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Multiple Choice Questions

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#6898
Fun:*** (2.94)
Difficulty:** (1.79)
Submitted By:silver_sword*****




What are your answers to the respective questions so that your answers to all the questions are correct?


Question 1
The answer to Question 2 is:
A. B
B. C
C. A

Question 2
The first question with correct answer B is:
A. Question 3
B. Question 1
C. Question 2

Question 3
The only answer you have not chosen yet is:
A. A
B. B
C. C


Question 1: C
Question 2: A
Question 3: B

Just go through the answers to Question 1:
The answer can't be "A" because then the answer to question 2 would say that the answer to Question 1 was really "B".
The answer to Question 1 can't be "B" either, because then question 2 would state that its own answer is "B", when it would have to be "C".
This leaves "C" for Question 1 and "A" for Question 2.
Question 3 must then have an answer of "B".


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Aug 30, 2002

Cool! Very simple, and yet my brain is still in a knot.
Sep 02, 2002

i have read this sonwhere b-4 or somthing similer- but good 1!
Sep 04, 2002

This is not possible because ques. c is b, b but that can't be because the anwser is b.
Sep 04, 2002

C is B? What do you mean?
Sep 12, 2002

pretty easy as long as you just guess and check...i'd like quizzes like this more often
Sep 12, 2002

its so simple that its hard... very good
Sep 13, 2002

Sep 14, 2002

i found that really easy but fun none the less
Sep 27, 2002

Sep 27, 2002

Love it!
Sep 27, 2002

I reckon you could argue that A, B and C would be another solution, but it depends on how you read question 2. Q2 asks "The first question with correct answer B is:" If you take from Q1 the *answer* B (which is option A) and not *option* B (with the answer C) it fits. That is, the answer for Q2 is "Question 1" (option B). Which means the answer for Q1 is "B" (option A) leaving Q3 with the answer "C" (option C). Does that make sense to anyone else?
Sep 28, 2002


thatz another way to look at it...
Sep 28, 2002

I didn't get it.
(user deleted)
Sep 29, 2002

Now I get it.
Oct 30, 2002

Good one even a blonde got it
Jul 11, 2003

I agree that another answer is ABC
Sep 27, 2003

I agree with your logic to a point, Snaps, but... Imagine you were sitting a multiple choice test and instead of writing the answers (A,B,C,...) you wrote the words next to the answers. Your 'answers' would not be marked correct. ;)
Sep 27, 2003

Sorry to post again, but according to your redefinition of answer, the 'answer' to question to would be "Question 1"; not B! I believe that the only consistently correct solution is the one given.
Sep 30, 2003

That's what I got snaps, with your same reasoning. But I must now admit that Sir Col makes a valid point. We did use two different definitions of the word 'answer' in order to make that work.
Great teaser Silver Sword! Threw me for a loop when I was about to say what a simple teaser it was.
Oct 30, 2003

This was a good teaser. I have made lots of teasers like that my self, but good one! I have to show this one to my friends. It seems pretty straight forward though. You just have to guess and check, until Questions 1 and 2 have different answers. You should make more of these "Multiple Choice" Type questions.
Sep 27, 2004

Did anyone notice that question 3 does not have A, B, or C as a possible answer?
Sep 27, 2004

Disregard, I was looking at something else.
Sep 27, 2004

I think you should put 1:b 2:c... you when you have the letter combine it doens't make sense which one you're talking about.
Sep 28, 2004

this one was pretty cool, easy, but still a little confusing
Dec 15, 2007

If you apply the answers question 1 gives you for question 2 then you've got your answers.
Dec 15, 2007

I've alwaus tried to be logical in everything I do, but this one got the better of me. Good teaser, next time I'll try harder.
Dec 15, 2007

Oops, next time I'l spell always right.
Dec 15, 2007

If you use logic,it is very simple.
Dec 15, 2007

that was so clever!!!!!...thnx for a great teaser!!!!!...loved it
Dec 15, 2007

My brain hurts!
Dec 15, 2007

Logic, hmmm, you see, that's the problem
Dec 15, 2007

That was a gooun! Thanks! I'm not even trying to hear the "alternative answers" that someone came up with above. I suppose it has to do with having letters for the choices instead of numbers of something else, but, I don't think there are REALLY any other truly correct solutions. It's probably trickier the way it is which makes it more fun, than having numbers and letters.

The hardest part is getting started. Once you just dive in a start, you can solve it fairly easily, especially if you write your answers down, or type them down in the notebook window or something, as you go: which is what I didn't do, which is why it took me longer than it would have!

Thanks again!
Dec 15, 2007

I actually got it...but totally took some time! Excellent, Excellent teaser!

*Adds to favorites*
Dec 15, 2007

Much easier than it first looked. Still not too easy though. To all complainers: The choice of answers are marked A, B, C for a reason. It's not to complicated to figure out what you have to do.
Liked it a bit
Dec 15, 2007

Logic problems are my faves. Love them, but this one was too easy. Loved it anyways.
Dec 15, 2007

I did it!
but I'm still confused
Dec 15, 2007

simple logic, didnt have to think about this one too much... great teaser... and yes, there is only 1 possible answer
Dec 15, 2007

Dec 15, 2007

My brain hurts. it is steadily shrinking, shriviling..... Ouch.
Dec 15, 2007

its a good puzzle but should have a line saying you took it from home page of iGoogle ;o)
Dec 16, 2007

Having the answers and options using the same letters was much too confusing for me. I came up with the answers snaps did, yet I wouldn't want to go back and explain how I got them! Headache time!!
Dec 16, 2007

That one made my brain hurt. Thanks for posting anyway. I at least like trying.

Dec 22, 2007

I agree with snaps, because that's what I did. But whether I got it wrong, or right.....

Mar 16, 2010

Good puzzle. I like the logic you use assumptions and contradictions to "eliminate" an answer to then make the 3 questions correct.
Dec 15, 2010

This teaser is awesome! All you have to do is read the questions a few times and add you brain. I loved it. Thanks!
Dec 15, 2010

Really easy but I love puzzles like this so keep em coming!
Dec 15, 2010

Glad other thought of ABC like me, Good teaser!
Dec 15, 2010

Overall, not a difficult puzzle, but entertaining nonetheless. Cheers.
Dec 16, 2010

i still dont get it
Feb 23, 2013

Nice! I actually got it on my first trial (lucky me) but going through it step-by-step to eliminate every other possibility was also fun! Nice teaser.
Dec 15, 2013

Is this something new? I am too old to know what we are supposed to do with this. Never seen anything like it before.
Dec 15, 2013

Yes I agree with snapz, that's what I was thinking: that an alternate solution would be A, B, C, using the actual content of the answer to Question 1, rather than the option title. I was kind of looking for something like that in case it was a trick, even though it wasn't in "Trick" category.

I'm not going to say it should be corrected, because I think it works. But I do see it as a potential alternate. Because really, BOTH parts ("A." and "B") could be considered the "answer."
Dec 16, 2013

I agree with eighsse and snapz - "answer B" threw me there for a minute - but it worked either way. Fun teaser!

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