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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#24869
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:** (1.56)
Submitted By:tjsmom2005****
Corrected By:tjsmom2005




I will keep you warm at night.
And I too will keep away the fright.
I will always be very near.
And will be with you to wipe away the tears.
I was with you from the very first day.
And until the last, I won't go away.
I will help bring the light in your eyes.
And always help to keep your decisions wise.
The world can be a dreadful place.
But I'll hold your hand, just in case.
Depend on me, I won't let you down.
It hurts me so to see you frown.
I am there while you sleep, and when you wake.
A friend like this is not a fake.
You will learn the name in which to call.
When you need a hand to catch your fall.
A love like this can not compare.
To every second that we share.
I was as close to you as one can physically get.
Closer than what you think I bet.
I'm always right there by your side.
And will be the one in which you can confide.
You'll see my title in many places.
You'll hear my name said by strange faces.
You'll see me on a Calendar and hear me referred to as nature.
You'll even hear me in a Bible, in school, or a movie - I'll wager.
But even heard in all these places I am ONLY YOURS forever.
And we will always be each others - No matter what endeavors.
I alone am not famous, but my title is said by all.
And until the day I'm gone will be at your beck and call.
Everybody needs one, at least to be around.
And most will know them by this one simple sound.
Do you know who or what I may be?
I'm sure you do if you think of me.


The Title is a hint. Read all the hints. It's pretty obvious. I'm sure you have one.

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Jul 26, 2005

that was a cute one!! kinda obvious
but they poem was very well written
congrats on your baby
Jul 26, 2005

Beautiful poetry! Made my favorites list. Congratulations on your newest addition!
Jul 26, 2005

Good teaser! Give TJ a another hug from froggy!

Jul 26, 2005

Thanks so much to all of you! I am just a really proud new mommy. You can tell on my profile and by this poem too. Thank you guys so much for the sweet comments, congrats, and compliments! It means a lot! Glad ya'll enjoyed it!
Jul 26, 2005

I can not find the right words to express how I enjoyed the poem. It is more than a teaser, it is like a beautiful piece of music played by a pianist. Very handsome!
P.S. Every new child is a token that God is not dissapointed of humanity. God bless the new offspring. Congratulations! quack - quack
Jul 26, 2005

I remember this one from reviewing, and i simply love it!!! It's very well written and it expreses so much more than an average teaser!!! VERY NICE JOB!!! oh, and congrats for you baby as well
Jul 26, 2005

Awsome poem...
Jul 26, 2005

Thanks so much to All! I am glad you all have enjoyed it. It's just words from my heart to my son - teaser style, well I guess more poem style, it's all true, in my case and should be for all moms as well. Thanks for the congrats and sweet comments!
Jul 28, 2005

That was an awesome riddle. You should make that into a poem.
Jul 28, 2005

That was an awesome riddle. You should make that into a poem.
Jul 28, 2005

That was an awesome riddle. You should make that into a poem.
Jul 29, 2005

I agree with Ujniko, you should make it into a poem.
Jul 29, 2005

Thanks Guys! I guess really it is a poem, it just has an extra question at the end to enable it to be accepted onto this site as a riddle/teaser. Thanks for the great comments! Glad ya'll enjoyed it!
Jul 31, 2005

Good Job...
Aug 01, 2005

That was truly wonderful!!!Unfornunately, not all mothers feel the same way. You should use that on a web page or something.Maybe it will get someone thinking. This is going in my Fav's.
Aug 01, 2005

Good job! This is a really nice and well written riddle (and poem)!
Aug 04, 2005

that was well written! i loved the way you had put that! a mom is always there and i'm glad you made a poem and riddle for a mom! good job!!
Sep 25, 2005

Easy but beautiful... I LOVE IT
Oct 13, 2005

nice and easy to guess, but the poem was real touching, you should store it somewhere so you can read it to tj when he is bigger, its too cute !
Oct 31, 2005

Nice poem.,but I didn'tget it......I thought it could also be an angel.....In fact, my answer was 'angel'. Oh, well...matbe next time.
Nov 20, 2005

this could almost make me cry! not really, but it was so beautiful! thankyou for making my day brighter.
Nov 29, 2005

Dec 11, 2005

WOW!!!!! I agree with everyone!! Favs
Jan 02, 2006

Easy, but beautifully written.
Jan 08, 2006

i thought it was god...
b/c all mothers arent good to their children and god loves everyone...
ne way- good teaser~
Apr 03, 2006

It wasn't difficult, but it was good. I was disappointed not to see a pic of TJ in your wiki though. You're going to have to rectify that situation when the opportunity arises.

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