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Chocolate Trick

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#48910
Fun:** (2.06)
Difficulty:** (1.22)
Submitted By:KaipperAus*!!!!




You are sitting at a table with three boxes on it. One of the boxes has a chocolate bar inside of it, and your goal is to figure out which one it is. There is a man on the other side of the table who knows which box the chocolate is in, and you can ask him one yes or no question. You must ask him one and only one question, and it must be relevant to which box contains the chocolate. How do you figure out for sure which box the chocolate is in?

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Aug 12, 2011

Not sure how much sense that makes. Why not just skip the question and open all 3?
Aug 17, 2011

Wolfpack, it's not my teaser, but it does say "you must" ask the question.
(user deleted)
Aug 23, 2011

lol i agree with you wolf
Aug 27, 2011

I would have asked "Which box is the chocolate under?" It didn't 'have' to be a yes or no, it was just allowed to be.
Oct 01, 2011

Another way would be to indicate two boxes and ask that question.
Oct 16, 2011

If you were me, I would do this :

Since only one box contain chocolate, does the other two boxes contain anything?


I would shake and find out which box does contain the chocolate.

Oct 24, 2011

This teaser doesn't exactly make much sense...
Oct 27, 2011

I have to agree with GreenApples. How was this a brain teaser?
Nov 04, 2011

i agree with you wolfpack
Nov 18, 2011

It does have to be a yes or no question he said that. But I agree with Wolf and this teaser is lame. Incidentally, my question would be this:
"Please say yes for box 1, no for box 2 and don't say anything for box 3". The trick never said he had to answer your yes or no question and assuming he has to be honest, then I get the chocolate!
Feb 06, 2012

Couldn't you just point to a box then say if its this box say yes, if its this box say no, and if it's this box don't respond
Mar 10, 2012

way too easy
Apr 23, 2012

JUIJ13 i agree with and wolf
Jun 12, 2012

I would ask, is it dark chocolate? If yes, i would open all 3 and look inside. if no, I wouldn't do it cause dark chocolate is the only good kind
Jun 16, 2012

Write 1, 2, 3 on each of the boxes, and then tell the man I am thinking of either 1.5 or 2.5. Is the chocolate in the box that has a number greater than mine? If he says yes, it is in box 3. If he says no, it is in box 1. If he can't answer, it's in box 2.

this is also on the teasers without answers page i also agree with just open the boxes
Feb 03, 2013

as dangerouspie 101 said above, this is on the teasers without answers forum. There are a lot of solutions posted there, but I like HarryPutter's example the best: Kidnap the guy and leave him with no food or water except for the candy bar, and see which box he reaches for. Although this isn't technically a valid answer, as it doesn't require asking a question, I still like it.
Apr 14, 2013

Or another way is:

just ask...

Do one of these two boxes contain the

If he says "no"

the remaining box contains the chocolate.

If he says "YES"

there's a 50/50 chance.

Jan 01, 2015

The question doesn't say that the man will tell the truth, so you'll have to open all three anyway.
This puzzle is rather dumb.

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