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More ways to get Braingle...

Guess this prefix...

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#8455
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:*** (2.15)
Submitted By:speedymcg****




Guess this prefix...

I change something weighing two thousand pounds into a small, light container.
I turn a food that is decaying into one that isn't.
I turn a whole country into a small flower.
I change something alive into something flat and not alive.

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Mar 13, 2004

nice one! couldn't get carpet tho
Jan 05, 2008

got them all except for the last one... its a good teaser, but can it really be called a prefix???
Jan 05, 2008

Not bad, I agree with dp. Maybe the title should read "prefix"
Jan 05, 2008

I liked that teaser. I got car right away, but car nation was really hard and didn't get carpet
(user deleted)
Jan 05, 2008

I frankly thought this was real bad. Car is not a prefix. If I spend time trying to figure it out, I expect that the author did his homework.
Jan 05, 2008

Interesting concept here. I didn't get the answers though. I wasn't sure how it worked. Now that I know, maybe next time I'll get some.
Jan 05, 2008

Jodi is right. "Car-" is not a real prefix. Labeling it a prefix was misleading.
Jan 05, 2008

Bad,Bad, BAd. Need I say more.
Jan 05, 2008

I did not get this one at all.
Jan 05, 2008

I didn't get it at all either, but ti was fun!
Jan 05, 2008

I was thrown off by " prefix " as well, but still think this was a really cool teaser. A slight change in the title, and it will be a great teaser. Good job.
Jan 05, 2008

You just have to keep your mind open to all possibilities and see what you can come up with. I got "car" right away for the first one, then tried to find something else for the others; but CARrot came to me, so I just kept "car."
It was a little confusing; but it was also FUN.
Jan 05, 2008

Nice teaser! Had fun this morning! Got carnation first, then carton...couldn't get the other two, but I had the answer you were looking for, so I quit thinking...I'm lazy....
Well, thanks for the teaser!
Jan 05, 2008 isn't really a prefix. okay i guess
Jan 05, 2008

Tough one. I loved it when I saw the answer, but am surprised anyone actually got the correct answers. Carpet is a stretch.... but then this is Braingle, not an Astrophysics or English Language grad school class. Lighten up, folks
Jan 05, 2008

I missed the heck out of this one. I need more coffee. I loved the teaser. It was well thought out and the answers made you go "duh".

Thanks for the post.
Jan 05, 2008

My brain isn't working this morning. I need more coffee.
It was a great teaser and when I saw the answer I went "duh".

Thanks for posting.

Jan 05, 2008

Got this one after the first line. It was a LITTLE misleading, but other than that, it was great! Well thought out, and well planned.

Good job.
Jan 05, 2008

I liked it.
Now, I agree that "car" is not exactly a prefix, so perhaps the author should use "what three letters" instead of prefix.

Got car-nation, so the others were then pretty easy.
Jan 05, 2008

After thinking about this one for a minute, I referenced the dictionary, and I think perhaps we are being too quick to say that "car" is not a prefix.

My Websters says that a prefix is any series of letters used as an affix. The definition of affix does not list specific words, just says that an affix is any series of letters that change the meaning of the stem word.

Car is just not a common prefix.

Wow, too much thinking on a Saturday morning. I may have cabin fever!
Jan 05, 2008

Well, I had fun with it
Got the carrot thing and the
carpet. Not everyone uses a car tho.

I say it was a good effort Speedy

R U related to Mr. Gonzalez

Don't be so serious people.
Jan 05, 2008

I also agree car to me doesn't seem to be a prefix but too
tired to go into it.

Speedy tried & I thought the
rest of the puzzle was pretty good

Thanks Speedy!
Jan 05, 2008

Got carton right away. then carnation. carpetcame next, but just couldnt get carrot right away. then i did.
Great Teaser.(instead of a prefix it could'be been called 3 letter word) Eier way the teawser was great!.
Jan 05, 2008

Didn't get it but I liked it. Extra points.
Jan 05, 2008

Got it from that 1st line, and I really liked it . Naming the puzzle "which three-letter word am I" would have made it clearer to all.THX
Jan 05, 2008

Great teaser but I couldn't get it!!!!
Jan 05, 2008

I have to agree that 'car' is not a prefix. It was a pretty good teaser besides tha though.
Jan 05, 2008

"Car" is not a prefix; a syllable in some words but definitely not a prefix. You need to say "Guess this syllable" instead.
Jan 05, 2008

I guessed it after the first line. Two-thousand pounds was too specific. Maybe if it has said something very heavy instead of the actual weight? The other clues made you think more, which made it better.
Jan 06, 2008

So far there have been 13 comments stating that "car" is not a prefix. How annoying! Don't you read the rest of the comments before making one? I am a teacher with a special interest in English, but I didn't let it bother me. I thought it was fun anyway.
Jan 07, 2008

Annoying? How about another poorly thought-out teaser where the actual answer isn't what it's supposed to be. "Car-" is not a prefix, it's just part of a word. That's like saying "-hicle" is a suffix of "vehicle". INcorrect. (Notice the actual prefix.)
Jan 07, 2008

I didn't say that "car" is a prefix. I just said what is the point of repeating that comment so many times? I think everyone got the idea after the first few comments. At first a correction like that may be just a constructive criticism, but after that--yes, annoying! Let's have more fun here!
Jan 08, 2008

I liked this...joining in the 'prefix' arguement, the word is derived from latin...prae(before) and figere(fasten) and so it is intrinsically a prefix because of the fact we are asked to fasten something to the front of an existing problem is with the fact that a ton is 2240 pounds in England and the fact that a 'carrot' could still be seemed to make people think, and discuss their ideas, so its a definate winner based purely on that aspect !
Jan 08, 2008

I've decided to steer clear of the great prefix debate. It was a fun puzzle (period).
Jan 05, 2011

Great teaser! I guess the title is a big joke (on the prefix part) XD, that messed me up.
Jan 05, 2011

Never mind the prefix argument, how can rot be a food? Food can rot, yes, but that doesn't make rot a food.
Jan 05, 2011

Never mind, I reread and realized I read it wrong.
Jan 05, 2011

I'm a little surprised the title and wording haven't been changed in all these years! However, since I saw the 3-letter answer right away in line 1 and used it again in the next 2, I ignored the mis-use of the title word and went along. Like many others, could not get carpet. If the instructions are modified to something like 'add a syllable', it would be a superb teaser!
Jan 05, 2011

Car is not a prefix. I didn't get any. My first thought was of car - ton but dismissed it as CAR is not a prefix.
Jan 05, 2011

No I didn't read the comments before posting. But if CAR is a prefix, what does it mean?
Jan 05, 2011

>My Websters says that a prefix is any series of letters used as an affix. The definition of affix does not list specific words, just says that an affix is any series of letters that change the meaning of the stem word.

Agreed. Unfortunately CAR does not meet this definition. CAR-TON. How is the meaning of TON changed by adding car to the front? It's not. It's creating a whole new word.

Sorry. I'll go away now.
Jan 05, 2014

No sense my voicing my opinion as it has mostly been said before, and I did not care for the quiz anyway.
Jan 05, 2014

I don't think of car as a prefix either. I'll have to get out my old grammar book!
Jan 05, 2014

Insofar as it is true, for the sake of this little puzzle, that "car" can be affixed to the beginnings of the words "ton," "rot," "nation" and "pet" and that so affixing it changes the meanings of those words, then "car" rather precisely fulfills the dictionary definition requirements to be considered a prefix. To claim otherwise begins to sound like the kind of quibbling to be expected from those who were unable to solve the puzzle.
Jan 05, 2014

I agree w/most people. Bad teaser
Jan 05, 2014

Knowing what 2,000 lbs = helped. I didn't get carrot. I was thinking what is the opposite of decay.
Jan 05, 2014

2/2 I got the first and third ones pretty fast
Jan 05, 2014

People 'pre' means comes before. Quit over analyzing. * sheesh *
Jan 05, 2014

Is the prefix issue a huge deal? No. But it is an issue. It could be a lot better by simply calling it "the same string of letters appended to the beginning of each word." Because by the common definition of the word "prefix," it is not at all a prefix.

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