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The Long Tale of the Murdered Heiress

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#22335
Fun:**** (3.14)
Difficulty:** (1.73)
Submitted By:irishthistleAus****
Corrected By:absy




It was a dark and stormy night in Erisville. Jagged bolts of lightning wracked the sky above Detective Callahan's house. "Glad I'm not out there tonight," Callahan thought. He gazed out his bay window at the thick, frozen fog that had engulfed the landscape. As his yard vanished and was replaced by an eerie, foggy void, Callahan guessed it was maybe five degrees outside right now. Too cold for anything but tea and a book.

He took the last gulp of his cup of strong jasmine tea, and headed to the kitchen to make another. His mind was elsewhere as he poured the tea, but a sharp scream jolted him out of his daydream. He jumped, spilling boiling water on his hand, but he hardly noticed.

His thoughts were centered on the scream. He waited for another, but no sound came. "Just a loon," he laughed, and went back to his chair, fire and book. His phone rang ten minutes later, making him jump again. It was Murphy, the desk sergeant at the precinct. "Callahan, we have an apparent homicide at one-two-seven Apple Blossom Rd. Will you check it out since you're so close?"
"Sure," the detective replied, stunned by the awful realization the scream he'd heard was not a loon after all.
"Thanks," said Murphy. "Officers Gould and Apfel are on the scene now."

Callahan only had to drive around the block to get to the stately home of Celine Omar, heiress to the Omar Tasty Snacks fortune. He drove up the long driveway, passing a small guest house which was about sixty feet from the bigger one. He parked in front of the main house's big bay window and walked inside. He entered the house and was greeted by Gould, who led him into the study with the big bay window he'd parked under. Only the desk lamp was on, giving the room a shadowy appearance. Inside was Apfel, holding an evidence bag containing the murder weapon, a large butcher knife.

The body of Ms. Omar was in the middle of the room, covered with a sheet. On the couch sat a woman in a white nightgown, and a man in pajama's, both disheveled and spotted with blood.
"What happened here?" He asked the woman.
In a voice choked from tears she said, "I'm Tessa, the maid. I live in the guest house on the drive and my front window faces this bay window. I heard a scream as I was getting ready for bed. I looked out my front window and saw him struggling with Ms. Omar. I raced in here to stop him, but she was already laying on the floor." She began to cry again. "I tried to pull the knife out and save her but he attacked me too. The whole staff knew he hated her. They were dating up until a month ago, when she broke it off. He seemed fine, but we all knew he would try to get revenge."
"What?!" yelled the man sitting next to her. "She is a liar!"
"Calm down sir," said Callahan. "Why don't you tell me what happened."
"I am John, the butler. I live in the guest house out back. I heard the scream and ran in the back door. When I got to the study I saw Tessa standing over Ms. Omar's body. I rushed over to Celine, and tried to pull out the knife, to save her, but Tessa attacked me. I loved Celine. I would never hurt her. But Celine had found out that Tessa has been stealing from her. Tessa watches out her front window and spies on Celine in the study. When Celine is occupied, Tessa goes into the house and steals from her. She was about to be fired," said John sadly.
"Lies!" screamed Tessa, jumping to her feet.
Apfel took her by the arm. "You're going to need to calm down ma'am." Tessa sat back down, whimpering.

"What do you think sir? Both their fingerprints will be on the knife and I've never heard two such conflicting stories," said Gould.
Callahan thought a moment. "Take Tessa into custody. She's obviously lying."
How did Callahan come to this conclusion?


Tessa spied every night, but she couldn't have on this night.

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Apr 19, 2005

I actually didn't read the story. But I bet it was good anyway.
Apr 19, 2005

Story was good, but it was very easy
Apr 19, 2005

It was way too long.

Neat way to tell who did it- I'll give you props for that.
Next time- sum it up a little faster.
Apr 19, 2005

tht was kinda easy, but i liked how you played up the story
Apr 19, 2005

I liked the long story. Great Job! Keep em comming!
Apr 19, 2005

that was ez
(user deleted)
Apr 21, 2005

wwooww there partner i got lost on there was a dark and stormy night!!!
Apr 23, 2005

any time it is a dark and stormy night...........oh well
Apr 24, 2005

no lie in the title,
this is very
nice writing skills, could be an author, if U made this up on your own.
If you copied this from another source, try to copy shorter stories to submit as teasers.
nice tho
Apr 24, 2005

Apr 25, 2005

Thank you Timilee, I did make this up and I consider that a great compliment.
Apr 26, 2005

Fun but predictable. Although when you read too many of these, you start to know what to look for.
Apr 30, 2005

The story lives up to the title
i liked it
May 01, 2005

nice,+long,tho. title tells it all. It was too easy, though, i think. nice job. should get it published.
May 02, 2005

that was pretty good but it was a little descriptive.Keep up the good writing skills!!!
May 04, 2005

The hint gave it away
May 05, 2005

i c what u mean by a LONG tale
May 09, 2005

Wow...this is the best murder brainteaser i have heard so far....irishthistle, you have the best mysteries! Keep it up!
May 10, 2005

wake me up when its over please.
Jun 03, 2005

Well it delivers what it promisses. the LONG tale......
Jun 08, 2005

i have 2 read dat. people r on a long ting d's days
Jun 13, 2005

Great story! I The hint gives it away though.Anyway nice writing.
Jun 13, 2005

Great Great Great Great

It was written so perfectly, that i forgot completly about the fog outside. Great job
Jun 19, 2005

Very long.. fairly easy.. but very nice job
Jun 20, 2005

really long....and easy
Jun 22, 2005

It may have been long but well worth the read. I enjoyed the story and the mystery. You are very good at mystery teasers.
Jul 02, 2005

nice mystery, the important fog detail was too far up in the story for me to remember at the end...oh well, i loved it anyways!
Jul 06, 2005

Well written, and plotted....Grissom would be proud.... Keep the great mysteries coming
As for those of you who thought it was too long....try reading the title
Jul 15, 2005

Is Callahan related to Holmes? The hint gave it to me and the explanation was "elementary". I loved it though. In this case sign me.... Watson.
Sep 05, 2005

Great story-the answer was pretty easy but I still loved it!
Sep 11, 2005

I loved it!
Sep 11, 2005

P.S. for everyone who complained about how long it was, well, you were warned
Sep 15, 2005

Fairly easy, but nice job on the narrative!
Sep 20, 2005

You sure like those bay windows don't ya?
Oct 07, 2005

Love this one, way to go with the story, very well written!

Now everyone, let's all play nice around here. It was a long story indeed, but one well worth reading. If you do not feel as reading a good and long mystery, try your hand at the shorter ones. But, don't use it as a way to bring the teaser and it's submitter down.

It takes a lot of work to round up a mystery like this one, keep them coming.
Oct 20, 2005

I enjoy solving mystery problems on several different web sites all of which are longer than these.
you folks need to sit back and relax and enjoy the set up for the mystery.
Irishthistle you just go on doing it the way you are, your fine.
don't let impatient people dictate how you do your writing
Nov 26, 2005

I love mysteries and thought it was very well written. I got lost in the story and saw it all happening. Good job!
Dec 04, 2005

Long but very enjoyable.
Dec 20, 2005

too long. i usally leave the long ones but this one made me read on.
Dec 28, 2005

I thought it was OJ. Oh well.
Mar 12, 2006

Apr 21, 2006

This was really nice, it was long but necessarily long to kind of weave everything in slowly, so you completely forget the key details after a while!
Apr 28, 2006

Did I just miss it, or did Tessa never name the person she was accusing of murder? Is it enough that she makes it clear it was an ex-boyfriend of the victim? I'm not sure that I buy the notion that Tessa was too unaware of the weather to realize that her story wouldn't fly.

I'm also a bit surprised that the story never even MENTIONS the red-bearded stranger who had been seen hanging about in the village for the previous fortnight... or the gruesome desecration of the family mauseleum six months' earlier... or the terrified, hopelessly garbled story told by the mentally handicapped teenaged son of the church sexton after he spent a night accidentally locked in the cavernous cellars of the old manor house.
May 28, 2006

I agree with Timilee. You should be an author. When I was reading it I felt just like Detective Callahan. I felt like I always do on those sorts of nights. Even though it's sunny and early morning where I am. Very well written. I loved it.
Jun 22, 2006

Great mystery. I think a long story makes for a good mystery because it distracts the readers from the problem at hand. Good job, start submitting more teasers... Please!
Oct 24, 2006

At first (before I got to the dead person part) I thought the scream was his tea, because when tea is boiled it like has this huge whistle scream, and I always think it is a scream when there is water boiling, but anyway, good teaser...
Jun 14, 2007

It's very well written. I totally forgot about the fog, with all the other details filling my head.
Jun 24, 2007

This might be the best teaser on the site! GREAT!
Jun 25, 2007

sweeet teasr! loved it!!!!
Jun 26, 2007

I Agree with the Cowpeeps! This is a great teaser!
Sep 05, 2007

Awesome teaser! Loved it!

For the complainers of length: the entire story takes 3 minutes to read even when reading rather slowly in order not to miss clues. Another 30 seconds to ponder the answer and again 30 seconds to post a smiley... 4 minutes tops. Who doesn't have 4 minutes to spend on a VERY high quality, entertaining teaser?

It's better than wasting 90 seconds on a poorly designed or outright stupid teaser!
Jun 02, 2008

This teaser is taken almost word for word from the book "Absolutely Amazing 5-Minute Mysteries" by Ken Weber. He should be the one credited for this puzzle.
Jun 02, 2008

Galore, I think you might want to provide verification before you start accusing a very well respected member of taking someone else's work. There is no way you or anyone else will convince me that this teaser was copied. You're new to the site and should get your facts straight before you make accusations.
Jun 02, 2008

Galore, I wrote this teaser. If it's almost word for word in a book then perhaps I should be getting some royalties.
Nov 15, 2008

lol the story lives up to the title!
Dec 05, 2008

Dec 01, 2010

good 1
Jan 07, 2011

The hint gave it away.
Great teaser though.
Apr 13, 2011

It was ok but was too weird and hard, it didn't need all that writing
Oct 26, 2015

The logic of this mystery is very solid, and I like the subtle way the clue was hidden by the narration of the story. This is a fine mystery.

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