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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#8154
Fun:*** (2.47)
Difficulty:** (1.83)
Submitted By:dsquared*nz****




The answer to the following "math" problem represents a common expression. What is the expression?


YOU _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Oct 27, 2002

Maybe it's just me, but the construction on that rebus is very confusing.
Oct 28, 2002

would it be better if it there was a minus sign instead of a plus sign... ???
Oct 28, 2002

Ok, I was trying to be a little tricky here and make it a little tough but obviously that has back fired. To get this saying out it has to be this way and let me explain. Originally you have 'my breath' ie. you are breathing, then 'you' are added to the situation like when you see someone who fits this description (ie breath taking) and the result is that only you is left and 'my breath' has been taken away by adding you to the situation, hence the answer. It's a shame this has seemed unclear, sure, it's a little tricky but I didn't think it was that tough. Oh well.
Oct 28, 2002

Ok, I thought about it a little more and came up with possibly a simpler way to explain it............... I am there (with my breath)...........
You appear (hence the + You).............
it takes my breath away...............
'You' were the one that did that hence You take my breath away...........

The key is not to be fooled by the mathematical implications. I'm pleased it's confusing (despite what it has done to my score as I didn't want it to be yet another 2 second rebus - as I know you will have noticed from most of my others. Cheers, D^2.
Oct 29, 2002

I think it should be a minus sign...
Oct 30, 2002

Sorry D2d, I normaly love your teasers, but this one makes absolutely no sense at all, even with the two added expalinations in the comment boxes. Sorry pal, no cigar for this one.
Oct 30, 2002

Oh well, I guess you maths heads just can't get the mathematical side of things out of ya noggins which means I have fooled you allllll! muahahahahaha ;o). Heh, thanks for stopping by though Mad and I'm pleased to hear you like my others. Personally this is one I would rather delete.
Nov 05, 2002

If it matter to you I got it and found it not that hard. You explained it very well, at least for someone of my IQ. :^)
(user deleted)
Aug 01, 2005

cool..but shouldnt it b a minus sign???
Oct 22, 2007

This is one where the saying pops into your head; in that sense I "got it" before I looked at the answer but I really had no idea how the "+" sign was meant to lead to taking something away. I was think along the lines of 3+5=8 which implies that 8-5=3 but I still couldn't find it there!
Oct 30, 2007

Yet again, this is one of those ones where you have to ignore the math a little, though it does still work with the math. The 'You' part of it is not what is being taken away, it rightfully remains. The part that is being taken away is 'my breath' and it only does so with the addition (or the arrival of 'you' i.e. when you arrive, my breath disappears as per the final result of the equation). Therefore it is 'you' that has make 'my breath' disappear or you have 'taken' 'my breath' away.
Jan 10, 2010

I, too got it, but not because I understood what the rebus was trying to say.

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