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A Man and the Club

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#495
Fun:*** (2.73)
Difficulty:** (1.58)
Submitted By:Sydgal47***
Corrected By:Stormcrafter




Tim really wants to join the new luxury fitness club that opened up downtown. The only problem is that to join you have to sign up at the desk and, to get inside, you have to answer a riddle. He thinks this won't be too hard. The guy in line before him goes up to the security guard. The guard says "six", and he answers back "three". The guard lets him in. The next lady goes up and the guard says "twelve". She says "six" and goes in. Now it is Tim's turn. The guard says "four" and Tim, thinking he was so smart, says "two". The guard says "you're wrong". What should he have said?


He should have said FOUR.
SIX has THREE letters. TWELVE has SIX letters. FOUR has FOUR letters.


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Aug 04, 2001

This is an example of a well known mathematical black hole. Take ANY number you want and count the characters. Write this out and count the characters of the result. And so on... You`ll converge to FOUR and get stuck there. An example: 2416 Two thousand fourhundred sixteen --> 19 Nineteen --> 8 Eight --> 5 Five --> 4 Four --> 4
May 30, 2002

go figure:
Jul 14, 2004

One thing this teaser demonstrates is that Braingle ought to provide a spelling checker to those who submit teasers, and/or the editors ought to use one.
Feb 14, 2006

this is a sort of duplicate. others have things at the end like:

guard says: 9
Guy says 4 1/2
Apr 17, 2006

four and a half ???????????
i don't get it . half a letter , what ?
Apr 23, 2006

I really think this teaser goes into the trick, logic, SOMETHING, other than this section.
Dec 11, 2006

Exact duplicate but the story changed... but congrats for getting it in most can't get dups in!
Mar 01, 2007

When I looked at the answer and saw certain words capitalized, I felt stupid like you were putting emphasis on the answer. lol That's just me though. Not bad.
Sep 13, 2007

Jun 07, 2008

I could've sworn i saw another one of these on braingle!
Jan 05, 2010

Have I not seen the same exact thing before?
Mar 07, 2010

I'm fairly certain that this teaser was submitted first, making the other one a duplicate, and this the original.
I loved it! Keep up the good work!
Jun 30, 2010

There's a duplicate of this. And yes, rkb-1961, I know about that "mathematical black hole."

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