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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#8635
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:** (2.07)
Submitted By:just_moi*****
Corrected By:t4mt




Using real names to make common words/phrases, name the offspring: (the first one is free!)

1. Mr and Mrs Voyant - Clare (as in Clairvoyant)
2. Mr and Mrs Tress
3. Mr and Mrs Nasium
4. Mr and Mrs Tate
5. Mr and Mrs Anthemum
6. Mr and Mrs Mander
7. Mr and Mrs Mite
8. Mr and Mrs Time

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Dec 06, 2002

cute cute
Dec 06, 2002

Good idea!! How about Gerry Mander?
Dec 07, 2002

stm8r1 wots a gerrymander? i thought of another one... The son of Mr and Mrs Board could be Bill (Billboard)
Dec 09, 2002

just_moi, per Webster's, gerrymander is to redistrict or voting area to give unfair advantage to one party. I know, it was a stretch.
Dec 17, 2002

Hard and funny. I also like that "Billboard" one.
Jan 20, 2003

Great job with this on Just_Moi! You could have broken this one into 8 different teasers if you were greedy for points. Glad you did not, it is more fun this way. I have a few for you, how about Mr. and Mrs. Sled (or Cat) with Bob as the first name (Bobsled or Bobcat). Or Mr. and Mrs. Ahawk with Tom as the first name (Tomahawk), or Mr. and Mrs. Ynilly first name Will (Willynilly). Wait here is a better one, Mr. and Mrs. Urai first name Sam (Samurai).
Keep posting fun teasers like this.
Jan 20, 2003

thanx electronjohn! i really like the samurai one...
Jan 26, 2003

Very cute! I must say that #8 was the easiest! ;)
Jan 28, 2003

I totally like it. Very origanal.......
Jan 28, 2003

Reminds me of the Garbage Pail Kids. 'member dem?
Apr 16, 2003

Chris Anthemum?
Apr 17, 2003

Chris anthemum as in chrysanthemum (its a flower)
Jan 28, 2004

One's mind has to be really on the ball for this teaser.
Jan 28, 2004

Cute, I liked it!
Jan 28, 2004

I actually have an aunt named Anita Hart (I need a heart). Too bad she's not a Dr.
Jan 29, 2004

Anita Hart? thats pretty awesome i know someone called Moni... we call her Aunty Moni (like the element anitmony!)
Jan 28, 2005

That's absurd.
there are too many different answers, and in fact your last answer was just stupid. it's meant to be single words not phrases is'nt it? if i was making a phrase out of time i would have said "justin" or "oliver" or "phil"
but i was aiming for words...
these are my answers.
2) Matt or Tim
3) Jim
4) Heather
5) Chris
6) Sally
7) danni (i dont know anyone named dinah)
Mara, Mari
Jan 28, 2005

Coin Man, u r sooo overthinking it. just have fun!!!
Jan 28, 2005

Excuse me, CoinMan... I have an aunt named Dinah. I think this one was excellent.
Jan 28, 2005

i got most of them, but even though i knew all the words i couldn't guess some
Jan 28, 2005

Cute! I like it It's just a fun teaser. But on the real peoples names front, my mom used to know someone by the name of "Ima Pigge". It was pronounced "Eema Peeje", but it's spelled like "I'm a Piggy!"
Jan 28, 2005

Tricky tricky!!!
I liked it a lot!
Jan 28, 2005

i'm not good at these but it was fun
Jan 28, 2005

lol I love this one!
Jan 28, 2005

Coin man, I'm with IMCL4E and strange love. I know someone named Dinah. So just have fun!
Anyways, good teaser!!
Jan 28, 2005

Coin man must be to young for him not to remember Dinah Shore. I thought this a GREAT one and really enoyed both it and the comments
Jan 28, 2005

it was too confusing whair were we supoed to get the names from it was just mr.and mrs.____
Jan 28, 2005

That is really smart. I really enjoyed it.
Jan 28, 2005

I got most of them. I rejected Sally Mander because it doesn't sound right and went with Gerry, which I still think is a better answer. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a good teaser.
Jan 28, 2005

That was totally a lot of fun! I almost got them all.
Jan 28, 2005

awsome one... there were a few that could have been others but still very cool.
Jan 28, 2005

Very fun, I only got a few of them. Clever!
Jan 28, 2005

coinman, howd you get heather for Time? heathertime? lol cute
Jan 28, 2005

way fun!! i once had a kid in my class named Justin Case (no joke!)
Jan 28, 2005

real cute . this has to be the coolest and the funnest teaser i've seen so far. good job, keep'em comin'.
Jan 28, 2005

This was excellent and very clever
All you naysayers take a long walk off a short pier
Jan 28, 2005

just moi, I really enjoyed this one! I had alot of fun trying to figure this one out ! Please, keep them coming!
Jan 29, 2005

That was very fun! I got almost all of them. Justin Time confused me, because it was multiple words, wheras the others were all one word. But, it was very fun!
Jan 31, 2005

im putting this teaser on my favorites list!
Mar 11, 2005

Apr 17, 2005

May 23, 2005

I would hate to have those names!

Good teaser!

May 23, 2005

Great teaser! creative

though I've never met anyone named Dynah...
Jun 12, 2005

I love it! Probably because I actually got all of them.(Except Dick Tate, I said Emma Tate ops
Jun 19, 2005

NIce one just moi. I've heard some of these before, Justin Time was an ambulance driver, Jim Nasium was a gym teacher, etc.
Oct 06, 2005

I enjoyed this teaser. I thought it was fun and a bit hard. Thanks for the good teaser!!
Oct 11, 2005

got most; thought it was Emma Tate.
Nov 09, 2005

Now all we need is the right last names and then we'll be able to make our kids' lives miserable, thanks to this cute teaser...
I especially liked this because it reminded me of a friend who used to swear that her uncle Harry Butte was married to Barbie Queue.. Now I can one up her with these new names!
Jan 30, 2006

This was soooo cute! I loved it!
Jan 30, 2006

Jan 30, 2006

Neat, although I had "Anna Tate" (annotate) and either "Juan" = one or Summer Time. "Justin Time" is clever, but not sure it's a "word" really.
Jan 30, 2006

I loved this one.
My grandmother went to school with a girl named "Ophelia Razz"!
I kid you not.
Jan 30, 2006

I really enjoyed this teaser, and the comments are almost as good. In a serious note (I know, should I go here??) When my children were born they handed out a sheet of notes reminding you to look at the first and last names just to see whether or not you did names like this accidentally. "If your last name is Green, don't name your daughter Rose" That sort of thing, trying to help avoid this and save kids the pain.
Jan 30, 2006

These were really funny, and I liked the other name suggestions given by others. How about Mr. and Mrs. Emia having a son named Luke? Or, Mr. and Mrs.
Unn and a son named Larrs??
Anyway, although I didn't get many of 'em right, I still enjoyed trying! And, I know that Justin person, he hangs round my place quite often!
Jan 30, 2006

Very Clever, me rikie.
Jan 30, 2006

An A+ for that one. Very well, thought out.
Jan 30, 2006

Didn't get any of them, but it was fun - a nice way to start the day.
Jan 30, 2006

This was a fun teaser. I should know about having a sense of humor about names, because our last name is Day. When our kids were born, we got suggestions for names like Holly if it was a girl, and Sonny if it was a boy. Or, Wendy... etc. Thankfully, we're not cruel parents and we gave them names that the kids wouldn't make fun of.
Jan 30, 2006

Jan 30, 2006

This was very fun! One of the funnest, I love it that people came up with their own, although I think next time just say: word, words, or phrases, something like that to avoid confusion.

I know a girl who was the granddaughter of Texas millionaire Wilfred Hogg, who of course named his two daughters Ima and Ura, this is absolutely true! The grandchild's name wasn't bad. I also went to church with Bunny Easter, and April Showers, again NO KIDDING, 100% true, I swear! Deb U. Tante, un, heck, can't think of anymore right now, Deb was a made up name , a "stage name" of a friend.

BTW, the poster above me, Day, are you by any chance Susan's brother?

Thanks for the great teaser!
Jan 30, 2006

cute teaser
When we were in high school, my brother had a girlfriend named Misty Dawn Day.
Jan 30, 2006

Igot some of them very good Teaser. Keep them coming.The 1s in the comments R good 2
Jan 30, 2006

EmmaTate and Sam Urai
Jan 30, 2006

When I was in college, we used to make up kids' names for guys we were dating. I thought it would be cool to marry Don See and name our kid "Jose Kenyu." I know - that middle name is a stretch, but we had a blast doing this. This teaser is definitely a FAVE!
Jan 30, 2006

That's hilarious, iteachkids!

Great teaser!!! I loved it! Definitely going in my favourites!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30, 2006

To Shawneeo: No, I'm not Susan's brother. For one, I'm a female. Also, I'm not any relation (that I know of) to Doris Day either. (Are you thinking of Susan Dey, of The Partridge Family? LOL ... note the different spelling of the last name.

To Kimberlykay: My hubby's brother's former girlfriend, Dawn, has a sister named Holiday. (For real!) If my hubby's brother married Dawn, she would have been Dawn Day. If he'd married her sister, she would have been Holiday Day. How funny is that?!?!
Jan 30, 2006

I too loved it - I read these for fun, and this one certainly made me chuckle. I'm expecting a new grandhild, and am now going to suggest some names I've just thought of - all for fun of course.
Jan 30, 2006

Just moi,
this one is so fun that I am putting it in my favorites!

Electronjohn, you also are very creative!

coin and huevos, you seem a bit tense. This teasers are meant to tease our brains not slap them with perfectionism. I hope you find some more fastidious teasers that you do enjoy.

Oh by the way I know someone who's maiden name was
Jan 30, 2006

One of our favorite customers was named, Harry Crease. How cruel were those parents? Another customer was named Glo Hooker. Great teaser.
Jan 30, 2006

Awesome!!! I loved this!!!
Jan 30, 2006

Too good...I like!
Jan 30, 2006

Tres bien pense in other words WELL DONE That was FUN!!!!
Jan 30, 2006

These were cute. I didn't get too many--tried too late in the day and my brain was tired. By the way, I have a friend whose daughter is named Dinah. I never thought of that as a strange name. (Of course, her last name was not "Mite") I did actually know someone who was name Candy Kane.
Jan 30, 2006

TOO HARD! Am I too old? I remember Dinah Shore!
Jan 30, 2006

wow I love these!! our school paper puts little teasers in, and I was editting the In Depth page and searching for a "surface" section... I think these will do great!! Keep 'em comin'!! they're awesome!

Jan 30, 2006

Wonderful, didn't get them all but it was fun!!
Jan 30, 2006

Jan 30, 2006

i got most of them!! this was a great teaser, original and creative!! keep em coming!!!
Jan 30, 2006

that was very good, i liked it very much it was very cute although i didnt get a single one oh well
Jan 30, 2006

That was sooooo boring!
Jan 30, 2006

BORING?!?! NO! Just silly, which is why I liked it.
Jan 30, 2006

Pebbles77 mentioned that she knew a kid named "Justin Case." That's nothin'! I used to work at a pediatrician's office purging old files. Here are 3 names I came across that take the cake:
"Secret Level" (first name "Secret," last name "Level. I'm not kidding here, folks).
And, of course, there were the Deep twins, Ramem and Gagem. Can you believe that? What were the parents THINKING?!? The worst part is, if I remember correctly, one of the twins was male and the other was female. I don't know who had which name, but I'll let you guys have fun trying to figure THAT one out! BTW, great teaser...
Jan 30, 2006

eeexxxcccuuussseee me???
BORING!!!! i dont think so!!!
Jan 30, 2006

That was cute. BTW if you haven't heard of the name dinah, what about the song with the line "someone's in the kitchen with Dinah". Maybe that song isn't known in other countries, I don't know.
Jan 30, 2006

That was fun and very innovative! Nicely done!
Jan 31, 2006

Hi everyone.. I really enjoyed this teaser... very innovative and challenging... Got a few of them right..
Jan 31, 2006

Enjoyed the work got part of them, but not all. Enjoyed some of the comments and crazy names. Have one to add , Dick and Jennifer Picker named their daughter Amanda Lynn. Guess that was better than Mya Nose. Keep it funny and challenging and you'll keep me reading and enjoying.
Feb 03, 2006

that is soooooo cute!!!! i LOVED the second one!!!!! matt tress!!! it was awesome
Feb 09, 2006

Cute, but I didn't get it! I guess it's just my blonde! lol anyways great teaser
Mar 22, 2006

i thot that trees was ace- actress
Jan 30, 2007

Loved it! Fun!

Went to school with Rusty Nail and my husband works with Rusty Gage.
Jan 30, 2007

Didn't care for it... Too ambiguous.
Jan 30, 2007

Twas not bad - though some of them were a little out of keeping with the rules, such as "Justin Time". Fun though
(user deleted)
Jan 30, 2007

I once read a news article about a Mr and Mrs Peacock who had named their son Drew.
Jan 30, 2007

I had a house cleaner named Hedda whose last name was Haire. When I laughed, she told me her husband's name is Moe.
Jan 30, 2007

How about Miss Ann Athema? nice puzzle.
Jan 30, 2007

HoneyM: that is hilarious.
Jan 30, 2007

Very cute
Jan 30, 2007

i agree with coinman it wasnt a very good one sorry
Jan 30, 2007

but nice try
Jan 30, 2007

I thought it was cute. Once I read the answers I understood it better tho, so I probably could have answered more correctly. Next time.
Jan 30, 2007

Jan 30, 2007

I loved this one! I got the last one wrong I wrote Annie Time
Justin was MUCH better!
Thanks for a good one!
Jan 30, 2007

Great teaser! LOL over the comments. My friend Sherrie Farmer got remarried and now her name is Sherrie Farmer Brown!
Jan 30, 2007

Very good teaser!! Some of them really had me stumped for a while but finally got them!! Excellent work!!
Jan 30, 2007

I got most of them except I had Gerry Mander and Mary Time (maritime). Anyway, this was very enjoyable and kept me awake in class.
Jan 30, 2007

nice.....i always give up really quik.......maybe this isnt my thing!???
Jan 30, 2007

I guessed Hammer for #8... it wouldn't surprise me if someone was named hammer out there....
Jan 30, 2007

How about Mr. and Mrs. Anna Tate (annotate)
Jan 30, 2007

Fun, fun, fun!!! Couldn't get Tate.

Justin's sister is named Spring. (Anyone old enough to remember the actress on Bob Cummings' show? I think the name was Byington, something like that.)
Jan 30, 2007

A totally outstanding teaser! Keep up the terrific work! Some of the names were quite wild, though. But, the teaser does get the mind to going. WTG!
Jan 30, 2007

Loved the teaser . My mom was over and she really thought it was cute too. It is going in my faves. Would like to see mor of this type. They made me laugh and that is great.
Jan 30, 2007

Awesome teaser!!!!
Jan 30, 2007

Cute, Cute, Cute! Definitely one of my favorites!
Jan 30, 2007

I'm pretty sure #4 could also be Jess (short for Jessica) Tate, meaning gestate.
Jan 30, 2007

I all of them except #4 & 5. I had fun. Thanks!!
Jan 30, 2007

Lots of silly fun! I can remember doing this game when I was a kid... Sandy Beach, Crystal Waters, I.P. Nightly, Ben Dover, etc.
Jan 30, 2007

Pretty good, but the last one is a phrase, not a word! I missed three in total, I think.
Jan 31, 2007

I missed about three... *shrug*
Interesting teaser, good job!

-- I know someone named Rocky Mountain....
Jun 02, 2007

My dad's childhood friend had a last name of Clear... He named his daughter Crystal. This reminds me of that story... Very fun teaser!
Jun 06, 2007

this was fun! Thanks for teasing my brain.
Jan 30, 2010

Very fun this. For number 4, couldn't stop thinking "Ampyoo" isn't a name... heh.
Jan 30, 2010

I also got:
4. Mr and Mrs Tate - Reece (as in Restate).
Jan 30, 2010

I thought of "Mary" for time...and couldn't think of anything for "mite"...except termite. Great teaser!
Jan 30, 2010

I think it should be Mrs. and Mr. for Sally and Dinah. fun Quiz
Jan 30, 2010

Great idea!!! I thought number 4 was anna tate.
Jan 30, 2010

This is one of the best teasers i ever saw and ever will see!!!!!!!!
Jan 30, 2013

It was just okay and there were other choices too. I loved all the comments about people they knew. Some were funnier than some of the teasers.
Jan 30, 2013

This was fun/cute. I had a few different answers, too. Hi KK - how are you? Have a wonderful day, everyone!
Jan 30, 2013

I had Miss for #2. DH says heres a big to GW
Jan 30, 2013

Got most, which was enough for me Enjoyed it
Jan 30, 2013

I saw a show about this on "That's Incredible" (aging myself here) years ago. Some of the names that stick out were Jack Frost, Peter Rabbit and one gentleman who had the unfortunate last name of Claus, so of course his parents thought it wise to name him Santa. The worst one though was a boy whose last name is Daub - his father chose the first name Zippity and the middle name Doo or the child.

A couple years ago an ex and I got into a car accident and the officer who responded to the crash was named Jet Black. There is also a Real Estate Agent who is named Peter Pan.

I don't understand why parents are so cruel. Sure it is "cute" when they are kids, but how seriously can you take them as adults
Jan 30, 2013

Brilliant, and not all that easy either. Some I got right away, while some I didn't get at all.
Jan 30, 2013

The clues should really say Mr OR Mrs instead of AND. It's already been pointed out that there are multiple correct answers too.
Jan 30, 2013

This one made my smile. Cute.
Jan 30, 2013

Sally Mander was a bit of a stretch, but I had guessed Sal A. Mander, bending the rules a bit by adding a middle initial!
Jan 30, 2016

4-Ira (pronounced "eara"

May 06, 2017

The group I bring riddles to really liked this one, so the next time I brought them more, gleaned from the comments section. Thank you all. And here are some more: Crystal Ball and Eva Destruction.

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