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The Circular Table

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#646
Fun:** (2.06)
Difficulty:** (1.63)
Submitted By:Spencer***
Corrected By:horse_luver




A lady has an expensive table and wants to find the exact middle of the table. How does she do this without making any marks on the table?

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Aug 12, 2003

How about a tape measure?
Feb 18, 2005

Take a string, wrap it around the table. Divide its length by pi, then 2.
Jan 06, 2006

Super Easy!!!!
Did'nt like that much.
Jan 13, 2006

I like Sane's way better...
Mar 04, 2006

Come to think of it, you can find the middle of any item without having to mark it in any way.
Mar 12, 2006

The solution doesn't work for all shapes of tables, e.g. a triangular table. The question should be revised to read "a square table" or "a circular table" or whatever.
Mar 12, 2006

Oh, I'm stupid, I just noticed it says "A circular table" in the title.
Apr 07, 2006

tape measurer duh just a long one so u dont mark it.
Apr 23, 2006

This is easier than constructing a large circle of paper. Take two squares of paper. The width is fine if it approximates half that of the table. Fold both squares down middle forming rectangular halves. Unfold one square. Take one side that is divided by the fold and place that side's corners at the very edge of the table. Do the same with the other square, placing it so the fold lines of the two sheets of paper cross. The point where they cross is the center of the table.
Aug 22, 2006

Nice.It should be square.
Mar 06, 2007

it would be even easier to buy a table which is the exact same and mark stuff on that
Apr 28, 2007

i said use tracing paper and make marks on that
Aug 16, 2007

How would you get a piece of paper as large as the table?
Dec 30, 2007

Why would she WANT to find the middle of the table?
Jan 22, 2015

Everyone saying "a tape measure", that wouldn't work because you wouldn't know with precision if you were measuring its diameter. You could be off-center.

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