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Nail Bag

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#8211
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:* (0.78)
Submitted By:electronjohn*us****




I am tied up at least once a day
And forced to carry ten nails.
I work diligently without any pay
And follow your many trails.

I do not smell very well
But at least I have many eyes.
I have two tongues but never yell
And I'll bet you know my size.

What am I?

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Nov 01, 2002

hey i thought it wuz pretty good... easy... but good
Nov 04, 2002

Nov 04, 2002

the thngs you put the laces thru are called eyes... u know... the holes with the metal rims
Nov 07, 2002

I'm also quite a heel!!
Nov 08, 2002

(user deleted)
Nov 12, 2002

This was realli good I was on the line of thinking alien haha
Nov 23, 2002

well i for one thought this teaser was a bit simple the whole "i'm tied up and made to carry 10 nails" and "I follow your many trails" give it away. in other words, ITS TO DANG EASY! sheesh
Nov 25, 2002

ooh this is a good one,very creative ^_^
Nov 26, 2002

They're called eyelets. If you wanted the teaser to actually make sense, then you should have used 'we' instead of 'I'.
Nov 26, 2002

what are nails in a shoe?
Nov 26, 2002

Columbia - Toe Nails!!!! Clark1 is right about I & we and the eyelets.
Extremely simple riddle - not joke - had it after the first two lines.
Nov 26, 2002

At least no one is mad that I did not add a hint to this one. 8^) Good points about the eyelets and we vs. I. Eyelets is a better term for the holes but one definition for "eye" is a small hole or loop (as in a needle) which I think would cover a shoe and it works better in the riddle. As far as the I vs. We issue, well I guess I was just thinking of my shoes as a single unit or team and not as individuals since I always wear them together. So I thought that they would share a mind if they could think and talk as the riddle implies. Of course our shoes can not think and talk so we may never know if they are of a single mind or have split personalities. I will let that issue to be debated for eons by monks on some distant mountain top. But I will concede that the split personality theory for intelligent shoes is certainly a possibility and no less valid than my own single mind theory. Maybe both should be taught in schools from now on. 8^)
Nov 26, 2002

it was easy, but how do shoes have many eyes and 2 tounges i only count one under the laces.
Nov 26, 2002

One tongue per shoe but most people have two shoes which is how you get two tongues per pair of shoes. Many eyes, or eyelets, per pair of shoes that have laces.
Nov 28, 2002

my shoeses have velcro
Dec 30, 2002

Very good! You must be an expert at these kind! BRAVO!
Nov 26, 2003

I enjoyed it for the fun of it, thanks.
Nov 26, 2003

Awesome teaser! I loved it!!!
Jan 09, 2004

heheh ... "split personalities"
Nov 26, 2004

Not bad teaser.. but the "I'll bet you know my size" really irritated me.. lol, as if it wasn't already easy enough!?
Nov 26, 2004

I was thinking of gloves because of the nails but besides that i was clueless.
Nov 26, 2004

loved it very nice
Dec 21, 2004

Loved this one,got it real quick.
Jul 08, 2005

samething as kittykat!
Nov 27, 2007

Cute, but VERY easy!
Nov 27, 2007

fun a little on the easy side
Nov 27, 2007

Cute poem, but the second line gives it away.
Nov 27, 2007

Liked it. The image of a monster with lots of eyes and two tongues following me around and not smelling very nice made it more fun. Was a tad easy to figure out, but just right for my attention span on these teasers.
Nov 27, 2007

I agree with all of the 2007 comments. Cute but very easy. Fun and funny. Good teaser.
Nov 27, 2007

Good one! That was fun!
Nov 27, 2007

Good one, I was thinking hammer and nails for a while...
Nov 27, 2007

I am glad you guys find this one fun. I can not believe that it has been 5 years since I wrote that one.
Yea, it was not meant to be hard, just a bit of fun like my riddle "Off the Wall" which I think is very funny. I do have some hard teasers but they are mostly science ones.
Maybe I should write some more sometime soon.
Nov 27, 2007

Easy. I liked this one.
Nov 27, 2007

Liked this teaser thought it just right. made me think,but it was solvable Thx
Nov 27, 2007

You could get around the I vs We problem by changing the answer to a PAIR of shoes.
Nov 27, 2007

I thought it was good. Actually shoes and boots used to have nails in them. That's how the sole and the heel were attached.
Nov 27, 2007

hahaha..very clever
Nov 27, 2007

Like the 'don't smell good' double meaning. Yeah its easy, but makes you smile too!
Nov 27, 2007

Cute Easy But fun
Nov 27, 2007

waaayyy to easy
Nov 27, 2007

I thought it was wood
Nov 28, 2007

fun, easy, and clever... loved it
Nov 28, 2007

Easy - I love your sense of humor!
Nov 30, 2007

This was a cool teaser. I really enjoyed figuring out what the answer was. Thanks for post. Later.

Nov 27, 2010

Great one for the under 10 kids.
Nov 27, 2013

Does that little tiny thing on your pinky toe count as a nail?
Fun teaser. Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!
Nov 27, 2013

I agree with Doehead, it was a great teaser for the younger set.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends here on Braingle.
Nov 27, 2013

Nursery school quiz.
Nov 27, 2013

fun poem-
Nov 27, 2016

For me it was the easiest one yet. However it is not always that easy for everyone, and I would never put anyone down who did not find it so easy. Saying it was meant for children is so tacky and rude!
Nov 27, 2016

I got this one right away, but I didn't think it was necessarily "easy". It was fun, very creative. Thanks for posting!

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