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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#21246
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:*** (2.37)
Submitted By:Mysterious*us****
Corrected By:Winner4600




I could be on the river or in the desert
I could be in the swamp or a sparkling city
I am rather rectangular and can make lots of noise
I have bright lights and pictures too
They bring their cups and buckets and feed me well
They want me all to themselves quite greedily
When finally I am full and can take no more
I am suddenly everyone's new best friend
What am I?


Think of cherries, lemons, and oranges

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Feb 26, 2005

not bad . not hard but not easy. ive heard better though
Feb 26, 2005

iM SUPRISED i didnt get that. very nice.
Feb 26, 2005

how can it be in a dessert or river? i mean it's a slot machine!
Feb 26, 2005

good one...
desert = Las Vegas
river = riverboat gambling
Feb 27, 2005

Fine riddle, Myster !!!!
I was trying to put together a spring and a lake, but the *bright lights* threw me off.

good job !!!
Feb 27, 2005

Good one. Had me going in a few directions until I gave in and looked at the clue. Then, I immediately knew it was a slot machine. Too bad I've never had to opportunity of having a filled to capacity slot machine as my new best friend. Maybe someday?!
Mar 04, 2005

Ha! I liked that one a lot, thanks!
Mar 20, 2005

i thought it was a refrigerator, it basically fits everything also.
Apr 11, 2005

Figgured this one out pretty easily, though.. you mention desert, river, swamp and sparkling city.

Desert - Las Vegas
River - Riverboat
City - Atlanta
Swamp - ???
Apr 11, 2005

Dumb and very, very vague.
Apr 11, 2005

I was stumped until I read the hint. Great teaser!
Apr 11, 2005

Good thought I was loosing what little touch I had!!!!!!!
Apr 11, 2005

Nice one!
Apr 11, 2005

very easy my first one
Apr 11, 2005

Those were great clues, I got it right away. My only question is: How is it in a swamp?
Apr 11, 2005

I wasn't even close on this one. Not even with the hint. Great one. You stumped me again !
Apr 11, 2005

pretty hard
Apr 11, 2005

YAH! for me, I actually got it!
Apr 11, 2005

swamp = new orleans.

this was a good one. can't think of anything else that fits. which is a sign of a good teaser.

and i don't see how a 'fridge would. at all...
Apr 11, 2005

Good Job!!
Apr 11, 2005

Funny thing, in about an hour we're going over to play the slots at the local casino. I got the answer but than I said "no, can't be". Sure enough it was. Hope that means I'm gonna win big.
Apr 11, 2005

Apr 11, 2005

ok i thot it wuz a tv at first but wen i read the hint i knew wat it wuz
Apr 11, 2005

Apr 11, 2005

OHHHHHH!! Right im stupid!
Apr 11, 2005

I thoght it was water until I read the hint and then I was clueless !
Apr 11, 2005

Not to be mean or anything, but i think this one is gay and sucked. Sorry just my opinion
Apr 11, 2005

that was a good 1
Apr 11, 2005

Well done i thought it was great
Apr 11, 2005

good 1 BUT...
this is ANOTHER repeat....
all of you must be new if you have not seen this one, just within the last few weeks....
they must be running low on teasers if they are re-using them this often.
Apr 11, 2005

There is one big problem with this teaser. Slot machines do not pay off when they are full. If you believe that you have been suckered like so many others who feed the machines. Slot machines pay off on a random basis, period. A machine could fill up a hundred times and never pay off, or it could pay off twice in a row. It is all random.
Apr 11, 2005

This is an original teaser and not a copy of anyone else's. My teasers are strictly my own and are created from my life experiences. I have not had time to read all 7k+ teasers. Copying is stealing. If this one is even remotely similar to another, then it is purely by accident. This is a new teaser so you may remember reading it very recently already.

Casinos can set slot machines to pay off when they hit certain levels. The meaning of full in this riddle means that the machine has reached that preset level. It does not mean that the machine is literally full of money. Yes, you are right, the casinos change these settings often. Las Vegas is one of my favorite destinations and quite an awesome place!
Apr 12, 2005

I liked that but never guessed it!
Apr 12, 2005 might be your original teaser...but it is a rerun from
Feb and March
Braingle must be out of fresh 1s
Apr 13, 2005

Timilee, i think you are referring to the dates that people have left comments and assuming it has been re-run. The teasers that are submitted as new can be looked at by anyone looking in that particular category (ie comments made in feb, March). Teasers are then chosen as daily teasers, they are the same teaser by the same person but just chosen to be viewed by all subscribed, please don't accuse people of re-running teasers when they haven't.

Good teaser, I was no where near the answer-perhaps I should have looked at the hint
Apr 13, 2005

all i am saying is i look forward to a NEW teaser each day....this is old, i read it BEFORE.
don't get so emotional over my comments....i just call it like i see it
Jul 15, 2005

goin in my favs...! Ha!
(user deleted)
Jul 26, 2005

Very nice ! Well spoken too . THANKS
Oct 17, 2005

Very creative.
Jun 14, 2006

I thought of fruit immediately, dunno why
Dec 04, 2006

Great teaser Myst!! Stumped me until I read the hint.
Jan 31, 2008

Great teaser Myst. I did get the answer though. That's what I like about it.
Mar 02, 2014

I got it from the hint, but not until then. Good one, although some clues were a little far out of the norm for a slot machine.
Mar 02, 2014

oOh! I didn't get it
Mar 02, 2014

I was clueless. They are not my best friend, as I have never put any money in a slot machine. I have better things to waste money on.
Mar 02, 2014

After I rejected the first word that came to me "bank," it took a few minutes, but I got it.
Mar 02, 2014

Tricky!!! I was stumped until I read the hint. Then the answer came to me within a minute. Very, very good riddle. As for the locations implied, I would figure:
River - riverboat casinos
Desert - Las Vegas
Swamp - Florida?? Louisiana?? Don't know.
City - Atlantic City

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