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Lighter than a Feather

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#507
Fun:*** (2.3)
Difficulty:** (1.11)
Submitted By:BJLeeLuu*
Corrected By:BobbyKat




What is lighter than a feather but the strongest man in the world could not pick it up?

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Oct 22, 2003

this teaser also works for any gas that is lighter than a feather, such as helium or neon. A decent teaser, tho.
Sep 22, 2005

A shadow!
Jan 02, 2006

that was so easy.
Feb 06, 2006

I liked this one, thanks
Feb 22, 2006

Easy *lip trembles*
Mar 12, 2006

Actually, air is not LIGHTER than a feather. If you had enough air, the air would be heavier. The correct wording would be that air is LESS DENSE than a feather.
May 07, 2006

Also, many people pick up air. They carry it, compressed, in cylinders.
Jun 02, 2006

why are u guys so precise?! and my friends call ME mr proper... jeesh!
Nov 07, 2006

It's our jobs to be critical

Not a bad teaser, though - but I would have said shadow
Nov 22, 2006

he he he, I use that one on my friends all the time!
Mar 04, 2007

Mar 12, 2007

HEYY all he had to do was put his hands up and say IM CARRYING ALL THE AIR IN THE WORLD!!!! haha

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