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Money Within Reach

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#5090
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (1.68)
Submitted By:badbrian08****




Money is right above my reach,
I'm barely staying out of The Emergency Room (It is right below me),
Room #3 is to my left,
Room #5 is to my right with a 5% interest rate.

What Am I?

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Jul 09, 2002

Money is above my number 9, not my number 4 so I didn't get it!
Jul 09, 2002

This one was a lot like your What Are We? puzzle (or your What Are We? puzzle was a lot like this one, depending on which came first.) but a clever teaser. good job.
Jul 10, 2002

Clever, I liked it!
Jul 10, 2002

Yeah, it's a good one but I do wish the voting choices had an intermediate between extremes. Certainly not boring, but I don't know that fun describes it, and certainly not easy but hard is not the right word either. Lateral thinking is a must.
Jul 12, 2002

beaglesangle this is only a question do you have a macintosh computer or a microsoft based computer because the keyboard can be very different between the two please i mean no offense
Jul 12, 2002

I didn't take offence!! I have a Packard Bell computer, is that Microsoft?
Jul 13, 2002

though my keybord metches the riddle, not all of them do!!!
Jul 28, 2002

Great Riddle!! One of my favorites!
Jul 28, 2002

I totally agree w/ Piffle
Jul 30, 2002

Pretty easy. You say 3 and 5 are on eether sides of you, so it pretty much gives you #4.
Aug 03, 2002

I loved this one. I got it in less than a minute while my wife was still puzzling--so it made me feel superior!
Aug 03, 2002

This is true for most keyboards, but not mine. You see, I'm on a Dvorak keyboard- it's a much better layout than the traditional Qwerty keyboard. All of the common keys are on the home row- vowels on the left, consonants on the right. It's very easy to switch, and once you have, you'll wonder why we still bother with Qwerty keyboards.

Incidentally, the two keys under the 4 on a Dvorak keyboard are the period and the letter P.
Aug 03, 2002

I started reading this and immediately "What Are We" came to mind.
Similar puzzles, like these, should be separated -in time- . Otherwise, it was a good puzzle.
Aug 03, 2002

cool teaser. i didn't get it. i like how the answer was right in front of my face but i still didn't get it. Oh yeah you should have put the 4 on a 'qwerty' keyboard.
Aug 04, 2002

If your going to say stupid, all lest say what about it you don't like...Don't just put stupid.
Aug 20, 2002

so you say stupid. sometime stupid is good. I love it when my friends and I are stupid. does thisd mean that you liked this or not? Stupid was a meaningless and pointless comment.
Oct 23, 2002

very clever I did not think of that.
Oct 23, 2002

I agree with drworm and dumbell.
Since you like to judge other peoples
riddles so negatively, why don't you try to make one and we will say how stupid yours is.
(user deleted)
Aug 03, 2003

pretty easy ... maybe cuz i just read one that was similar... good idea.. but a couple of the clues were pretty obvious... g*job anyhow... *smile*
Aug 07, 2003

cool 4 sure!
Dec 21, 2003

Fun, but um, I don't get the emergency room part. Is it that we can type "emergency room"?
Aug 03, 2004

The letters ER are directly below.

Good teaser but I agree it was a ahame that the room 3 and 5 gave it away a bit too easily.
Good fun though
Aug 03, 2004

Duh, it make sense when I read the answer. Guess my brain needs more coffee this morning. I liked it, thanks.
Aug 03, 2004

Aha, that was cute!
Aug 03, 2004

How come some of the comments are over 2 years old. Is this a repeat puzzle?
Aug 03, 2004

But it was a good teaser. The ER bit stumped me, could not work that one out at first.
Jul 07, 2007

Got this right away. Good fun.

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