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Pastor's Question


Puzzle ID:#5902
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:*** (2.8)
Submitted By:Dooreatoe*
Corrected By:boodler




A young boy went to a Catholic school. During school he started goofing around, so the teacher called him out and sent him to the Pastor. Since this was a traditional school the boy would be spanked, but the Pastor believed in giving people a chance. He said, "If you can ask me a question about something you learned and I don't know the answer on the spot you will go free."
The boy may have been lazy, but he was very witty. He asked, "What is it that you can see and I can see, usually every day, but God cannot see." The Pastor stood there, stumped. He couldn't figure it out because he strongly believed that God sees and knows all, and that there is only one God. The boy smiled and told him.

What was it?


His own equal! We see our equals everyday, but since there is one God, he cannot see someone equal to himself.

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Jul 29, 2002

this is a really awesome teaser! congradulations to whoever did this one!
Jul 30, 2002

That's one great teaser!
Jul 30, 2002

Yup. Nice.
Jul 30, 2002

very nice!!! it points to a deep philosophical concept that only the middle members in a series can have elements above and below them.
Jul 30, 2002

Thanks guys! This was my first teaser. It isn't really
"mine", but I've read a ton of brain teaser
books, and I was stumped. And if I offended you in any way with this
religious question, I'm sorry.
Jul 31, 2002

Very nice. I really like this one.
Aug 02, 2002

that is a excellent teaser! good job!
Aug 03, 2002

I got it but after 10 minuts! Very good! Not A+. get the point.
Aug 05, 2002

I'll give it 10/10.
Aug 06, 2002

It's a good teaser, I voted it fun and all.... But I don't understand why are you all making such a big deal about it ) No offense !
Aug 06, 2002

It was very good but I thought it was going to be slightly better judging by it's popularity. To each his I guess though.
Aug 07, 2002

Do you guys need a better hint? I'll change it
if you like. And I was just making a big deal about Natalie
because I LOVE to make haters sound like idiots. Ha, Ha! ;)
But you guys are great. It makes a newbie feel good.
Aug 13, 2002

wow i love how everyone tries to talk smart and use big words to undermine everyone my iq is 147 and i didnt get this one does that make me stupid too?
Aug 14, 2002

don't listen to Natalie. She doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm a Christain, but I'm not hurt by it. Actually, I believe that has a very good lesson to it. We are equal to all other humans ( although Natalie obviously doesn't think so) but nobody's equal to God. ( Keep using that book)
Aug 15, 2002

I didnt think your answer could be correct because no one is totally and completly equal
Aug 15, 2002

Thanx Meg! Christians unite! (Well, the ones here anyway ;) )
Aug 15, 2002

Oh, and Martis, I'm a female. At least get that right.
Aug 18, 2002

So smart & so true
(user deleted)
Aug 19, 2002

The answer intended by the author of this teaser could only be assertained with the preassumption (substituting as fact) that there is in fact only one god.
Aug 20, 2002

boy, don't some people miss the point! i thought the answer was going to be 'the error of their ways', but i prefer your answer.
Aug 20, 2002

I'm a christian and I thought the answer was completely true and by the way, ezelle, it states in the teaser that the pastor strongly believed in one God and that he believed he could see everything...
(user deleted)
Aug 22, 2002

Again, however, strong belief and fact are not related.
Aug 22, 2002

For me, it is a fact that there is only one God. So if you want to continue to choose not to believe that for the teaser, then the answer will be a lot harder to figure out. And it's just a teaser. Chill out! You have to kind of see it from the Pastor's point of veiw to fully understand and answer the teaser. It WILL help.
Aug 26, 2002

neat teaser i dont see the big deal about. keep up the good work!
Aug 28, 2002

Hi,neverthless a very good first rated teaser and an eye opener..on second alternate answer can be ' NOTHING '. ?? what say !!
Aug 30, 2002

First, Braingle's policy is that any abusive or mean-spirted comments will be "promptly removed". I see a number of posts above, that if I were moderator would most certainly be removed.

Next,A great man once wrote in a timeless document, and I quote, Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)QUOTATION:We hold these truths to be self-evident,—that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; 1 that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." ATTRIBUTIONeclaration of Independence.

Now, I think we ought ot get back to the idea that the purpose of these teasers are
to have fun and exercise our brain cells.

My vote: A great riddle...
Sep 03, 2002

This is a contradicting teaser. First of all it says what is something that the boy and preacher can see but GOD can not, the answer was our equals, GOD can see everything, including our equals. If the answer was HIS equal than it would make no sense because HE has no equal therefore no one would be able to see it because it does not exist. So this is a confusing teaser if you think about it.
Sep 05, 2002

Does the Catholic God have a shadow? I am not Catholic, and mean no offense; merely looking for alternative, possibly better-suited, answers.
Sep 15, 2002

That was awesome! I totally agree with you! You should make more of those!
Sep 21, 2002

Good question! I don't know if God has a shadow.....
Oct 08, 2002

Great Job! A++++++++++++++
Oct 23, 2002

nice job. I woudn't have guessed it.
Oct 23, 2002

This was a good one
and it was fun
it made me really think
but then it started to link
Nov 07, 2002

So did the Paster spank the boy anyway?

Good riddle. I was thinking darkness because I would figure God can see right though it and that he does not need light to "see" since he does not have biological eyes with the limits ours do. Anyway your answers can not be faulted. Nice one.
Nov 26, 2002

Man was created in God's own image and likeness. Therefore all men are the equivalent of God.
Dec 27, 2002

i do not agree with wsji or what ever the name is!
Apr 04, 2003

People CALM DOWN!! its JUST o TEASER!!!! and for you who think its a bad teaser,ITS NOT!!!! anyway i like it alot!!!! P.S.if you think I like it because Im catholic your wrong Im not
Apr 05, 2003

that was a surprise.
May 05, 2003

Master_of_Mindz !!!!!!!! You said everyone isn't completely equal!! That racism, price, prejudice, and just plain rude. This means you are better than some people and worse than others. Like some1 else said in the Declaration Of Independance is the statement that "all peple were created equal"... and we all stay that way!!! I am a Christian and i believe everyone is completely equal and worth the same...................good teaser
Aug 10, 2003

I believe that God can do anything. And if he wanted to make another God equal to him he could. I know he wouldn't of course, but I'm just stating the facts!
Sep 05, 2003

Small point for the Catholic and other Christian believers. God became man in the form of Jesus. Jesus had a shadow! Anyway good teaser and provoked some interestinh thought and discussion. Well done!
Jun 09, 2004

Here is someone who is equal to God:
5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: [B]6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:[B] 7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: 8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. 9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: 10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; 11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Jul 30, 2004

AGAIN...for these questions, you'll have to know a specific reliigon. these are absolutely dumb. and i NEVER KNEW about these things at all.
(user deleted)
Sep 28, 2004

In Catholic school there are no Pastors. They are Priests
Sep 28, 2004

To Aida-Very good point, I am surprised the editors never caught that. As per previous discussion-There is a difference in the level and type of equality that the comments could be referring to. Although it is true that in the Christian faith, we are all considered equal in the eyes of God, while we are on earth we are NOT all equal. Not in the sense of race or worth, but certainly in growth related venues. For example, most of us have supervisors, which stem from the word superior. This doesn't mean that they are worth more as a person, but as value of position, they we are not equal to them, nor do we have equal responsibilities. Even in faiths such as Catholicism, we have a heirarchy-Equal as humans, not equal as religious enforcers. Just felt that needed to be said. By the way, I loved this one, personally. Keep them coming!
Sep 28, 2004

Rubbish absolutely boring
Sep 28, 2004

heard it b4 very many times not funny anymore
Sep 28, 2004

"Master_of_Mindz !!!!!!!! You said everyone isn't completely equal!! That racism, price, prejudice, and just plain rude. This means you are better than some people and worse than others. Like some1 else said in the Declaration Of Independance is the statement that "all peple were created equal"... and we all stay that way!!! I am a Christian and i believe everyone is completely equal and worth the same...................good teaser "

Shutup stupid
(user deleted)
Sep 28, 2004

I know that Catholics dont use Pastors as a title, Christian's use pastors as a title.
Your answer is incorrect."His own equal"
God has created us different to each other, we are not made equal to each other.
(user deleted)
Sep 28, 2004

"and that there is only one God"
The word that your looking for is One true God! there are many gods, even mony can be another person's god.
Sep 28, 2004

kindof thought provoking really...good job
(user deleted)
Sep 28, 2004

"What is it that you can see and I can see, usually everyday, but God cannot see." This is a good question, but it's coming from a person that doesn't know the fact.
God can see all things, he is "Omnipotent".
The Question that you could ask is; "What is one thing that me and you can do and God cannot do?"
Sep 29, 2004

My answer was "His reflection." (Someone above suggested shadow, which is pretty much the same thing... although you might say the whole universe is in God's shadow, because, if it weren't for all the stars, it would be really dark.)

Or, how 'bout "His mom"? "His acne"?
Nov 18, 2004

Not bad, but those of us who beleive in the trinity realize that God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit are all equal in nature but different in person.
Sep 29, 2005

Try to guess my similar teaser (in concept):

What is unknown for God?
Teaser was made by my father as a paradox. I modified it to be a teaser.

ANSWER: scroll down...

Why you didn't simply press the END key?

Answer to the teaser:
He would never know, that he don't know something.
Sep 29, 2005

Whoops, i didn't type"father's" after the word "my".
Sep 29, 2005

Well in addition to a great teaser it looks like you've also made at least three good fights. After reading all the comments I think I've enjoyed that even more than your riddle.
Sep 29, 2005

I laughed more reading the comments. I answered - our image on the mirror! We see it almost everyday. God is not as conceited I suppose. Great teaser!!!! Hey you all - do not be too serious. This was supposed to be something we should all enjoy and laugh about after we did not get the correct answer.
Sep 29, 2005

great teaser have a blessed day
Sep 29, 2005

This is a great teaser. It's a pity that I'm only getting to throw my 2cents in all the way down here. Well, I'm gonna anyway what's the difference between a Pastor and a Preacher besides the name...just curious. That was penny 1 and now for 2 there's a jazz song that I have that has a line in the lyrics "If we were made in his image than call us by our name." Ever since I heard that I've been trying to figure out if that meant that we should just walk around calling everybody God. Sorry if I got anyone mad along the way.
Sep 29, 2005

joeh, omnipotent means "all powerful." Omniscient means "all knowing" (or all seeing).
Sep 29, 2005

Whew! Am I ever LATE! Reading through the comments, I read some to people by name, Natalie, for example. But I could find no Natalie comment above that. So apparently someone DID remove some? Anyway, everyone have a LOVELY day!
Sep 29, 2005

this was the most controversial riddle yet and I think all those ANTI christian comments are litterally ridiculous this was a really GOOD riddle especially for a first timer keep up the good work
Sep 29, 2005

brilliant. loved it.

Sep 29, 2005

I loved the teaser! I give it 5 stars but I have a few comments for others. I guess l like throwing in my 2 cents too.

I like your thought "the error of their ways" would work. good thinking. God couldnt see the error of his ways b/c he makes no mistakes. bt i like the real answer too.

then again the hint in the teaser tht the pastor thinks there is "only one" God shows the better answer to be that he has no equal which is true god has no equal.

Oh and to i agree but kindly disagree the constitution/"man" misht say we are equal but we arent really according to the law regardless of what anyone "says" we arent that's just life and it has nothing to do w/ racism or prejudice on my part b/c I'm Korean, Chinese, Afro American, and Indian. and from looking at all different sides of the spectrum in "mans" eyes we are not all equal. But I do agree with the fact that we are all equal not b/c the constitution says so but b/c no sin is greater than another and in God's eyes "we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."

I also agree w/ and kindly disagree w/ even though Jesus was God in the flesh accoding to the trinity they are 3 persons as one spirit and though he walked on earth as the messiag he is not equal to God b/c Jesus can't do anything w/o God's final OK.

I like your modified paradox cuz I scrolled down instead of pressing end. (hehehe)

Oh and i don't think that that's its meaning, maybe it means since we were priviledged enough to be made in his image respect me enough not to call me out of my name...

god bless everyone...I loved the teaser it required deeper thought than the norm...
Sep 29, 2005

I can see from some of the comments that some people are taking life way too seriously!

If you take the teaser for what it is - a teaser, a riddle; not a real-life situation or question - and use the information PROVIDED (including the hint), keeping your own opinions and feelings (which have no place in a teaser/riddle anyway), then you realize the teaser, and the answer are superb!
Sep 29, 2005

I dont know how to respond....I agree with is a teaser, take it for what it's worth. I went to a Catholic school, I think this teaser was great(except for the "Pastor" instead of Priest)But.....its a teaser, not a big deal. Great job
Sep 29, 2005

Couple things...To all of you who are responding to comments and post more than 2 years're not going to get a response, and you're point isn't going to be taken. Second, The Catholic Church does have Pastors. They are in charge of the different parishes (churches), the priest that gave me my First Holy Communion became a Pastor some 10-12 years later. So that bit of information is incorrect. Third...Using the actual definition of equal, there is nothing in concrete existence that is equal. No two people are the same. Likewise, whether you believe in god or not (I don't) there cannot be an equal to god.

To the person who spoke about the "error of god's ways" god did see the "errors" of his ways, that's why he wiped out the whole earth with the Great Flood remember? Regardless though...the people saying this is just a teaser are absolutely correct. It's just a teaser, I thought it was a good one. Utilizing just the information given, it was pretty cool. Thanks Doors -- even though you'll never get that message.
Sep 29, 2005

I agree with Aqua72 and jessispieks. Some people are really taking this teaser out of what it was supposed to serve. To tease the mind and hve a little laugh! What a pity... Let's not be too serious please. This is not the place.
Sep 29, 2005

Sep 29, 2005

I must say: GREAT teaser. I too am a Christan and belive in ONE True GOD Great job. If only there were more teasers like this one
Sep 29, 2005

Please look in your Bible and Read Philippians 2:6.
Sep 29, 2005

Okay, this is a bad thing on my part (not all this discussion mind you I love it) I read the passage previously stated and all the years of my Christian upbringing is not understanding that verse.
Sep 29, 2005

But we are all equal in that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. And no one sin is greater than the rest. Murder is no greater a sin than coventness or gluttony
Sep 29, 2005

Wow! I must say, "Hats off! Dooreatoe" I see the stadium cheering for you. "Job Well Done!", they say. Everyone in the crowd may not like you, but they respect your boldness and your wit. You did not quite incite a riot but you inspired a discussion. You waive rather hesitantly not truly knowing what "good" you have done or if everyone clapping is in favor of you. Those closest to you understand. They see you in the fire, but recognize that you are not alone. Others may only dream about such an experience, but you have lived it. Don't stop now. Fiery darts are quenchable with your secret defense. Be instant, never ceasing to get the game plan for each moment. First place awaits you again sweet dooreatoe, see you at the finish line...
Sep 29, 2005

Well I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised this teaser got so many comments. I believe while there are many gods there is only one true God. I also think some of u ppl who posted comments need some serious prayer. It's funny how ppl get offended when u talk abt God. I know the person who did this teaser may not see this comment, but good job anyway. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH UR ANSWER.
Sep 29, 2005

Simple and right to the point.NICE thought,GOOD answer. A favorite for sure thanks.
Sep 29, 2005

i think it was a great teaser and it really challenged our minds, i like that keep up the great work!
Sep 29, 2005

Double Amen to Aqua2. (the two forbidden subjects....politics and religion- always conflict) Neat teases!
Sep 29, 2005

Sorry but I thought it was kind of dumb
Sep 29, 2005

Okay, being a Buddist this really confuses me.

muzozavr, you must really think you're special wasting all that space and time...I vote you off the island. By the way, you screwball, hitting the "end"key takes you to the end, not to the end of your comment.

As to the Pastor vs. Priest, my dictionary states that they mean the same thing, so I'm looking past that.

As to humans having equals or peers, obviously we all have our differences, but equally obvious is that we are all essentially equal. So, I'm over that as well.

I love teasers that make people communicate...well done!
Sep 29, 2005

Great teaser the best yet. I luved it very nice.
Sep 29, 2005

I GOT IT ...I GOT IT That is if the answer in other words is "sin" due to we are not equal to God and God cannot lood upon it......Now I am second guessing myself , but that is how I figured it out..GREAT TEASER VERY FUN!!!
Sep 29, 2005

well i liked it and agree with it cause i'm a christian and i LOVE it when somthing provokes as much debate as this one did i will not add much BUT i have to tell you Chaney-God did not see the error of his ways when he wiped out the earth w the flood. He knew that he would be doing that from the begining of time and he purposly let the people be so sinful so that he sould wipe them out and so "prove" that he is almighty(not that God has to prove anything but...) It's hard to understand but God is just and knows what he's doing and does not error, thus, cannot see the errors of his way. (not that any1 will see this i'm really late... )

GREAT teaser!!!!!!
Sep 29, 2005

Lots of pointless discussion--but even this atheist enjoyed the teaser.
Sep 29, 2005

stop wasting so much took me like 20 min to read all the i'll tell you what I think.....

I like it
Sep 30, 2005

When I close my eyes all I see is nothing. God can't see only nothing otherwise he is not all powerful.
Oct 04, 2005

Actually, in my opinion, this is a very GOOD teaser! I, like the pastor, was completely stumped, since I also believe that God sees and knows everything. I had to cheat by looking up first the hint... nope, still couldn't figure it out... and then the answer. DUH!! I sent the question only out (by copying and pasting) to a lot of my family and friends and had a huge response of wrong answers, and most of them gave up and didn't even TRY to figure out what it could be. I ended up spending about half the day giving the answer out, and recieved grateful responses from everyone about the answer to a very difficult riddle. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this one a 10.
(user deleted)
Oct 23, 2005

I thought of several answers along the lines of Gnosys comment above, e.g. His Mom. His own mortality, his imperfections, his thumbs (Michelangelo notwithstanding), etc.

I also thought of an old riddle about Adam and Eve, and how you would recognize them if you saw them naked?

Answer: Niether had a navel.
So, "his own navel" might work. Of course if you bring in the Jesus angle, and assume temporary human features, you could still say "his sister" or 'his father." Okay, that last one gets tricky. Or anything the Pastor and the boy have but Jesus didn't:, a wristwatch, a smallpox vaccination, etc.

Also, invoking God's other special characteristics, omnimpotence, "a rock he couldn't move" or omniscience, "a sum he couldn't calculate." Or benevolence, "A person He couldn't forgive."

Bonus question for angry Christians: Is there anything you do almost every day that God wouldn't?

Then cut it out!
Nov 03, 2005


It's absolutely AMAZING to me that people still find this teaser and call it one of the "most contraversial teasers yet". No, not really. It's all a matter of opinion. Heck, I found this in a popular teaser book, modified it slightly to make it easier to understand, and submitted it. To my dismay, I read through some of the most worthless, ugly, annoying, utterly stupid (you name it) comments known to man. But you know, after about a month, I didn't care any more. After about a year, I only visited my email to keep it alive. And still, there was a flood of comments. So to all those who think I'm "wrong" or that I need to read a certain section in the Bible, save your Holy pages for someone who needs it more. I didn't think of this and I don't really care. Even more amusing, I'm a Christian. Still don't care. Don't care what contraversy it caused, don't care what the "haters" (and I use that term loosely) think. I mean, FOUR years....the internet is freaking amazing. But, to all those that enjoyed the riddle as much as I did, you people know how to enjoy life. Being anal doesn't really get anyone anywhere, now does it?
Nov 03, 2005

Okay, three years. And I spelled "controversial" wrong multiple times, mea culpa. But now, reading back through some of the really brings back old memories.

It reminds me of absolutely how much I love brain teasers, and still do. It reminds me of when I modified this and typed it out, completely unaware of the small riot it would cause. It reminded me of when I was a kid and the smallest word affected me, and now, being three years older, so much has changed. Every one of your comments (even the less congratulatory ones) has brightened my day, and my week. Thanks.
Nov 24, 2005

wow it stumped me so good job
Mar 07, 2006

A better answer would be that God cannot look upon sin as the boy and priest could everyday. That it is why the sky turned black when Christ became Sin, God could not look upon him for he was sin.(When he was being crucified that is)
Jul 17, 2006

That was ingenius, Dooretoe!! I never even thought of that. That was splendid. =)
(user deleted)
Oct 01, 2006

Its refreshing to read a bit of controversy for a change. I feel that in many cases when the comment is adverse, the reader has failed to get the answer (like myself). Still it is a good brainteaser . Keep up the good works.
Oct 01, 2006

Oct 01, 2006

Good one.
Oct 01, 2006

Sorry, no deep philosophical or theological diatribes from me.

Clever teaser. Thanks for submitting!

PS: I did like Guesser's alternatives above... and he/she didn't go all "David Koresh" on us!
Oct 01, 2006

This is a very creatively tricky teaser. There may be some different beliefs on this topic. So, I will honestly back down from any positive or negative reply to the topic. Just be careful about the dust you might stir up.
Oct 01, 2006

i don't believe in god. nevertheless, f god is equal to himself, then by reflexive property, he ought to see himself.
Oct 01, 2006

i don't believe in god. nevertheless, if god is equal to himself, then by reflexive property, he ought to see himself.
Oct 01, 2006

I am buddist, I don't belive in the Chatholic Church so this one was very ofensive to me. DOn't do any religious or political teasers or I wsill tell all of my friends that are on here not to come back. This site is very OFFENSIVE> You made me cry!
Oct 01, 2006

Schmedley......... GROW UP!!
Great teaser for any religion
Oct 01, 2006

The answer was obvious. However, all the comments were educational. Leave it to religion and politics to stir up conflicts. Lighten up folks, this is supposed to be fun. Yea !!
Oct 01, 2006

hmm that's nice but i'm not religious AT ALL so i didn't like it much.. but still grerat job
Oct 01, 2006

Good teaser. Thought provoking.
Oct 01, 2006

Great teaser, and "religous" teasers are and should be appropriate. Makes your brain, regardless of who you are, think philosophically...
Oct 01, 2006

that was a good one, i didnt get it though lol
Oct 01, 2006

So much to do about a teaser? Only politics, after religion, can cause more fueds.For those not Christian people, please replace God's name with your own diety or being of higher power and enjoy this teaser. Thhis was sincerely submited as a teaser by another human being with no intention of offending any one. As humans, we are all equal in the sense we have brains, heads, bodies, minds. And we all surley believe in a higher power whom by being the one of higher power has no equal..Maybe this is one of the teasers that should be retired as this beautiful Braingle site was not created for this type of controversy.
Oct 01, 2006

Amen. Now let it rest in peace.
Oct 01, 2006

My original thought was "sin", something we see every day, but the Bible says God cannot look on it. Your answer was, of course, also very much right.
Oct 01, 2006

That was really great lol! I was stumped. I'm sitting here thinking "God can see everything right...what!?" I couldn't get it. Then I saw the answer, ahhh very clever indeed. Keep it up!
Oct 01, 2006

LOL! You guys are so silly for using much space. After reading most of the comments I have throw in my 2cents too. LOL!

I second Chinadoll_87, witness, I am the Omega, turbowall, jacstop, and every person who believes that there is only one God who's only son is Jesus who is our lord and savior and he died on the cross for our sins (oh and lets not forget those who believe that this was an awesome teaser that really made you think)! CHRISTIANS UNITE!

Jesus loves you more than you know.

- Just Jessie
Oct 01, 2006

That was cute!

Oh, and Mr Muzozavr, by the time I read your comment, there were several more. That's why.
Oct 01, 2006

Great Teaser!!!
I really liked it.
Oct 01, 2006

Interesting. Most interesting, and there was a teaser also.
Oct 02, 2006

Great teaser! I enjoyed it.

It seemed appropriate for the RIDDLE category. Found myself wondering why it was in the OTHER category.

And to schmedley9 and all your close minded friends that cannot respect the beliefs or opinions of any religion other than your own: GOOD BYE.

I have fun with the teasers on this site. Thanks to all of you who work so hard to post the teasers that cause me to laugh, think and ponder.
Oct 02, 2006

great answer! And teaser. I would have never quessed this in a long long time. So I looked at the answer and was surprised.
Oct 05, 2006

thats true....nice one
Oct 10, 2006

I enjoyed this riddle, because the answer came directly from the "facts" stated in the analysis of the pastor's thoughts.

I didn't bother guessing before looking at the answer, though, because I figured my anti-religious attitude biased me and would render me unable to come up with the given answer. Go figure. I still found it an interesting riddle.

I found it quite hilarious to see that when some people close their minds to certain ideas, their brains shut off and they start spouting nonsense. Teeheehee!
Dec 30, 2006

As already stated this teaser is based on religious beliefs not fact, However, some religions believe in more than one god, different gods for different things, therefore god does have an equal - that is assuming you actually believe in god (or gods) at all!
Jan 26, 2007

Even though I've seen this teaser in another form, I still didn't get it. Nicely done.
Mar 04, 2007

Normally, i hate religon in teasers. But most religous teasers require some small little bit of knowledge that only some people would know. This one however is very broad and does not show blind belief but intellect.

Congradulations, you have made the world's only good religon-based teaser.
Mar 04, 2007

Also can any of us, trully see our equal, to be equal would mean the same. Even identical twins are not the same in every aspect, they do not think the same thoughts, or make the exact same movements all the time
Sep 27, 2007

Lets make this comment about six years after you submitted it door....

Great teaser. I did not get it (had to look at the answer).

To Dutchymonster: Even in poly-theistic religions, there is one god that is higher than the rest. But the teaser was about the Catholic God, of which there is only one.
Sep 28, 2007

NEAT TEASER!! very creative!
Oct 01, 2009

I LIKED this one! You proved I do not always think outside the box!
Oct 01, 2009

Well, I don't know if I believe in God. Religion always been an excuse for racism, terror, and hate in the world. I don't know why we can't all tolerate each other and have respect for other people's beliefs. Is it because of what some ancient books say, that were written by men thousands of years ago and have been translated time and time again? I think there are many paths to heaven for those who want to go and those of us who don't will just become one with the earth and we'll help the seasons change and the grass grow.
I thought it was a good teaser. I would of said he couldn't see behind his ear. Not many people can.
Oct 01, 2009

Cool teaser thanks
Oct 01, 2009

People could argue this forever. I myself am a Christian. It's a great riddle and it really gets you thinking.

To you people who insist on arguing the existance of God, nothing ever gets proved on internet.

God is a simple matter of faith please learn up on the facts and beliefs on both sides before coming to your conclusion!
Oct 01, 2009

wow, lots of very well thought out comments. Good teaser. I believe in God no matter what name he is called by.
Oct 01, 2009

I was thinking of God's image in a mirror, though I can't see any reason He couldn't see that if he wanted to. In fact, if you accept the premise that God is omnipotent and omniscient, I suppose there's nothing God can't do, no matter how paradoxical it may sound to us. But Christianity is easy. We're dealing with a monotheistic God (despite His tripartite nature). What if the problem were posed about the Hindu gods? I don't think you'd ever figure out the answer. LOL! Fun teaser, got everyone going and commenting!
Oct 01, 2009

I too came up with the answer being nothing
Oct 01, 2009

Jan 02, 2010

good one, I really liked it!
Oct 01, 2012

It looks like both my son and I are not very smart because neither of knew what that means. Sorry. No criticism, just don't get it. No remarks because I will not be back to read your snide remarks. We are all entitled to our opinions and thoughts, and I see there are many! After all it is better to be nice!
Oct 01, 2012

To much controversy about this teaser. Time to put it away forever.
Oct 01, 2012

This seriously might be one of the worst "teasers" I've ever read. Pure rubbish.
Oct 01, 2015

Interesting teaser. Very thought provoking.
Oct 01, 2015

Good one, also amazing how the pastor didn't know the answer.
Oct 01, 2015

not my cup of tea. None of us has an equal and many of us do not believe in the God fairytale

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