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These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#143
Fun:*** (2.49)
Difficulty:** (1.17)
Submitted By:JakeAadminus*mod!!!




Which does not belong: Apple, Grape, Banana, Cherry, Pear


Think about how you eat these fruits.

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Nov 07, 2001

every fruit has and -e- in it
except banana
Don Ray
Dec 02, 2001

Also, every fruit has multiple seeds except a cherry.
Dec 18, 2001

u can distinguish to their shapes also if u can imagine .... they may have circular, rectangular, cubical etc....
Mar 15, 2002

apples can be peeled
Mar 16, 2002

I assumed, as many probably did, that it would be banana FOR the way it was SPELLED. What really threw me off was the Hint. I guess I let my mind wander to far astray imagining how I eat each fruit: apples, bananas, and pears I tend to eat alone. Grapes and cherries I tend to eat with one of my many beautiful and seductive girlfriends. =)~
Mar 28, 2002

Cherry is the only word without the letter "a" in it. Wouldn't it fit the answer as well?
Jun 04, 2002

cherry is also the only one with just one vowel...
Jul 11, 2005

Apple is also the only one that starts with a vowel, it needs to be specified that it has nothing to do with spelling.
Sep 14, 2005

A bit on the easy side as the hint gave it away. For those of you who found diferent solutions, it's true that there is more than one. But, due to the hint only the given one is the right one. Keep them coming!
Oct 23, 2005

i thot it was bc a banana isn't grown from seeds, but from a part of the plant!
Nov 03, 2005

I peel all of them before eating!
Nov 06, 2005

this one has many answers with many reasons,the most common one I would say is banana but it has many reasons. Anyone who reads this comment please think about that.
Nov 14, 2005

I said banana but because there are seeds in all the other fruits. Banana was the obvious choice and there are many reasons. I liked it though
Nov 18, 2005

I thought banana because the others could have seeds in them. You would have to be carful how you eat them!
Nov 21, 2005

very clever.
Dec 04, 2005

I thought grape because it's the only one grown on a vine. Everything else is grown on a tree.
Dec 22, 2005

rrb21: They ALL have seeds in them. Honestly,don't you eat???
Dec 22, 2005

rrb21: They ALL have seeds in them. Honestly,don't you eat???
Dec 22, 2005

Sorry for repeat. I have a mutant computer.
Jan 10, 2006

While they do all have seeds in them, you only EAT the banana seeds. That's another reason banana could be the right answer, even with the clue. You have to avoid the seeds when eating all the other fruits.

I had a frustration with a very similar question on an IQ test I took a few years ago, since there were many possible, equally valid answers.

Good teaser, though.
Feb 22, 2006

While they all have seeds, only the cherry has a pitt....a variance of a seed....

There are far too many answers to this question....I don't like it.
Feb 24, 2006

THAT WAS GREAT!! i had to look at the hint before i got it, at first i thought it was the cherry, cuz it has a pitt, but, then the hint said 'think of the way you eat it' and i got it right!!
Mar 08, 2006

Mar 08, 2006

Mar 15, 2006

1-You eat banana seeds without thinking, but not the seeds/pits in the other fruits.
2-Grapes grow one vines, not trees.

Those were my first 2 thoughts, sad that I didn't think of the peel!
Mar 18, 2006

Loved it, a bit too easy though, BUT still loved it
Mar 29, 2006

The HINT gave it all away
Apr 02, 2006

not true my grandma peels apples b4 eating luved it neways
Apr 21, 2006

Well, I think i would've got it if I read the hint because i was leaning more towards all of them grow on trees except the grapes. LOL!!! But Great Teaser anyway!!!
Apr 23, 2006

U need 2 add a little bit more info. Still, it wuz pretty good.
May 03, 2006

I thought it was Grape. Those grow on vines, but the others grow on TREES!
May 18, 2006

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May 25, 2006

Pear is the only one starting with a letter in the second half of the English alphabet
May 27, 2006

My supersmart fiancee also pointed out to me that the banana is the only one that is a Herb!
Jul 28, 2006

I thought it was grape also because of vine and tree. great minds think alike!
Aug 11, 2006

Makes me hungry! Good teaser.
Oct 15, 2006

I said grape because all grow on trees except for grapes. Could have multiple answers.
Dec 04, 2006

I'm with the vine vs tree crowd.

Also I eat apple cores and grape seeds, and I knew someone once who ate bananas whole.

Finally, anyone who peels an apple before eating doesn't understand food and nutrition.
Dec 06, 2006

i peel grapes and apples
i thought it was cherry
Dec 22, 2006

i was thinking that it was because the bananas are long, and all the other fruits are circles....hey, i still got it right!
Mar 12, 2007

WHAT! Who peels bananas?
Apr 25, 2007

I agree with some of the above statements, grapes were a poor example because they dont grow on a tree but a vine. the peeling thing is optional for pears and apples. better luck next time.
Apr 25, 2007

or cuz of seeds
Jun 11, 2008

grape is the only one that does not grow on a tree
Feb 04, 2011

i figured it was a banana. think of how (most) people eat them!
Jan 18, 2012

I'm pretty sure it's the vine thing. You peel apples to put in pies. Canned pears are peeled.
Aug 23, 2012

Banana is the only one that doesn't have seeds on the inside. This is actually the definition of a fruit and is why tomatoes are really fruits ( because they have seeds on the inside).
Sep 29, 2012

I thought it was a pear (before looking at the hint) because the rest are all flavors of lip gloss/candy/popsicles/whatever else, but I've never heard of something pear-flavored. But I got it with the hint. Too many answers.
Sep 29, 2012

Oh, and bananas do have seeds. They're just really small in the kind we eat, not useful for reproduction. Wild bananas have much larger ones.

^ not spam. Just the proof.

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