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Solomon's Teaching

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#6531
Fun:*** (2.46)
Difficulty:* (0.94)
Submitted By:megnsvar*
Corrected By:fishmed




There once was a king named Solomon. God had given him wisdom, so he was the wisest man in the land. Two women came to him one day. The first woman said to him, " This woman and I live in the same house. We both had babies. This woman rolled over while she slept and suffocated her child. Since she was so heartbroken she switched her baby with mine while I slept, so that this morning I woke up and my baby was dead. But then I realized it wasn't my baby, but hers. But she says it isn't. Who is right?" King Solomon had the remaining child brought to him. "Cut him in half, and give each women one half. Then they shall be even," he ordered. How did this help solve the problem????

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Aug 20, 2002

I remember this from bible school, but it is still great.
Aug 21, 2002

It's not great...the answers are supposed to be logical. Neither of the women would say..."go ahead kill him".....I thought the point of them going to the King was that both of the women wanted the child.
Aug 21, 2002

you'd THINK neither would say that, but one did
Aug 22, 2002

this is a gr8 one, and i've known this story since i was a kid.
Aug 22, 2002

As religious as i am, i still dont understand many things from the bible. ...why wasnt the baby who died in a crib?? i mean geez oprah says its bad for kids to sleep with their parents!
(user deleted)
Aug 23, 2002

More of a fable than a teaser really... the given solution prequires speculation on the character of the women involved. I've heard many a story of women killing even their own children.
Aug 23, 2002

Thanks, everybody for your comments. I know it's from the Bible, but I was curious who exactley read the Bible.
To MJs_kitten
The Bible says the women were poor, that's why they lived together. They probably couldn't afford a crib. Plus the baby probably wasn't sleeping with his mother, but to the side or something. The mom most likely rolled over!!!!!!
Aug 23, 2002

sorry, double ones from me for un-origionlaity
Sep 27, 2002

I remember this form church!
Sep 28, 2002

if u read the bible u would know this 1 and read it a lot!!!!!!!
Jan 02, 2003

this is doggy, again. everybody knows this story, and its usually one of their favs, mine too. but i think its meant to be in the bk of kings not as a teaser, but as a moral teacher. so i think you should have mentioned the moral in your answer. o, and sorry if i offended you in criticizing your teaser.
Apr 28, 2003

First: I got this one because i read my bible and this a very common where i live Second: This is not a fable or anything else...THIS IS STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE AND I BELEIVE ITS TRUE.... sorry i was yelling........ I liked the teaser
Jan 21, 2005

Yeah, I know this story well, so I got it before I even finished reading, practically. The only thing I was annoyed with is that his name is spelled Solomon, not Soloman. More because I\'m picky with grammar and such than anything. But it was a good idea for a teaser anyway.
Jan 24, 2005

I hadn\'t heard that one since I was a small child. Thanks for the teaser and a refresher
Jul 11, 2005

i've never read the bible (am getting around to it), never been to bible studies or the like, but i've still heard that story - seems odd to have it as a teaser
Sep 22, 2005

Oct 01, 2005

I knew the story. Keep them coming.
Aug 08, 2006

this was Great! It was well written and was very clever, keep up the good work Mad Ade
Oct 08, 2006

The reference to this story is
1 Kings 3:16-28.
Feb 06, 2007

Thats odd, when was this teaser submitted?
Nov 10, 2007

to MJs kitten: I'm not entirely sure they HAD cribs back then. And I'm positive they never watched Oprah.
Nov 10, 2007

Oh, and good teaser.

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