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Hidden Animals

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#5754
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:** (1.23)
Submitted By:AlliePotter***
Corrected By:fishmed




Can you find 13 animals hidden in these words?


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Jul 29, 2002

You forgot one! Char, a type of fish, is in there too!!
Oct 31, 2004

He mentioned's the eighth answer
Oct 31, 2004

Acually, the answer is "yes" because the question was, "Can you find 13 animals hidden in these words?" And that is a yes or no question.
Oct 31, 2004

Ants are really insects ^_^

But, nice, I liked how you made the words overlap... i didn't see char (never heard of it..)
Oct 31, 2004

Insects are actually in the animal kingdom. So it does work.

Great teaser!
(user deleted)
Oct 31, 2004

great teaser never heard of a char bfor
Nov 01, 2004

great teaser - I only found 7, and learned a new word, char
Nov 01, 2004

what's a char? *lookin it up*
Nov 01, 2004

Maybe next time I'll read comments BEFORE I add one.

Apparently I was not alone in "char" ignorant bliss
Nov 01, 2004

There are 13 excluding char. Nobody seems to have spotted ewt, which is an alternative name for the common newt, according to
Feb 16, 2005

okay..except for adder and char i got them all..i knew it had to be something like adder..but i had never heard of it so i was well..good one though i enjoyed it you should make more like this..if you haven't alreay and i just haven't found them
Jun 09, 2005

sftbaltwty took the words out of my mouth..this never heard of char and thought about adder since it was the only logic choice left, just had never heard of one..what is it by the way?
Jun 11, 2005

very nice! i loved that one

PS. what's an adder?
Jul 12, 2005

Very good! Although I only found 8...
Nov 01, 2005

Im Dumb... I Got It All Wrong All Wrong anyways.... GREAT TEASER!!!
Nov 01, 2005

If you look at the word string backwords you'l also get another eel out of it.

An adder is a type of snake...a family of snakes I think.
Nov 01, 2005

That was pretty easy....except for the ones I didn'y know (adder and char???).
GREAT teaser though. VERY CREATIVE.
Nov 01, 2005

Adder?????? Char???? Except for those, I loved it....well, with those but I never heard of them....learn something new everyday
Nov 01, 2005

thanx for the great teaser. Although I didn't know what a char was!! I guess you learn something new everyday!!I got 11 out of the thirteen!! WELL DONE
Nov 01, 2005

Very well done and I got them all Keep these coming great brain workouts
Nov 01, 2005

what!i only found five : that is not fair.i am only seven.but a cool teaser i wonder how you get so many teasers?if only i could find out
Nov 01, 2005

i got them aii except "char" i'll have to look that one up. i liked it. very entertaining.
Nov 01, 2005

Not bad. Got them all quickly, except for char. Like most everyone else here, that was one I had never heard of. Oh well, I like to learn at least one new thing every day, and you've made that possible for me before I even got off to work. Now, I might as well take the dy off.
Nov 01, 2005

Very creative, I enjoyed it a lot!!

(I wonder if I should mention that I got "adder" and "char" 'cause I knew what they are?)
Helps to have fishin' buddies!
Nov 01, 2005

I'm finding words in a combined word worth being a teaser?
Nov 01, 2005

First- How dop you vote? All i could find is a thing saying if i register I can vote. I AM registered!!!
OK fun puzzle though for some reason seemed very easy to me. never heard of char or newt but way puzzle constructed I figured to get 13 they must be animals.
Nov 01, 2005

Duh!!! No sooner submitted comment and box came up saking for my vote. So answer is one way you vote is by submitting comment/ Any other way to get there?
Nov 01, 2005

Hey, I fish & never heard of char. Is it anything like a carp? Loved the teaser cuz i got em all 'cept for "char". Thanks for an enjoyable teaser.
Nov 01, 2005

It was easy and I got them all, but honestly I like the easy ones b/c it makes me feel really good first thing in the morning when I can get the answer right. I think you did a FANTASTIC JOB, and more important than being easy...
IT WAS FUN and yes it was worthy of being a teaser. In my opinion, anything that is submitted and approved by editors is always worthy of being a teaser. Way to go Allie!
Nov 01, 2005

Most excellent!....But what's a char?
Nov 01, 2005

loved it! please have more of these!
Nov 01, 2005

I got them all except for char. I am not alone in this so I feel great. Keep up the good work!
Nov 01, 2005

great one! looks like you got a lot of us on "char" Never heard of it. I got the rest though. Loved this one!!!
Nov 01, 2005

A char is a type of Arctic fish typically found in and around Alaska, for anyone who asked.

Very cute puzzle, though I, too, noticed the absence of that one. Not really a very common one, but how many people really know what it is?
Nov 01, 2005

Brillant! Had fun with it!!! But whats a char? ! Can we have one like that tommrow?
Nov 01, 2005

*Smacks forehead* I meant that I missed char initially... whatever...
Nov 01, 2005

i got all but one. i missed char. what is a char?? very good.
Nov 01, 2005

Great one and you even thru in char to try to through me off LOL
Nov 01, 2005

That was great fun!
Nov 01, 2005

Never heard of char either, htank goodness I'm not alone. got all the rest pretty quick though.
Nov 01, 2005

I, too, never knew of a "char." That's what I love about Braingle - I learn something new almost every day!!! Thanx!
Nov 01, 2005

Great one!! I found 12, I didn't know char was an animal.
Nov 01, 2005

I found 9! (3 I had never heard of but spotted..but didn't count it on my mental list) good job!
(user deleted)
Nov 01, 2005

What about leech?
Nov 01, 2005

Well, I got 10. Had no clue about adder or char, seems I wasn't alone. Now to go find out what they are! Great job!
Nov 01, 2005

I got 12 because I saw char but didn't know it. For chucho, leech is the 7th on the list. Good teaser!
Nov 01, 2005

Wow! This is amazing! I love it! I didn't see eel or one of the others in there, but 11 out of 13's pretty good in mere seconds, I think!
Nov 01, 2005

Now that was fun to do... i only got 12 right. keep up the good work.
Nov 01, 2005

Drat, I almost had it. Never heard of a char before. Good job.
Nov 01, 2005

adder and char...

at least im not the only peson who has like NO IDEA what those are

but i liked the teaser...
(user deleted)
Nov 01, 2005

dude, your weird
Nov 01, 2005

that was an awesome teaser!! know why???? b/c i got it... i mean, i think i did good. i got 9/13!! talk a/b yay 4 me!! LOL. anywaaays... good job, dude.

Nov 01, 2005

cool teaser i got most of them right save char

gr8t use of the animal names like char and leech
Nov 01, 2005

Cool !!!! Got 11, Missed Char and never heard of ADER I really enjoyed it Keep it up
Nov 01, 2005

easy but not too easy. good one
Nov 01, 2005

some typos in there. all in all a good one, but spelling mistakes make it poor.
Nov 01, 2005

some typos in there. all in all a good one, but spelling mistakes make it poor.
Nov 01, 2005

didnt quite catch the char... was questioning it but though I was insane for saying that was an animal.. and I knew adder was an animal but wasnt quite sure what lol... Great teaser! I'd love to see more of these!
Nov 01, 2005

I gotta give it to ya. Very impressive! Just added one word in my vocabulary; char
Nov 01, 2005

*sigh* i missed adder and char... never heard of um... and newt... of course i know what a newt is... i was wondering about the insect thing... it's all cleared up now tho...
(user deleted)
Nov 01, 2005

I'm dumb
Nov 01, 2005


The Teaser was pretty good, and sort of easy. Sometimes its good to allow our brains to take a quick look at something and keep going before we turn into a Char . Something that exist, that is unknown, and probably not too cute.
Nov 01, 2005

No, I did not get all 13 Animals. Is an ELL an animal? OF Course an ell is an animal. No, is an ell a fish? or is a fish an ell? Your Teaser is good, in that it allows the brain to function in the unordinary. NOt just Work, Sleep and more Work. It takes us away from the Humdrum of Day to Day. There is Much FuNnnnnnnnnn In teasers.......
Nov 01, 2005

I love reading the comments. I do believe that 8 out of 10 teaser readers have Higher Education. Its the responses. It's like a test was given. People make little jokes, but the bottom line is, did you get the correct answer? Most comments reveal a higher order of learning. No, I don't know a Char, but I got nine correct. Kool out! The next class is tomorrow's Teasers.
Nov 01, 2005

Hey! Got everything but "char"; don't know what that is. Good teaser.
Nov 01, 2005

I meant EEl, eel, Eel .........
Nov 01, 2005

What the heck is an adder?!?!?! And a char?!?!?!
Nov 01, 2005

Very nice, I liked it alot! What's a char?
Nov 01, 2005

I didn't like this teaser because I didn't think that pheasant would be one of the 'animals' because it isn't actually AN ANIMAL. It's a type of animal.. doesn't make much sense. Good job.
Nov 01, 2005

I would have had to known all of my animals before I could get it. What is an adder and a char? I never heard of those before. but it was fun.
Nov 01, 2005

Your use of the word "animals" was misleading since the names include rodents, birds, fish, snakes, etc. You could have phrased it better. And, REALLY, "char"? Way too obscure for a puzzle of this nature. How many people playing do you think would know the name of a trout with small scales and light colored spots? My father was a commercial fisherman, and I've never heard of a char. Not cool.
Nov 01, 2005

GET OUT! To me, "Animal" means "member of the animal kingdom." ALL of these creatures are members of the animal kingdom!
Nov 01, 2005

You took the word right out of my mouth Lynn! Some of these comments seem to get more and more entertaining daily.
Nov 01, 2005

The word being "Animal"
Nov 01, 2005

I got 11/13. I thought "adder" was one of them, but I wasn't sure. I've never heard of a "cha
r" before, either.*now opening
Nov 01, 2005

i just looked up adder and char. Adder is a viper(reptile) and char is fish related to trout(I guess that means I won't try eating it anytime soon).
Nov 01, 2005

nice! i got 10/13 but i still feel smart. i missed adder, char, and eel, but i knew char was one but i didn't kow what it was. O well. Fun ne way!
Nov 01, 2005

nice! i got 10/13 but i still feel smart. i missed adder, char, and eel, but i knew char was one but i didn't kow what it was. O well. Fun ne way!
Nov 01, 2005

I thought this teaser was great!

For those of you who don't know what a char is, it's a large Arctic fish that tastes exactly like salmon when it is cooked. It is commonly caught in Alaska and northern B.C.
and it is much cheaper to buy than salmon. A great alternative though!

(It helps to be from a fishing province!!)
Nov 01, 2005

ditto wat sftbaltwty & healthybrain26 said
that was a really cool teaser
did u make that up?????

BTW: an adder is a kind of venomous snake

idk if sum1 said that already
there r 2 many coments to read
really nice job
if u cum accross any more post 'em and let me kno!!!!!!
Nov 01, 2005

Great teaser! IGot eleven.
Nov 02, 2005

I refuse to add a comment because these days there just seems to be way too many!
Nov 02, 2005

haha, me like most people doesn't know what a char is! haha time to go back to zoology class...
Nov 02, 2005

Retiles, birds, snakes, fish...are all animals. Living things are broken up into Plants or animals and then there are subdivisions of those two groups. So the term ANIMALS were correct...none of the things were plants.
Nov 02, 2005

I only missed "char", although I vaguely remember now that I heard of it before. "Adder" is very poisonous snake and I think it's the kind Cleopatra killed herself with. It's in a few mystery novels also. Some of y'all make criticisms about things without bothering to research it first to see it you're really right or not. Tsk, tsk... There are not any mispellings, to the person who said there were, what was mispelled? I think it was good and there SHOULD be something that everyone delsn't get right away, like "char", that's why it's a teaser.
Nov 03, 2005

Good fun teaser. I got 12 out of the 13, just missed out Char probably cos i never heard of it but hey,, i learnt something new aswell. What more could i want?
Nov 04, 2005

good one, i missed ant, and never heard of char

great teaser
Nov 05, 2005

Great teaser!!! I almost got all of them.
Nov 10, 2005

I had fun with this one. Good job
Dec 16, 2005

I've never heard of a "char" and I completely missed ant.

Really good one though! I think you fooled a lot of people.
Dec 17, 2005

I got all but eel (and yes, I knew what a char is!!!)... but feel really dumb for missing the easy one!! GREAT TEASER!!
Jan 11, 2006

That was alot of fun, I missed adder although I clearly saw it and I also missed char, I don't know what an adder is or what a char is.... But it was a fun teaser!!
Feb 08, 2006

ok it was good but there are accually 15 words u have to ad dog and cat!!!! duh!!!! i found them!
Feb 08, 2006

Why didn't you add horses in horses_rock101?
Feb 13, 2006

my mistake there r 16 dont forget horses
Feb 18, 2006

Very cute and fun! Great job!
Feb 18, 2006

good one it was very cool.
Feb 20, 2006

Now I have to go look up char. That was the only one I missed.
Apr 25, 2006

How is this a trick? All you do is look for animals inside a string of words.
Apr 25, 2006

Oops, I didn't realize, when I clicked Short and Sweet it shows ALL types of teasers. Sorry. Well, it's not that bad.
May 05, 2006

I missed eel,hare and i knew somthing was round where char was but didn't know what it was so i suppsoed i missed that one too.
Sep 19, 2006

Very original!
Nov 02, 2006

Good teaser...a couple took a little time to think out, but it was fun.

Hey, Imur, at 323 you should be chewing less and editing more. I wonder where your teasers are!!!
Nov 02, 2006

first of all wat is a char maybe it' ur neigbour i have never heard of it
Nov 02, 2006

Nov 02, 2006

Imurray, hmm, THE LESS INTELLIGENT SPECIES??? I WONDER too, if any of them had over 300 Braingle points would they be submitting teasers or just criticizing those who do. Is it teaser envy or what?

This was fine teaser, well thought out and well done.
Nov 02, 2006

I liked it too... was a certain challenge... since my English ain't all that gould when it comes up to such a specific vocabulary...

So I sat there and looked up letter-combinations which seemed to make a sense to me...

But I didn't get the char....
Nov 02, 2006

A highly brain-sizzling teaser. LM wouldn't even comment unless it is a downgrade of some sort....LOL Keep up the fantastic work with the teasers. ALL of us have enjoyed it, so far.
Nov 02, 2006

Quickly got 12 - all but Char (not up on my fish). Good one!
Nov 02, 2006

Fun concept, I missed char too. Pretty clear from all the comments that that was too much of a stretch to make this teaser really work.
Nov 02, 2006

Very fun! I didn't get char, but I learned a new word! :-)
Nov 02, 2006

Same here maka!
Nov 02, 2006

Loved it!
Nov 02, 2006

Very good teaser. Fun. But there are more than 13 animals if you mix up the letters. Including otter.
Nov 02, 2006

I got 11, but what is an ADDER, and a CHAR??
Nov 02, 2006

Couldnt get char, but got all the rest. Thanks for the word I learnt from this teaser.
Who is to decide on others being 'lesser animals'? We can have some fun with the names of these 'lesser animals', cant we, without harming them in any way, such as flogging them, racing them, etc.? (Call me a 'lesser animal', and I wont be upset!)
I liked this teaser. Thanks.
Nov 02, 2006

hummm....didnt know sum of those.....good one though
Nov 02, 2006

Got them all except Char (never heard of one). I knew something was there but couldn't parse it.
Nov 02, 2006

fun and easy! yay! got twelve, never heard of Char....good job!
Nov 02, 2006

Nov 02, 2006

Nov 02, 2006

I didn't know char, but I can't believe I didn't find hare. ugh!
Nov 02, 2006

I can't believe so many missed "char". I was able to get them all rather quickly. Must be cause I'm so old.
Nov 02, 2006

I kept trying to find "otter," but it wasn't even in there!
Nov 02, 2006

Adder?! Char?!?! What the heck?!
Nov 02, 2006

I'm with the "what's a char?" gang. The rest were pretty easy.
Nov 02, 2006

CHAR!?!?!? what is that?
well i guess im not alone in that question
i got all of the except eel and char

but isn't the answer yes?
Nov 02, 2006

I really like this teaser! I would have never even thought of one like this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 02, 2006

Fun! Easy! Fast! Enjoyable!! Got 12/13; had never heard of 'char' before, but learned a new word....who says I'm too old to learn something new!!
Nov 03, 2006

Never heard of char, but liked the teaser.
Nov 03, 2006

You would know what a char was if you played "Animal Crossing," a Nintendo DS game. I'm such a computer/game system nerd! Oh well, good teaser BTW! Props!
Nov 03, 2006

12/13 Nice job! I saw char and all I could think of there was a way to cook-charbroil- whatever.

Very creative. More please?
Nov 04, 2006

got 10/13....can't believe i missed rat and eel....but had no clue (like many others) what char was....but NOW YOU KNOW!!!!! (anyone who's watched Bill Nye the Science Guy out there? ) good, fun teaser
Nov 12, 2006

char? whats a char? I still like these kind of teasers, but I like them when what is s'ppose to be in there should be in there, not and eel, ant (are the animals) or a pheasant, char or adder...
Dec 08, 2006

Much to my char-grin, I only got 12/13.

My eye kept stumbling over char, because it was the only remaining place for an animal to hide, but I just didn't recognize it. Oh well. At least there was something keeping this teaser from being overly easy! (I almost missed ant too, but took a second look when I realized I had only 11.)
Jun 06, 2007

I can't believe I missed rat. I missed char too, but I've never heard of it before today so at least I have an excuse.

Thank you for the fun!
Aug 16, 2007

I got all but char. Fun teaser!
Sep 03, 2007

that was fun I only spotted 7 in the star
Jul 20, 2008

Woot, great teaser.
Found them all(barely).
Mar 08, 2009

i only got 7
Nov 02, 2009

Excellent teaser.

Char (also spelled charr) = a species of fish
Adder = A venomous snake (I'm really surprised people haven't heard of this)

To all those who are complaining about fish, birds, insects, etc. being animals: Learn what an animal is!
Mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and arachnids.

And to the person who said there are only Plants and Animals, you are incorrect, as it is commonly accepted that there are between 3-6 kingdoms.
Plants, Animals, Fungi, Protists, Monera (Eubacteria and Archaebacteria)
Nov 02, 2009

I kept trying to make something out of "char," but couldn't think of what it might be.
Fun teaser, though. I guess I'll remember what "char" is now!
Nov 02, 2009

I kept trying to make something out of char too...didn't have a clue on that one. Great quiz and lots of fun!
Nov 02, 2009

Fun one! I missed char too!!
Nov 02, 2009

Nov 02, 2009

Nice teaser! I actually found char but missed ant. Go figure
Nov 02, 2009

I , too, missed char. Saw it, but didn't know what it was. Learned something new.
Nov 03, 2009

I agree that the question as posed required simply a YES or NO answer.

But in order to answer the question you have to see if you can in fact find at least 13 animals in the combination of letters.

And YES I can find 13.

In fact I found 14. A REE is a female bird related to the sandpiper.
Oct 23, 2010

I didn't know the word "char."
Nov 02, 2012

I thought it was quite easy and I got them all. They just sort of popped right out at you. Nice one and fun!
Nov 02, 2012

Fun quiz - thanks! I missed char.

Nov 02, 2012

Found them all
Nov 02, 2012

Got all but Char, never heard of it as a noun!!
Nov 02, 2012

What in the heck is a char?
Nov 02, 2012

I found them all fairly quickly - except for char. Never heard of the word as an animal. I had to do extensive research (Google) to find out what it was! I wonder if I ordered "char" in a restaurant, what I might be served?!
Nov 02, 2012

Char is not an animal. Char is a FISH.
Nov 02, 2012

Everything found on the Earth can be categorized as being Animal; Vegetable; or Mineral. Since a Fish is not a vegetable or a mineral - then I would assume it is an animal!
search for "animal vegetable mineral
I also learned about animal classifications many years ago in Biology class.
I always loved Biology; A&P; Physiology - that's probably why I became a nurse.
Nov 09, 2012

One respondent claims that a "ree" is a kind of bird related to the sandpiper, but, after having consulted several references, I cannot confirm this. I found a rather exhaustive list of known birds, and "ree" is totally absent from it. As an aside, until I encountered this puzzle, I had never heard of a fish called a "char," but was in fact able to confirm that there is such a critter. Live and learn.
Nov 02, 2015

nice...of course a fish is an animal; it certainly is not a vegetable!
Nov 02, 2015

I missed hare this time around. Fun quiz! Thanks

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