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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#9867
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:*** (2.59)
Submitted By:snaps*au****




For each of the pairs of words below, insert a word in the blank space between them to form two separate words such that the inserted word finishes the first word and begins the second. For example, given "MAN ____ ON", you would insert the word "GO" to form "MANGO" and "GOON". The hint gives the number of letters in each of the words that must be inserted.

BOW ____ AGE
PAR ____ ATE

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May 16, 2005

first one could have also been 'man' with bowman and manage
Jun 14, 2005

i was thinkin the same thing, great teaser though
Nov 03, 2005

If I'm right I am with you 2 I didn't seem to get #1 right either. Great Job. Keep them coming
Nov 03, 2005

I also agree with others. I liked it! keep sending them my way. Thanx
Nov 03, 2005

very nice job..i thought it was tough
Nov 03, 2005

Oh I love those!!!! Excellent job Snaps!!!
Nov 03, 2005

Nice job! Only it is too early for me to even think
Nov 03, 2005

I think that the teasers are superb to contribute towards the sharpening of the mind!!!!!!
Nov 03, 2005

Must not have my thinking cap on today - way too hard for me this morning...
Nov 03, 2005

I agree with tarheel, I couldn't think today and only got a few right
Nov 03, 2005

What's bowline?!?!
Nov 03, 2005

I thought the first one was bowman/manage too! I did not get that one. but it was fun! I like these they make you think! Keep them coming!!!!!
Nov 03, 2005

Snapping for Snaps!! That was a little tough I think I need another pot of coffee. Great Job and keep up the good work!
Nov 03, 2005

That rockes my sox dude!!!! I was a little unsure on the first one !!!! ?Bowline? I think we should all snap for snaps!!
Nov 03, 2005

for #1 I was thinking bows and sage? would that have worked too
Nov 03, 2005

Good - hard, but good
Nov 03, 2005

Nice job.. I had PARSED and SEDATE for #5.
Nov 03, 2005

Oops, just noticed that you said the insertion must be a word. SED doesn't work then.
Nov 03, 2005

Hey, this teaser was fun! I didn't get them all right, though...Oh well, good job!
Nov 03, 2005

Didn't get the first or last ones, but got the other 3, so, yeah, it was fun. Thanks. What's a bowline? Is that the line you site along when you are shooting your arrow, or is it the line on the bow?
Nov 03, 2005

I liked that one It was a little hard though I only got two of them but it was fun
Nov 03, 2005

Loved it!!!
Nov 03, 2005

What's a bowline? *doing research* I missed #4 because I don't use two-letter words very often... I got scape, and I got rot. Great teaser,.... and now, i'm getting my coffee out of the microwave.
Nov 03, 2005

Nov 03, 2005

Excellent ... another good one for students! (Chrissydaze, you needed to add a WORD, not just a letter. Otherwise, your solution would work.) It's a FAVORITE!
Nov 03, 2005

i dont get it
(user deleted)
Nov 03, 2005

Loved it! Had to use the dictionary for #3 - is that cheating? And bowline is the line from the bow (like ow!) of a BOAT.
Nov 03, 2005

Well done!
Nov 03, 2005

ummm any boyscout should know a bowline is a type of knot used to create a secure loop...
Nov 03, 2005

I LOVED this one, I got most of them, I just missed #2, this has been one of my favorite ones. Great job.
Nov 03, 2005

Very good teaser. I dont take the time to figure any of the teasers out, im not patient enough, but its a good one for those of you do actually give it a shot!
Nov 03, 2005

That was fun! Thanks... good teaser!
Nov 03, 2005

Loved it That was fun and not too hard.A favorite for me
Nov 03, 2005

I'm not patient either. Plus my brother in breathing done my neck to get online! it was toughish, but I liked it. Kinda creative!
Nov 03, 2005

Wow, It took me a while to "get it". Great Job!
Nov 03, 2005

This was a great one! I didn't get the first one..but loved having to really think. (I'll only go to the dictionary for crossword puzzles)
Keep them coming.
Nov 03, 2005

tHIS WAS HARD! I was DETERMINED to get it, took forever, but I gave up without having the first one. I guess I would have had to look in the dictionary for that, didn't know it was one word. Is it really a knot? Anyway, good and hard!
Nov 03, 2005

tHIS WAS HARD! I was DETERMINED to get it, took forever, but I gave up without having the first one. I guess I would have had to look in the dictionary for that, didn't know it was one word. Is it really a knot? Anyway, good and hard!
Nov 03, 2005

Amazing....just amazing.....
Can you tell I got none right????
Nov 04, 2005

i got first one (wrong) too
great teaser
Nov 05, 2005

Way too hard! But FUN!! I had never even heard of most of those but I did know the scapegoat one 'cause that was a vocab word!!!
Nov 07, 2005

Wow, that was interesting
I only got two though
it was hard...
Nov 08, 2005

Easy; but bowman/manage is also correct! Enjoyed it. Thanks!
Jun 18, 2006

yeah thats what i got too: bowman/manage. overall it was fun .
Nov 04, 2006

Interesting and well done.
Nov 04, 2006

Nov 04, 2006

I've seen ones like this before, but they are all always fun.
Nov 04, 2006

My brain was ou-of-order and I totally whiffed on them all. But I do recall a "bowline" is the tie-down line on the bow of a watercraft.
Nov 04, 2006

I stumbled a little bit with #1 and then #4, but this is an ingenius mind starter, if you have ever been exposed to any of these words. The other 3, for some reason, just fell into place! Fantastic work! WTG
Nov 04, 2006

I got ParSON/ SONate for the last one... does that work too or am I making words up?
Nov 04, 2006

A bowline is a knot, probably one of the most useful of all the knots, that and the square knot.
Nov 04, 2006

I got all but bowline.
Nov 04, 2006

Guess I didn't understand the directions or something. I didn't get this one at all. Sorry.
Nov 04, 2006

that was fun! Not too hard and not too easy....GOOD JOB!
Nov 04, 2006

ur right it was was fun
Nov 04, 2006

I found this one really difficult, only got 1 right. Color me embarrased.
Nov 04, 2006

Nov 04, 2006

Another vote for bowman/manage.

I love this kind of puzzle--got the first three. That the sounds of the letters changed in the last two threw me big-time! But I still enjoyed it mucho!
Nov 04, 2006

I didn't get a one but enjoyed trying
Nov 04, 2006

couldn't get TIC - very clever. thanks
Nov 04, 2006

Tougher than it appeared. Need more stronger coffee.
Nov 04, 2006

I would suggest that those that do not own a dictionary should invest in one. Then when you are presented with an unfamiliar word such as "bowline" all you have to do is look it up and feel good that you have learned a new word. I didn't know what it was either, but had no trouble finding it in my dictionary. As an elementary school teacher who has spent many hours over the years teaching dictionary skills I can't imagine being without a dictionary. And I hope that most of my former students are still using one. Please don't take this as a negative comment or a "put-down." I just felt compelled to put in this reminder because it seems that lately there have been questions regarding the validity of words in these teasers.

Good job, Snaps!
Nov 04, 2006

Got two without the hint, four with. Possibly would have been able to get bowman if I hadn't checked the hint >_> lol
Nov 04, 2006

I got the first one!!!!
Nov 04, 2006

I agree with the first person about it being bowman and manage but if they used the heads in certain ways they'd be able to notice that the hints tell you how many LETTERS need to be filled in!
Nov 05, 2006

Nov 05, 2006

good one!
Nov 05, 2006

I also got bowman/manage. Solved everything but one. I was looking at Dig / Self and thinking "Dig-It? No such thing."
Nov 06, 2006

As said, without the hint, the first one can be man. It can also be MEN: BOWMEN - plural of bowman, MENAGE - A collection of animals; a menagerie (Webster).

Also without the hint, the second could be RA - a sun god of Heliopolis: GENERA - pl. of genus., RAKING.
Nov 08, 2006

Very nice job. Got part of them, but not all. More please.
Dec 11, 2006

So.. I was debating whether to re-think my answer for #1 when I read the hint.. and I decided not to. I figured I'd be able to be all clever when I announced to the Braingle world that I came up with another answer. ..... Too bad half the comments already say my answer.

I also missed SCAPE! The goat kept tripping me: I couldn't think of anything to go with it.

By the time I reached the last one, I just couldn't put forth the mental effort, and I have myself on a timer so I don't spend too long on a teaser (or writing comments). I have 28 seconds left to say that I just couldn't come up with any ideas at all for the last one, despite the fact that there were, what, three possibilities that fit the hint? Sheesh on me.

LASTLY -- many thanks to realm2346 for reminding me that my coffee's in the microwave.
Jan 28, 2007

This was very well written. It's going in my favorites.
Nov 04, 2009

Last one can also be DON. (As in similar to wear).


Fun one! Thanks!
Nov 04, 2009

another alternate is generic/ricking
Nov 04, 2009

The validity of answers is overwhelming.
Nov 04, 2009

Fun! I can't believe I missed bowline though...
Nov 04, 2009

2 Snaps up!!!
Nov 04, 2009

I thought that 'man' was the answer to the first one and when I saw the answer and didn't see 'man'... Woo! I thought I figured another answer and started looking for a 'correct teaser' button or something. Unfortunately, the first comment was about that as well as half of the others.
Also, I didn't get #2.
Nov 04, 2009

crib--plz tell me what ricking is!!

Today is 3 yrs. to the day since my earlier comment! It was interesting for me to see what was different. As I got "man" again before the hint, and the "right" answer after the hint, it occurred to me that I don't remember hints three years ago!! Also, got the next w/o the hint, 3 & 4 with, and the last not at all!! Pretty much the perfect quiz: excellent fun & not ridiculously easy, not impossible. Thank You!!
Nov 04, 2009

Didn't do well last time, and still didn't do well this time.
Nov 04, 2009

CriBB--sorry!! (ricking question)
Nov 04, 2009

Complication. I know this Teaser was meant to be Fun, but the only fun I had was the idea of the Teaser being fun. The actual teaser was difficult. And, I did feel so good attempting to solve this teaser, but hey, I enjoyed it anyway.
Nov 04, 2012

I didn't do well on the teaser, but I forgot to turn back my clock, so now I have an extra hour to figure out where I went wrong! Have a great day, everyone - I'm still laughing at myself!
Nov 04, 2012

Too many possible answers makes this one fairly easy. Looks like the editors turn back their clocks everyday.
Nov 04, 2012

Hmm I thought you had to get it right not the possible answers. I forgot to do the 1st one. I got all the others. Had fun doing it. it was a fun teaser and really like it. Thanks!!!!
Nov 04, 2012

I agree with cutebug, there are too many possible answers. And as to finding the "right" answer as opposed to a "possible" answer - who is to say what is right or wrong? I have had teasers rejected for the mere fact there were multiple answers to them... so not sure how this one got by the editors.
Nov 04, 2015

Never heard the word bowman so I missed that one and I got hung up on King being a person and not finding a word to work, but got the last 3 easily. I liked the teaser and think it was a good one. Enjoyed figuring it out.
Nov 04, 2015

nice one!!
Nov 04, 2015

I was stumped on gene......but I got all the rest!!
Nov 04, 2015

By me, a well-constructed puzzle should have only one correct answer. For two of the items in this puzzle there are at least two answers that seem acceptable: For BOW____AGE both MAN and LINE would fill the bill, and for PAR____ATE both ROT and DON would work.

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