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The 50 States

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Puzzle ID:#6684
Fun:*** (2.14)
Difficulty:*** (2.63)
Submitted By:lizard450**
Corrected By:keosborne




Across the United States there are many areas of land that are not owned by any state. If you simply look at a map you would probably try to argue with me but this is in fact true. Which is the largest area of land not governed by one of the 50 states in the USA?

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Aug 26, 2002

as the question does not state which is the largest area of land inside the US.... the answer could be Africa!! (or what ever the largest single land mass on the planet is, my geography is not brilliant).
Aug 26, 2002

learn your english it says ACROSS THE UNITED STATES MAIN LAND... there are many areas ... the teaser is fine
Aug 26, 2002

I can't believe this problem was approved.

1) The park is in Alaska, not Arkansas
2) If you limit the problem to 48 states in the "Mainland USA", then the assumption is that Alaska and Hawaii are not part of the problem, so your answer does not conform to the parameters of the problem.
Aug 27, 2002

hehe, arkansas... care to explain WHY it is the largest parcel of land not owned by any state? ok, i'll do it. it's a national park owned by the federal government. i don't get your disneyland comment...
Sep 04, 2002

i still don't get the disneyland comment...
Sep 07, 2002

Your question asks which is the larges area of land not governed by one of the 48 states in aminland USA, NOT which part of mainland USA is not governed by one of the 48 states. the 'accross the United States mainland part is divided from the question by punctuation and is thus an infered and not an intergral part of the question. I could say in zooology we learn that elephants have big ears. Why do elephants have big ears. The answer would be that Noddy (Big Ears friend for those who don't know Enid Blyton) won't pay the ranson. The part about byology infers a conection to the question that does not exist. My english is fine, although I do stuff up on a key board sometimes due to being disabled. What stage did YOU study English to?
Sep 08, 2002

I'm dissapointed. I felt sure that by making silly 'mistkes' in my comment (byology etc) you would not be able to resist a response. Or does this mean that you see I am right and are keeping your head down?
Sep 20, 2002

Washington D.C. Period.
May 02, 2003

Not being from America, but being a native English speaker, I understand none of this. 1) In my country all of the privately owned land would not be owned by any state. That would make something like King Ranch pretty big. 2) Does this mean in America I can break any state laws that I like in a federally owned area with impunity because it is not "governed" by a state? Very confusing teaser.
Dec 22, 2003

Man, some of you guys get brutal, and I think D.C. would be a correct answer. Since any private property is still governed by state laws and is still a part of the state in question, no Jimbo you couldn't break any laws with impunity, but feel free to visit.
Mar 29, 2004

I bet he didn't email them, hahaha, but I will. This one is dumb.
Oct 01, 2005

I did a bit of research on this and dumbell is right. Sorry lizard, it could have been better...
Aug 04, 2006

I think you need to learn your English. Your teaser says "Across the United States there are many areas of land that are not owned by any state". No where does it say "Mainland". I agree withy Dumbell and Smarty Blondy, that you should of done more research on this teaser. I also think if you meant Mainland the teaser should say that , instead of many areas.
Good try on the teaser, but use this as a stepping stone for the next teaser. I am sure your next teaser will be great.
Dec 07, 2006

I have the better one. The largest area of land not controlled by one of the 50 states is ASIA!

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