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The Four Brothers

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#22832
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:** (1.73)
Submitted By:rotwyla98**
Corrected By:nikitafullmoon




A group of four brothers did travel the land,
with only one steed shared among the whole band.
Though always surefooted, no matter the weather,
their mount would go lame if they didn't ride together.
When one of the brothers was thrown and misplaced,
he was left where he lay and was quickly replaced.
When the ride became old and the brothers not needed,
to a game for all ages they simply retreated.
When many a player would fling them about,
and ringing a post was the victory shout.

Name us.


Something put on animals and once it is worn out gets used in a game.

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May 11, 2005

May 11, 2005

At first I thought the right answer, then when you said replaced, I thought tires... then back to the right answer with the game clue.
(user deleted)
May 11, 2005

May 11, 2005

It may have been easy but I liked the poetic form you used. Very well written.
May 11, 2005

All I could think of was the 4 horseman of the Apocolipse but I know they have a horse each. I was stumped on this one.

May 11, 2005

Easy but fun. Nicely written.
May 11, 2005

Everyone has said this was easy but I had to use the hint to help me get the answer and then I got it right away. Nice job!
May 11, 2005

i thought so!!! im so smart
May 11, 2005

I loved the poem!
I had to use the hint though.
May 11, 2005

May 12, 2005

Very well done, easy with the hint. Loved the form
May 13, 2005

Very nice poem which would have been a real challenge if it ended after the first four lines .. the rest of the poem could be your hint .. so you would still get your nice rhyming in .. I like your effort!
May 13, 2005

it was a lot of fun to read! I like your writing style!
May 15, 2005

Great writting! I didnt get but i guess i didnt think to hard! you should keep writing!
May 17, 2005

great rhyming. It flows off the tongue really well. I've never seen a poem about horseshoes before. Very creative
May 17, 2005

my first thought was to give the brothers names (eg, pete, john, mark etc), but once i realised (after about ten seconds) that that wasn't what was meant it was easy peasy! hurray!
May 19, 2005

Very well written!
May 21, 2005

the form was done very well. I thought of horseshoes, then i thought of a saddle.I know that makes no sense.
May 21, 2005

I didn't get it at first but then I read the answer and then i read the poem again and was like duh!!
I was thinking of names.
Great teaser, very well written.
May 25, 2005

Hey I got this one!
Apr 06, 2006

That was well written.
Apr 07, 2006

horseshoes are not brothers !!!!

i don't care what anybody says !!!
Jul 01, 2006

I got a saddle for some strange reason. I knew it had to do with some type of horse related mechanism. Oh, well. Good teaser!
Jul 16, 2006

thanks all
Feb 15, 2008

Thank you. I like such teasers that I can solve with a little effort. I, too, first had horseshoes but changed it to tires except that the last lines didn't fit. After checking the hint I changed back to horseshoes.

This is well written except for one small error in grammar ... "between" should be "among."
Feb 15, 2008

I did not get the answer. I was trying to think of a nursery rhyme or well know story about four 'human' brothers.

Good riddle!
Feb 15, 2008

well written. easy and good.
Feb 15, 2008

I really enjoyed this one. I got it, so is was easy, but it is also very clever and nicely written poetry. Thank you so much for posting.
Feb 15, 2008

Well written but pretty easy.It's nice to have an easy one once in a while.
Feb 15, 2008

Great teaser, loved it!!!
Feb 15, 2008

Lovely poem. Clever clues so shouldn't have looked at the Clue! It gave it away before I had a chance to think about it. Thanks!
Feb 15, 2008

I loved it! Thanks!
Feb 15, 2008

Vigo95 is correct. How can horseshoes be brothers? But I did get it.
Feb 15, 2008

Very clever, and really well written. Good work!
Feb 15, 2008

Very well written.
Feb 15, 2008

Well done...I was thinking of a more modern answer...TIRES ;) But HORSESHOES are dead on...great riddle

Feb 15, 2008

good one-- I thought horshoes when i got to the end, about ringing the post..
Feb 15, 2008

Very cute riddle, easy, but still well written and enjoyable. Thanks.
Feb 15, 2008

As soon as I read the hint, the answer was right there. Thanks for the great teaser. Loved it.

Feb 15, 2008

A good one. I got it immediatly after checking the clue.
Feb 15, 2008

Nice One!!!
Feb 15, 2008

Clever! I must be really dense, since I didn't even get it with the hint, but please MAKE MORE! Bravo!
Feb 15, 2008

I loved this one! I found it pretty easy, but still lots of fun.
And to people who say horse shoes can't be brothers, it is a figure of speech used by many riddle-writers.
Feb 16, 2008

very clever!!! i loved the poetic form!!!
Mar 26, 2008

I figured out it was horseshoes before I even clicked the hint
but I still don't get the part about they'll go lame if they don't ride together..
Jul 26, 2008

Very nice
Feb 15, 2011

To respond to those claiming that horseshoes are not brothers - you need to learn about metaphor. It is a common language tactic very often employed in riddles.
Feb 15, 2011

Easy teaser, but very cleverly written.
Feb 15, 2011

yay i got one right!
Feb 15, 2011

Very Clever. Love It.
Feb 19, 2011

easy, but nicely written.
Feb 15, 2014

I can't believe I finally got one of these. The "ringing the post" gave it to me. Easy one for a change.
Feb 15, 2014

The last 2 lines made it easy.
Feb 15, 2014

I wasn't sure where we it was going until the very end. i agree with cutebug, the last two lines gave it away. (assuming you've played or are familiar with the rules of horseshoes of course).
Feb 15, 2017

The hint gave it to me! What a neat little poem!

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