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Do They Each Have Their Own Man in Them?

Letter Equations are well known phrases or facts where the key words have been replaced with the first letter of that word. These are often in the form of an equation, which contain a number, an = sign and the rest of the obscured phrase or fact.


Puzzle ID:#24731
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:*** (2.24)
Submitted By:dutchymonster*en***!!!
Corrected By:verve640




63 = M of J


It makes earth's single M seem pathetic...

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Jul 21, 2005

Theres more than 28 moons
Jul 21, 2005

Jupiter has 28 moons. Their names are Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, Thebe, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Sinope, Leda, Himalia, Lysithea, Elara, Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae W1302, W1700, W1704, W1704_2, W1800, W1903_s, W1805, W1902, W1904, W2002_2, and W1700_2.
Jul 21, 2005

Good teaser Dutchy! Keep em coming!
Jul 21, 2005

U R very smart
Jul 22, 2005

It has changed!
the info I used was out of date!
It is now confirmed to have 63 moons

It is being corrected
Jul 22, 2005

i cant beleive u can name all of the moons it s okay that you messed up because i didnt know jupiter had more than 28 moons so thanks 4 the teaser it was
Jul 22, 2005

Good One! You should see how many moons Saturn has.
Aug 01, 2005

Nicely constructed teaser, always like the ones that teach you something
Aug 02, 2005

Thanks - but much of the credit should go to verve640 for correcting it

It was fraught with errors
Aug 24, 2005

I got that one after the hint...Very nice job!
Sep 09, 2005

I got it right away, but then again, I'm an astronomy buff!
Jan 15, 2006

I got it after I looked at the hint!! Great teaser!!
May 20, 2006

Cool! Though some are just moons of other moons, there are infact 63 (not 16 like someone tired to change it too.)
May 27, 2006

Dutchymonster is correct that so far there is 63 moons around Jupiter. Here they are:

Name Discovery Date

Io (JI) 1610
Europa (JII) 1610
Ganymede (JIII) 1610
Callisto (JIV) 1610
Metia (JXVI, S/1979 J3) 1979
Adrastea (JXV, S/1979 J1) 1979
Amalthea (JV) 1892
Thebe (JXIV, S/1979 J2) 1979
Themisto (JXVIII, S/1975 J1) 1975
Leda (JXIII) 1974
Himalia (JVI) 1904
Lysithea (JX) 1938
Elara (JVII) 1905
S/2000 J11 2000
Euporie (JXXXIV, S/2001 J10) 2001
Euanthe (JXXXIII, S/2001, J7) 2001
Harpalyke (JXXII, S/2000 J5) 2000
Praxidike (JXXVII, S/2000 J7) 2000
Orthosie (JXXXV, S/2001, J9) 2001
Iocaste (JXXIV, S/2000 J3) 2000
Ananke (JXII) 1951
Hermippe (JXXX, S/2001 J3) 2001
Thyone (JXXIX, S/2001 J2) 2001
Arche (JXLIII, S/2002 J1) 2002
Pasithee (JXXXVIII, S/2001 J6) 2001
Kale (JXXXVII, S/2001 J 2001
Chaldene (JXXI, S/2000 J10) 2000
Isonoe (JXXVI, S/2000 J6) 2000
Eurydome (JXXXII, S/2001 J4) 2001
Erinome (JXXV, S/2000 J4) 2000
Taygete (JXX, S/2000 J9) 2000
Carme (JXI) 1938
Kalyke (JXXIII, S/2000 J2) 2000
Aitne (JXXXI, S/2001 J11) 2001
Pasiphaë ¨JVIII) 1908
Megaclite (JXIX, S/2000 J 2000
Sponde (JXXXVI, S/2001 J5) 2001
Sinope (JIX) 1914
Callirrhoe (JXVII, S/1999 J1) 1999
Autonoe (JXXVIII, S/2001 J1) 2001
Eukelade (XLVII, S/2003 J1) 2003
Helike (XLV, S/2003 J6) 2003
Aoede (XLI, S/2003 J7) 2003
Hegemone (JXXXIX, S/2003 J 2003
Kallichore (XLIV, S/2003 J11) 2003
Cyllene (XLVIII, S/2003 J21) 2003
Karpo (XLVI, S/2003 J20) 2003
Mneme (JXL, S/2003 J21) 2003
Thelxinoe (XLII, S/2003 J22) 2003
S/2003 J2 2003
S/2003 J3 2003
S/2003 J4 2003
S/2003 J5 2003
S/2003 J9 2003
S/2003 J10 2003
S/2003 J12 2003
S/2003 J14 2003
S/2003 J15 2003
S/2003 J16 2003
S/2003 J17 2003
S/2003 J18 2003
S/2003 J19 2003
S/2003 J23 2003

Found on
May 30, 2006

Love the title!
Feb 10, 2007

This one was really "far-out" dutchy

I got it though I think your clever title helped, as usual!
Sep 26, 2008


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