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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#7699
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:*** (2.81)
Submitted By:bluetwo****




v d o t p r
i a r u o o
o i c l s s
l s h i i e
e i i p e s
t e d s s
s s s

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Oct 07, 2002

fyi, i forgot about the formatting quirks (ie, spaces) when i submitted this teaser. the words don't quite line up as i was hoping, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this one! =)
Oct 10, 2002

they always reject my teasers that need formatting, this is a good teaser, but i don't get the rejection part of my teasers...
Oct 10, 2002

i can't help you there. i have a ton of rejected teasers too. you should get a more detailed response from an editor if you go through the message board or by using the 'contact' link at the bottom of the page.
Oct 13, 2002

I think...that due to a fault in the system the allignment is all wrong. As you saw in that teaser the spacing doesn't work, but you could still understand it. Basically everything is "supposed" to go in straight lines, so it all ends up moving about, hope that explains a bit.
Jan 09, 2003

Fantastic teaser Bluetwo, how did it take me this long to find such a gem. Loved it... I must admit I had to take a guess at the linkage with Mesopotamia though I was kinda sure. Good work.
Jul 13, 2005

you could have worked on your spacing a little more.....that made it confusing for me
Jul 13, 2005

the spacing is (was?) one of the quirks with the system. it's just one of those things that doesn't format the way i wanted and there isn't, as far as i know, a way to really correct it.
Jan 18, 2006

Goin' in my favourites! Tick VG AND a gold star
Nov 16, 2006

pretend the vertical words are waving.
Oct 31, 2008

Forget the formatting, I thought it was a very clever teaser. Do you think the wind never blew through the gardens of babylon? Great teaser!
Oct 31, 2008

Oh hum, another oldie. C'mon publishers give us some new material.
Oct 31, 2008

there is a list of new teasers
the dailyteaser highlights an older one how hard is that to figure out that you have to complain about it all the time?
Oct 31, 2008

How do you find out when a teaser was submitted? Obviously, this one was at least 6 years ago. Maybe it was submitted before there were rules about formatting problems. Still, it works even if it doesn't line up perfectly. I got the flower names, but I couldn't make the leap to the hanging gardens. Good teaser.
Oct 31, 2008

Never thought of the hanging gardens. I didn't put enough effort into this one.
Oct 31, 2008

Awesome! (Even though I didn't get it.)

To whom it may concern, this was written Sept 25, 2002. To find this out, just look it up in the category.
Oct 31, 2008

nice teaser.
Oct 31, 2008

Oh, I didn't know the answer could be a place. It just says that a rebus represents a common phrase.

Oh well. Good Teaser!
Oct 31, 2008

Very good teaser! I got the flowers, but not "garden." And I didn't get "hanging."
And I couldn't remember anything about Mesopotamia at all
Oct 31, 2008

Me, too avonma. I figured out the flowers top to bottom, but didn't take it any further. Good Rebus. Thanks for posting.

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