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Email Chain

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#17932
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:** (2.03)
Submitted By:jmcleod****




John wants to send an email to everyone in his family, but he is having computer troubles and due to his slow dial-up connection he can only send out one email. His family consists of him and his brother, and their parents, his aunt and uncle on his Dad's side, their two sons, his aunt and uncle on his mom's side and their two daughters. He knows that his mom will only forwards emails to her husband and her kids. He knows his dad will only send emails to his brother, John's uncle, and he never forwards them to anyone. His aunt on his dad's side will forward emails to her kids and her husband and their youngest boy will always send them to his mom. The oldest cousin on his Dad's side will always forward them to his younger brother and John's brother and likewise John's Brother will send them to him. John's Aunt on his mom's side always sends them to her sister (John's mom) and her husband. John's two cousins on his mom's side and their father always share every email they get with each other. Who should John send his one email to so that everyone in his family will see it?


Draw a diagram.

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Jun 16, 2004

nice teaser. i loved it! keep up the excellent work.
Jun 16, 2004

Wow! Too much thinking for me...I would have just sent an email to one and CC'd the rest
Jun 16, 2004

drawing a diagram would mean having to get off of my chair...and im way to lazy. but good one anyways
Jun 16, 2004 that I actually can figure out in my mind. Not overly difficult, but it was really fun...keep em' coming (all up to you of course)
Jun 21, 2004

I loved this teaser. It wasn't too hard, but you still couldn't figure it out in a snap. Keep up the good work!
Jul 01, 2004

This is awesome!!!

Keep em' coming!
Jul 06, 2004

I loved it
Nov 20, 2004

Brilliantly thought out, my thoughts all got tangles

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