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Rabbit, Wolf, and Lettuce

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#784
Fun:*** (2.33)
Difficulty:* (1.08)
Submitted By:Nike01**
Corrected By:ragsdaleam




A man comes to a river with a boat. He has with him a wolf, a rabbit and a head of lettuce. The man can only carry one single passenger besides himself in the boat. How can he get them all to the other side without the rabbit eating the lettuce, or the wolf eating the rabbit?


First take the rabbit over.
Then take the lettuce over and bring back the rabbit.
Then take the wolf over and finally the rabbit.


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Sep 25, 2001

Why doesn't he just bring them in the following order: lettuce,wolf,rabbit.Or wolf lettuce rabbit
Oct 04, 2001

Because, if he leaves with the lettuce, the wolf will eat the rabbit.
Apr 02, 2002

or... bring the rabbit... go get the wolf... then take the rabbit back... take the lettuce to the wolf... then go get that damned rabbit :p.... and i've seen this type of thing before but with a coyote, chicken, and feed
Jul 20, 2005

I agree, there is another solution to this puzzle. The man takes the rabbit across and leaves it, then he comes back alone. Then he takes the wolf across and comes back with the rabbit. He leaves the rabbit and takes the lettuce across. He leaves the lettuce with the wolf, goes back by himself, and then brings the rabbit to the other side.
Oct 22, 2005

i heard this 1 twice with a dog cat and mice. the other 1 was wit some cannabols and a miscinaries how ever u spell them
Sep 25, 2006

I like this brain-teaser, it's really cool, but I have heard of it before. Same as the comment on top with a wolf, chicken, and seeds. I was going to submit it, but I guess you already submited it, oh well.
Nov 18, 2006

How did the man make it this far without the wolf eating the rabbit or the rabbit eating the lettuce?
Jan 22, 2015

This is one of my favourite riddles, though it's very common. I first heard it in a short story I read as a kid.

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