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Forty Cups

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#6724
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (1.29)
Submitted By:silver_sword*****
Corrected By:username




If there are forty cups on the table and one cup breaks, how come there are 3 tea cups left?

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Aug 26, 2002

of course, the even cheesier answer would be that although there are forty cups total, only three of them are tea cups, and you broke one of the other 37 cups... =P hehehe...
Sep 01, 2002

you know verbal teaser never work
Sep 01, 2002

i got it! YES!
Sep 07, 2002

Perhaps the 4 cups had 40 cups worth of tea distrubited evenly between them and when one cup was destroyed, the cup loses all the 10 cups of tea or... Nvm...
Sep 24, 2002

i got this 1 easy 8P
Sep 24, 2002

If there were 4 teacups on the table and one broke, there'd still be 4 there--just that one of them was broken!
Sep 24, 2002

It could be because there were 40 cups made up of 3 tea cups and 37 coffee cups. One cup (a coffee cup) breaks so there are 3 tea cups left.
Sep 24, 2002

Oops! I've just realised I said the same thing as BlueTwo. Sorry. )
Sep 24, 2002

Thats a great teaser. The hint makes it too obvious, maybe you should rephrase the hint?
Sep 24, 2003

I thought there were forty cups and only four of them were teacups. I thought maybe some were tumblers, maybe some measuring cups.
Oct 02, 2003

That would be cute as a verbal teaser. I wouldn't say only 3 tea cups left though, just only 3 cups left. Otherwise it becomes too obvious.
Oct 02, 2004

YAYYYYYY!!!! I got my 20th one right! My goal is now 40.
Oct 09, 2004

I just read it aloud and got it right away, good one.
Oct 09, 2004

I thought there were like, forty cups (cups being a unit of measurement, like tablespoons), and those forty cups were distributed into four cups of tea. One broke, and there were three cups of tea left.

I think mine's a better one ^_^
Oct 09, 2004

I go tthe same answer as bluetwo andd sir_col
(user deleted)
Oct 09, 2004

thats like the first one i got that was so awsome!!
Oct 09, 2004

Dat was a little corny. Mayb not a good idea to tell your friends about, unless, u kno...if ur a geek or sumthin.
(user deleted)
Oct 09, 2004

That was a good one.I am laughing my brains out.
Oct 10, 2004

Oct 10, 2004

I was also thinking that the rest of the cups besides the four weren't teacups. The hint might have gave yours away if I were paying attention.
Oct 12, 2004

I presumed that there were 40 cups of dried tea, strewn messily upon the table, but only 4 glass tea cups and only one of them broke...

Oct 13, 2004

How easy was this one? I loved it! Great work! Keep 'em coming!

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