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Elemental States

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#8312
Fun:*** (2.66)
Difficulty:*** (2.6)
Submitted By:electronjohn*us****
Corrected By:brainster




Which two States (in the USA) have postal abbreviations that are also atomic symbols for elements in the Periodic Table and border each other both on the map and in the Periodic Table?

Bonus Question: How many States have postal abbreviations that are also atomic symbols?

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Nov 07, 2002

I liked that one electro. Being a physics teacher, I guess that was bound to happen with a teaser like this.
Nov 08, 2002

Thanks, I came up with it a few years back when I worked at a analytical testing lab running an SEM and doing lots of elemental analyses (EDX). It kept a lot of my coworkers busy for a few days!
Nov 11, 2002

Nice teaser electronjohn . I was surprised at your disagreement with me on the BALANCING BROOM and the TENSILE tug of war , but as I said , I am a Physics teacher and professor . Because I am such a stickler for correct physics and chemistry , I would like to point out to you that the ONLY proper way to write the chemical symbols is with a capital letter , followed by a small letter is needed . By the way , this method of writing the symbols of the elements is agreed upon by all nations and languages ...french , russian , japanese ..etc. I understand the teaser and it was fun but I still think that you should realize that aluminum is Al not AL .
Nov 11, 2002

Thanks Jonko. I am glad you liked this teaser. You are correct about the atomic symbol notation of course.

My problem when listing the answers was that the US postal abbreviations capitalize both letters while the atomic symbols do not. When listing the answers I listed the States before the elements so I just used the Postal Code system of capitalizing both letters. If I was not being lazy I would have listed both the Postal Code and the atomic symbol (e.g. AL/Al – Alabama/Aluminum), but I figured the meaning was clear enough as it was. The question is still good I think, even if I listed the answer a little sloppily, since it only talks about postal codes and atomic symbols with the same two letters and does not call for them having the same capitalization.
Nov 15, 2002

how come Puerto Rico is a future addition????? its another country!!! r u entertaining the notion that one day USA will conquer it??????
Nov 15, 2002

Puerto Rico will not become a state of the US unless they vote for it and the US agrees to make them a state. Many Puerto Ricans are strongly in favor of their country becoming the 51st State of the USA while other are against it. See the following site or others for more information on this topic.

I am not supporting or rejecting the idea of them becoming the 51st State only acknowledging the possibility that it may happen someday and if it does PR will likely be the Postal Code that they use.
Dec 02, 2002

Very good! I missed a few, but I did get Al and Ga.
Dec 02, 2002

Although this was a good one, I'd like to point out this was more of a trivia question than a "brain teaser."
Dec 09, 2002

Oh my gosh! ARGON spells GROAN when scrambled! nothin gets past me...
Dec 03, 2003

I thought that was a great teaser, a bit tough for me as I am Canadian, and was not sure of all the abbreviations (for all of the States).
Dec 03, 2003

Wow, that was a great science teaser! I only got some of it right. Keep up the good work!
Jun 12, 2012

All I got was AL, CA and CO.

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