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Mittens Mystery

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#48439
Fun:*** (2.18)
Difficulty:* (1.01)
Submitted By:coolboy66*
Corrected By:MysteriousLight




Detective John G. Abergail was on break from his life-saving career. He was just about to rest on his newly furnished hammock when he got a call from his cousin, Laura Plimott.

"John, I know you are on break, and this may be kind of silly, but no one else will listen." Laura sped through her words. "Laura, pause. What's going on?"

"My son lost his mittens and he really wants to find them." Detective Abergail shook his head. "What's so special about them?"

"They were his father's." Laura's husband passed away years before, and he'd left his childhood mittens to their son, Chris. Detective Abergail sighed, scratched his forehead, and drove to Laura's house.

"Okay, Chris. I want you to tell me what happened." Chris, the 8 year old boy, whined and ran to his mom. "Chris, honey, tell your uncle John what happened." Chris nodded and skipped back to John.

"I got off the bus and went inside the school like every other day. I walked inside the classroom and up to my cubby. I took off my jacket, hat, and scarf and put it in the cubby. Then, I took my mittens off and placed them on top of my hat. At the end of the school day, I grabbed my jacket, scarf, and hat, forgetting that I put my mittens in there. Then, I went on the bus and remembered my mittens. I had to wait until the next day to look for them. That was today. So, today, I went inside the classroom and looked around my cubby. At the end of the day, the teacher let me look at the lost-and-found center. It wasn't there. Do you know what happened to my gloves?" Detective Abergail smiled. "I have a good feeling about where it is." He stood up, walked over to Laura, and laughed.

"Where does your son put his outerwear?"

Where was Chris's mittens and how did Detective Abergail know?

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Feb 04, 2011

Haha I thought someone stole it, and when I saw the hint I was thinking "Hmm, then what?" Then I saw the answer, and I was thinking "Ohhh that makes sense"
Good teaser, anyhow.
Feb 07, 2011

this is cool!
Feb 07, 2011

If I had a dime for every time this happened with our kids in real life.... Haha! So this one was easy.
Feb 18, 2011

I think that you should change it a little; It read:"Okay, Chris. I want you to tell me what happened." Chris, the 8 year old boy, whined and ran to his mom. "Chris, honey, tell your uncle John what happened." Chris nodded and skipped back to John. Why would he whine and run back to his mom? 8-year-olds have grown up more than that by then, and then mother told him that he SHOULD go talk to the doctor, and he did. If he whined and ran back to his mom the first time, why would he immediately obey from there on out? Shouldn't he yell "nooooooo" or something? Usually eight year olds aren't that obedient! And then it reads: At the end of the school day, I grabbed my jacket, scarf, and hat, forgetting that I put my mittens in there. He STATES that he forgot that he put his mittens in his hat! He ALREADY knew where the mittens were! In his hat! HE said that! There is many things wrong with this mystery!
Feb 21, 2011

Illusionist, you found the illusion. That really did give it away.
Feb 23, 2011

Illusionist, it means he forgot he put his mittens in the cubby!
Also, he sticks to his mom alot-- I have brothers and I know how 8 year olds can be. This 8 year old in the park I once saw cried when talking to his grandfather and talked to him when his mom & dad told him to, so you see things differently, ok?
Mar 14, 2011

I got this straightaway!! *does a happy dance!* im lovin it! parapapapa!
Apr 18, 2011

This was a pretty easy mystery. Even Chris could figure that out
Apr 19, 2011

I kind of agree with Illusionist.

1. It was somewhat hard to read with the paragraphing.

2. I did catch the other thing, but it's all right.

Have a nice day!
Apr 21, 2011

gott it!
Apr 22, 2011

At the beginning of the mystery, it introduces the detective as John G. Albergail and as the story progresses, his name becomes Abergail. A small typo that I could not ignore.
Apr 30, 2011

Hah, sorry! Accidental typo... I wonder how the editors didn't notice.
Nov 18, 2011

So did he put his mittens on top like he said at first, or inside the hat like he said later? I agree with illusionist although I did get it right!
Nov 20, 2011

i agree with illusionist about how he put them on TOP of his hat then it said he actually put them IN his hat :
Feb 25, 2012

Illusionist I totally agree the boy said he put his mittens in his hat but if you were reading it quickly through you might not of noticed what the boy said
Jun 20, 2012

When he said "forgetting that I put them in there," he was referring to "there" as his cubby, not his hat!!
Nov 06, 2012

Nice, I read a few level one stories that were really just too easy. This was right on the verge of easy, and i got the answer without even thinking someone stole them, because I have been in this situation SO many times before.
Apr 05, 2013

I do feel this puzzling to less be a mystery than a game of guessing.

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