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Disparate Housewives

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Puzzle ID:#49102
Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:*** (2.99)
Submitted By:Gizzer*




The housewives of Clematis Lane are a very disparate group. Each housewife was born under a different sign of the Chinese zodiac, prefers a different brand of household cleaner, went on a second honeymoon to a different European capital last year, and has a family member with a strange medical problem related to a different eponymous body part. Can you determine the name, zodiac sign, cleaner, honeymoon destination and afflicted family member's body part for each housewife?

Housewives: Alma, Blythe, Helen, Leslie, Roberta
Zodiac Years: Dragon, Horse, Ox, Pig, Rooster
Cleaners: Ajax, Bon Ami, Comet, Lysol, Vanish
Honeymoon Cities: Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Oslo, Paris
Body Parts: Achilles' Tendon, Adam's Apple, Bundle of His, Fallopian Tubes, Islets of Langerhans

1. The five housewives are: Roberta, the one born in the Year of the Dragon, the one who prefers to use Bon Ami, the one who travelled to Amsterdam and the one whose daughter ruptured an Achilles Tendon after being kicked in the ankle by a soccer mom just before the championship game.

2. Neither Blythe (who hasn't been to London) nor the housewife born in the Year of the Horse (who doesn't use Vanish) is the one with a brother whose pacemaker, installed to correct a defect with his Bundle of His, somehow triggers her automatic Lysol shower cleaner.

3. The housewife who went to Brussels has a son with hyperactive Islets of Langerhans, requiring him to constantly eat candy or risk lapsing into a diabetic coma.

4. Neither Leslie nor the housewife who uses Comet cleanser is the woman who was born in the Year of the Rooster and whose husband, ironically, can't crow about his exploits after suffering a crushed Adam's Apple while participating in a joust at the County Fair.

5. Helen (who wasn't born in the Year of the Pig) went to Paris for her second honeymoon.

6. Neither Leslie nor the housewife born in the Year of the Ox has the brother with a defective Bundle of His or the daughter with the ruptured Achilles Tendon.

7. The housewife born in the Year of the Dragon doesn't use Lysol or Ajax.

8. The housewife born in the Year of the Horse doesn't use Comet.

9. The housewife born in the Year of the Ox isn't the woman with a twin sister who had her Fallopian tubes removed after an ectopic pregnancy and now wants her sister to act as a surrogate.

10. Alma has never been to Oslo.

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Oct 25, 2011

I misunderstood what a "Bundle of His"
Oct 25, 2011

I misunderstood what a "Bundle of His" was.
Oct 30, 2011

Helen, Ajax, Paris, and Achilles Tendon! You couldn't make it up! Oh, wait, Gizzer did!
Oct 30, 2011

Oops! And the horse! Hee hee!
Nov 20, 2011

This teaser was HARD! Negatives are confusing. But it was fun and I'm glad I solved it. Would have been near impossible without the Logic Grid Solver haha.
Dec 24, 2011

The catagories in this puzzle were different than a lot of other puzzles that I play.
Feb 22, 2012

ohh man, that was so much fun. I had to start taking notes in a separate window for reference, ahah

nice job!
May 31, 2012

What a fun teaser!
Nov 05, 2012

Wow. very, very clever! I loved the word play in the title, I probably wouldn't have noticed the history of the Trojan War if someone didn't point it out- and I love Greek Mythology It must be fun to live in your head! Thanks for the puzzle, just great!
May 18, 2013

Fantastic LG, Giz! Thanks!
Dec 20, 2013

A good one made me think a bit
May 02, 2014

Gizzer - supercreative wordplay!! great puzzle. I needed a blank sheet of paper to work through this.
Sep 23, 2015

Whew, that took a pen and some paper

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