as the number 1 is the correct one. Then "Four are alike; one doesn't belong" could mean the numbers 2-4 are alike in not being the right one, and the number 1 wouldn't belong because it IS the right one.
Mar 14, 2011

An interesting interpretation - I hadn't thought of that one.

Thanks for the comments, everybody, by the way

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