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Puddle Glum

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#20891
Fun:*** (2.12)
Difficulty:* (1.03)
Submitted By:AtropusAnz*****




Saku was feeling hungry one summer's day, so she decided to make herself a strawberry jam sandwich.
She spread the jam on the bread and when she had finished making her sandwich she went to pick up the jar of jam, only to find that it was now sitting in a puddle where previously there had not been one.

Where did the puddle come from??


It was a puddle of pure water.

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Feb 08, 2005

I have one serious problem with this puzzle...what kind of a name is Saku?

I dont think the hint was needed ;-)
Feb 08, 2005

It's my flatmate's name ^_^ I was personalizing the puzzle.

It's short for Sakura (which means cherry blossom).
Feb 09, 2005

When I was a little kid, I always drank water with ice in it. When I lifted the cup off of the table, I would notice a small pool of water on the table where the rim of the cup had been. I used to think that my cup had a small leak, until I learned otherwise, when I was older!
Feb 09, 2005

That's cool
I'm just glad that nobody thought it was weird to keep the jam in the fridge... it's to keep the ants off in case you were wondering ^_^
Feb 09, 2005

wow... i thought everyone kept jam in the refrigerator! but like, when i take the jam out to make pb&j it never makes a puddle...
Feb 10, 2005

That was way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way,way ,way ,way, way to easy. I got it literally two seconds Try thinking of some harder teasers.
Feb 13, 2005

That was stupid.
Feb 13, 2005

Hey some teasers have to be a little easier so us dumb people can feel smart too ^_^
Any way, thanks for the feedback. Try my latest teaser and let me know what you think.
Feb 14, 2005

cool puzzle keep up the good work
Feb 26, 2005

are you friggin kidding me?!
Mar 09, 2005

The Answer is that the Puddle was not there but it did form when she put the jar of jam down
Mar 21, 2005

Ugh. Try some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism in the future guys, if you keep treating people like this nobody will make you any puzzles to do at all. Geez.

And yes I think everyone keeps jam in the fridge..all my jars say "refrigerate after opening"'s to make it keep longer not to prevent ants- I don't think they could get in if you screw the lid on properly!
Mar 22, 2005

The whole point of making traditional jam is to prepare fruit so that it will keep.

That's done by boiling all the germs out of it and putting in so much sugar that micro-organisms can't live in it (micro-organisms can't live in pure sugar which is why a bowl of sugar doesn't go off).

If jam is made right you shouldn't have to refrigerate it to keep it good... however most mass produced jams these days are not made using traditional methods because such jams aren't as pretty or easy to spread.
Mar 25, 2005

fun and easy..good 1
Apr 07, 2005

way too easy. I think you can do better than that.
Apr 12, 2005

But, but NO-ONE keeps jam in a fridge. Not that I know of anyway.

Obvious it was condensation, but really. Preserves in a refrigerator, I ask you.
Apr 15, 2005

Keep on did that one slip through.
Apr 21, 2005

could the jam really leave a puddle in the time it takes to make a sandwhich? I figured it out though. It makes me feel like i sat through so many years of science for something--i can actually understand this a little. only two more yrs (i am a h.s. sophomore) of science. Science is fun!!
Apr 27, 2005

Wow, u got me!! good one. although, im not a science whiz!! lol good one
Jun 14, 2005

I thought after jam was open it needed to stay in fridge.
Jun 24, 2005 far as i know, lots of ppl keep jam in a refrigerator. i do anyway.
good teaser, but it was pretty easy.
Jul 07, 2005

yeah so do i!!!
Sep 07, 2005

Nice one it was the first one i solved. of corse this is my first day. !)
Dec 10, 2005

I always keep Jam or jelly in the fridge!!! I don't use enough of it to finish it before it gets spoiled! Good Teaser
Feb 17, 2006

Many people with air-conditioners won't end up with this sort of condensation problem because the water is extracted from the air by the air conditioner.

Also, I often put sugary food in the fridge to stop ants from finding it.
Oct 15, 2006

I figured she just urinated.
May 05, 2007

that was easy but I liked it!
May 05, 2007

Oh and Malcolm Reynolds answer made me laugh!
Sep 29, 2007

you cant get a whole puddle just from condensed water that quickly!!!
Mar 25, 2009

I'd say it depends on the humidity of your air.
I don't have an air conditioner.

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