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An Expensive Invitation

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#6493
Fun:*** (2.17)
Difficulty:*** (2.93)
Submitted By:arij****




She lost her job when she invited them to dinner. How come?

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Aug 21, 2002

huh??? This one has gone way beyond a joke. Could someone give me a few megs of space so I could comment on exactly why this is the most pathetic Situation teaser I've come across so far.
Aug 22, 2002

That was pretty bad. Too much info in the answer and it didn't even make sense.
Aug 27, 2002

a five year old who sometimes sits with me while I 'braingle came up with a much better answer. she was a school dinner lady and they were school head teacher and deputy. Have you tasted school dinners?
Sep 14, 2002

Why do you criticize this? It's wackiness makes it a great situation puzzle! A situation puzzle as it says is not meant to be so easy you can get the answer! Good job and don't listen to these guys.
Sep 15, 2002

Andy as I said on the message boards (and to you others) this is what a situation puzzle is MEANT to be like. They only work if you solve them as suggested, with one person knowing the answer. Good teaser I say.
Sep 20, 2002

and here I was thinking it was harassment or something
Oct 15, 2002

Yes? Someone said my name?
May 26, 2003

A situation teaser should contain some kind of hidden meaning so that what originally sounds like it could have almost any answer turns out to have one really obvious answer that everyone agrees makese sense, but didn't think of at first. Unfortunately, very few of theses puzzles are anything more than random explanations that could be replaced with a thousand others that make no more sense than the other 999. If you've read the situation with the guy who is bakrupt after parking outside a hotel, you'll instantly know what I mean about a good situation teaser (unlike this one)!
Oct 20, 2004

i don't understand this at all. i'm completely confused.
Jul 11, 2006

I beg to differ with some of the early posters. If there are any number of /more/ logical (and just plain better) answers, than it stands to reason that it is a bad teaser. Especially if NO ONE gets it. NO ONE AT ALL.
Sep 12, 2006

It's a good teaser - but there is absolutely no clues given - it could have been anything.
Dec 12, 2006

Again, this is not a teaser. It's a fill in the blank. Any answer will do as long as it ends with "her" losing her job.
Jun 19, 2007

Ever seen the one "The music stopped and he died." Thats the whole teaser, sorry, it's just bad. When you can ask the question in one breath, but you need a college lecture course to explain the answer, consider revision.
Jul 03, 2007

No Situation teaser should require that much explanation!
Oct 16, 2007

This is a dumb brain teaser. You should have been much more descriptive. I bet only like 1 or 2 people got this on their first try.
Nov 12, 2008

Guess i still don't understand this one. Sorry.
May 19, 2009

this one's a bit confusing...
Aug 14, 2009

the answer should have something to do with the situation you set up.
May 19, 2010

FANTASTIC I LOOOOOVE IT. thx for a gr8 teaser
Nov 03, 2010

There are billions of possible answer to this. I don't want to sound harsh but really this teaser is not my favourites.
Mar 08, 2011

This is just getting stupid. So basically the top-rated(in terms of difficulty) situation teasers aren't even teasers but just messed-up questions with non-contextual answers. I agree with jimbo. People need to understand wat situation teasers are supposed to be like.
Mar 22, 2012

Awful, sorry but that was awful
Jan 10, 2015

This sucked megadick.

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