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Beach Sales

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#8035
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:** (1.52)
Submitted By:something*us****
Corrected By:Winner4600




A man and a woman went to the beach one day. There, they saw a teenage girl walking up to people and talking to them. Some replied heatedly, and some took what she had to give. The man and the woman suspected that she was selling drugs, so they decided to take it to the police. But when they were about to do so, the woman discovered that the girl only walked up to people with electric supplies. So the next time they went to the beach, they brought a boom box along. The woman went swimming, and the girl walked up to the man. What did she sell?

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Oct 18, 2002

but then why would some people reply heatedly????
Oct 18, 2002

I still don't know what electric supplies are, so I'm not quite sure what this teaser is talking about.
Oct 18, 2002

"electric supplies" = electronic equipment, like radios, tape decks, miniature watermisting personal fans... maybe she was a rude "C cell seller" =)

easy, but i think you almost made up for it with the horrendous tongue twister, lol!!
Oct 22, 2002

That was really easy, but I loved the joke at the end! I laughed out loud!
Nov 25, 2002

the joke at the end was cool!
Dec 01, 2002

that wuz fun! luvd da joke! lol
Dec 14, 2002

ya, that joke was pretty dunb at the end, but a great teaser!
Dec 22, 2002

hahahahaha. loced the teaser, mostly because of the joke at the end. jokes at the end are very good towards your score.
Mar 25, 2003

luv the joke
Aug 24, 2003

yup the joke was funny but the riddle was VERY easy. well maybe i got it immediately because i misread one part. i thought the girl was selling the supplies.
Nov 17, 2005

I liked it, and I liked the joke at the end. I thought she was selling CD's or tapes, but batteries are a better choice. Good job!
Nov 24, 2006

Jul 24, 2007

Aug 23, 2007

yeah I also read it as the girl was selling the electric supplies, but then that kept me from getting it.
Jul 29, 2008

"She sells C cells by the sea shore."
Nov 06, 2008

If the people thought she was selling drugs, and they wanted to got to the police with no proof, then the woman probably drowned because she is so stupid she thought she could swim. And the boom-box probably had a cord meant to go into the electrical outlet.
Mar 08, 2011

i got the answer easily but i agree wtih the first person - y wud sum ppl reply heatedly??????

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