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A Bomber

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#540
Fun:*** (2.4)
Difficulty:** (1.53)
Submitted By:Ghost**
Corrected By:AndrewWalker




A bomber is flying along, everything is working properly, and when he presses the button for the bomb to drop, nothing happens.

Why is this?

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Dec 22, 2001

Or maybe there wasno bomb....
Jun 05, 2002

if he was upside-down, and he released the bomb..... then the bomb would have armed itself....

i think the bomber would have gotten blown up, heh heh
Nov 12, 2002

Yes I think the bomber would have been blown up too. The bomb would fall toward the ceiling of the bomber if the plane was flying upside down and would have a good chance of going off. Also bombers do not drop there load unless they have a visual or radar reading that tells them they are over there target. In either case they would notice that they were flying upside down.
May 11, 2003

don't know what country you people are from, but the arms that hold a bomb inside of a bomber act much like your hand. if they were opened while the plane was upside down they would just rest in the arms. it would be like holding a pencil in your hand and opening it.
May 19, 2003

LOL i like it... more of those... i like em
Nov 11, 2003

Some bombs are attached to wing mounts. If these are released, the bomb would be ripped away from the wing by air resistance and fall anyway.
Jan 31, 2006

that would do it!
good one
Mar 17, 2006

Thanks, I needed a giggle!
Jun 22, 2006

Yeah, I also thought the bomb was missing. If you'll say that "everything was working" precludes that, it could potentially preclude the pilot's disorientation as well. Still, a cute idea. Write more!
Sep 20, 2006

I bet he wished he didn't do so many stunts.
Oct 01, 2006

Oct 01, 2006

Apr 28, 2007

I thought it was a simulation...wasn't expecting such a dramatic ending...
Jan 13, 2008

I thought he'd already dropped the bomb so there was nothing to drop.
Oct 21, 2008

and why would he be flying upside down?!?!
Nov 13, 2008

that could have negative effect...
Aug 26, 2009

Wow. I didn't even know bombers were so agile.

Have anyone really heard or seen a upside-down bomber?

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