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A Dodgy Character

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#7855
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:*** (2.66)
Submitted By:dsquared*nz****




Fill in the sentence below so that the first two words combine to make the third word. For example, given "The _____ of the group was extremely _____, not just physically, for he was also particularly _____", you would fill in HEAD, STRONG, and HEADSTRONG.

The guilty _____ fitted the classic _____ for such a character, highlighted by the fact that he looked to constantly _____ his next move.

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Oct 12, 2002

Hah. I got it! Yeah!
(user deleted)
Nov 06, 2002

2 hard
Jan 10, 2004

I agree with cookie too hard.
Jan 11, 2004

Oh well... I'm pleased to see that I at least stumped some people ;) . Thanks for stopping by .
Aug 30, 2006

Good teaser. I got MAN, AGE, MANAGE but your answer is much better.
Aug 31, 2006

Jan 22, 2007

I got man, age, manage too
oh well I suppose your answer will have to do
Jan 22, 2007

Well now aren't you a smarty ... well done. I'll give you top marks for that other answer even though mine fits better
Jan 23, 2007

Sep 20, 2008

I like riddles that make me think. I didn't get this one but both given answers are very good.
Sep 20, 2008

For some unknown reason,the answer popped into my head quickly.
Sep 20, 2008

Well, I didn't get it, not even close. But I did try!! Thanks for posting.
Sep 20, 2008

Tough one Very clever.
Sep 20, 2008

I got the first part right!
Sep 20, 2008

Very clever, but too hard for me.Thanks.
Sep 20, 2008

I wouldn't have thought of 'template' in a million years!
Sep 20, 2008

Hah, I got it, well done, well done!!
Sep 20, 2008

I got so hung up on 'profile' being the second word that I never could get beyond it. NIce one!
Sep 20, 2008

I couldn't get it, either.
Good one, though
Sep 20, 2008

I got con then I knew the two words combined had to be something to do with thinking. I was stumped after that, but when I saw the answer I had to hit myself (literally). Great teaser.
Sep 20, 2008

I really enjoyed this teaser. Thank you.
Sep 23, 2008

I had MAN, AGE and MANAGE too, but it doesn't really fit all that great Nice teaser.
Sep 24, 2008

Difficult but fun.
I wasn't able to solve it.
Oct 02, 2011

Template? You are kidding, right??
I like the one that says "man" and "age" a lot better. How many of us know or use the word template? Show off!
Oct 02, 2011

Contemplate is NOT a compound word, which is what your example implied...for this reason it is a poor teaser, in my opinion.
Oct 02, 2011

AROB. I still find this EZ. A to G & S
Oct 02, 2011

My thinking was the same as Babe's. I was thinking the second word was "profile" or even "mold", but I would never use the word "template" in reference to a person, only to a thing. Happy Sunday, friends
Oct 02, 2011

Still didn't get it. Oh, well, Hi to G & K.
Oct 03, 2011

Just a nitpick, but shouldn't it be fit instead of fitted?
Oct 02, 2014

I stand by my 2011 comment. Template hardly fits in here at all. It certainly does not fit the description of a person. At least not in my dictionary (
Oct 02, 2014

I agree with those who feel 'template' does not work well as the answer. I do like man+age=manage. IT, in my opinion, makes more sense.

I can't believe it took 9 years from the first comment for someone to comment on the use of the word "fitted".

This teaser is now 12 years old, perhaps it is time it is retired.
Oct 02, 2014

Man Age I needed the hint.
Oct 02, 2014

That was so hard! Very good!
Oct 02, 2014

I'd like to know if there's a way to have to click on the answer, not the hint, so I wouldn't see the answer first. Good teaser, regardless-

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