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Pizza Dogs

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#49076
Fun:** (1.99)
Difficulty:* (1.08)
Submitted By:bubbubfilttus*****!




Five homeless dogs are hungry, so they decide to steal pizza. The five dogs are:

2 Boxers with a 50% chance of succeeding
1 Schnauzer with a 75% chance of succeeding
2 Bloodhounds with a 100% chance of succeeding

If the Boxers go first, then the Bloodhounds, then the Schnauzer, what is the chance of their succeeding/not in this order?


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Oct 15, 2011

Hahaha you got me! Great teaser going as my favorite!
Oct 16, 2011

Nice one
Oct 17, 2011

The bloodhound failed...
Oct 19, 2011

Nice teaser! I wonder if the dogs would be able to work if they didn't go in that order.
Nov 04, 2011

yes i was right it was like suceed NOT! suceed NOT!
Nov 11, 2011

That was confusing...
Nov 18, 2011

This teaser needs a serious overhaul in wording. Too confusing.
Nov 19, 2011

I found it easy, but fun. Good teaser, thx!
Jan 18, 2012

Great teaser! I said there was no pizza left after the first one succeeded, so it was impossible.
Apr 23, 2012

Jun 12, 2012

Easy one!
Nov 06, 2012

Easy one. Loved it though.
Jun 21, 2013

Sorry, but "succeeding/not in this order" is not worded well. The way it is written suggests the chances of succeeding are "not in this order" and therefore do not conform to the order you then set out. If you meant "succeeding or not succeeding in this order" then it should have been worded more clearly. Either way, I do love teasers with dogs and understand their penchant for pizza, so I'm sure they would go back as many times as necessary to get all the pizza they wanted.
Dec 11, 2016

*headdesk* Yes, this is a probability teaser. There is no trick here.

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