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Cup of water

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#792
Fun:*** (2.19)
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Submitted By:Pongalopete***
Corrected By:mufffin09




You have a cup of water with one cube of ice in it. When the ice cube melts
would there be more water, the same amount of water, or less water in the cup?

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Oct 02, 2001

There would be less water; the volume of water would go down when the ice melts.
Nov 21, 2001

It all depends on your definition of "more" and "water"
Apr 09, 2002

Actually the amount of water in the cup goes up. They are all H2O, but by defenition water is the liquid form, and ice is the solid form.
Mar 15, 2003

When you say how much, do you mean measured by weight or measured by volume? If you measure by weight, the answer is the weight of water and ice remains the same. If you measure by volume then ice has a smaller density than water since it floats. When it melts it will be more dense and hence occupy less space. The combined volume will be less once the ice has melted. However, since the ice displaces a volume of water equal to its weight when it floats, then as it melts, the water level in the cup will remain constant as it melts.
Apr 04, 2003

I see a flaw in your theory Jimbo, not all of the ice will be below the level of the water therefore when it melts the level will rise
Sep 29, 2004

Read carefully. The question asks for AMOUNT of water. Nothing has been said about the water LEVEL in the glass.
Let's say you have 2 cups of water.
The amount of water is 2 cups. Now freeze one cup and put it in a glass. Pour the unfrozen cup of water into the glass. Disregard any evaporization during the process. When the ice melts you still have 2 cups of water regardles of what the water level is.
Sep 15, 2005

also who isto sat since its hot enough fr the ice to melt that water wont evaporate?
May 18, 2006

if u leave ice in the freezer long enough it will evaporate. so if u took it out after a certain amount of time it would have less water
Jan 30, 2008

wrong!!! there will be more H2O.

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