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Thanksgiving Calamity

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27020
Fun:*** (3.09)
Difficulty:*** (3.01)
Submitted By:Splatt*cc****




It was an odd holiday, yessiree... The Sewtnof siblings planned a potluck Thanksgiving dinner at one of their houses, however, none could cook well. Each planned to make two items. Four of them had dramas causing them to be late. All in all, it was the start of a rough holiday and everyone was in a sour mood, but once they discovered what their meal would be, they giggled at life's irony and got over themselves.

Each ruined one of their recipes and successfully prepared one. Determine what the Sewtnofs finally ended up with for dinner, who made what, who ruined what, why each was late (or on time), and where each was in the age lineup.

Siblings: Johanna, Emily, Jacob, Ali, Rosie

Age range: Oldest, 24, 21, 19, 17

Recipes attempted: Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Buns, Gravy,
Stuffing, Green Salad, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, Apple Pie, Mashed Potatoes

Calamities: Overslept, Ran out of gas/petrol, Had to run to store for one last ingredient, Argument with boyfriend

1. Johanna did not burn her buns because she didn't bake any. She did bake a pie, however.
2. Jacob turned off the oven and left his bird half cooked at home, hoping to be not too late. His other item required no heat to prepare, thankfully.
3. You might think the Sewtnof parents would stop having kids once they had a boy, but no, they went on to have one more child.
4. Being the host doesn't automatically ensure timeliness; also, the gardener was a very early riser, allowing her plenty of time to ruin one item, & successfully prepare another on time.
5. Sad she burnt her buns, Emily's sister was extra careful to make sure her cranberry sauce turned out okay.
6. The sister who didn't make stuffing hosted the dinner, because she's the only one with a big enough table. Johanna, her younger sister, was not the host.
7. What a day for Ali's little sister! Not only did her stuffing take forever to come out right, but she had to run to the store at the last minute to ensure her pie had fruit in it!
8. Rosie, who was not the youngest, was not the family gardener who grew main ingredients for both of her food attempts.
9. When the first arrival showed with pumpkin pie, the host was still in the shower because she had overslept.
10. The middle child was late because her boyfriend argued that he didn't feel like driving.
11. Jacob did not stop at the store; Ali didn't attempt to cook green beans, but the person who did, also ruined her gravy.
12. The person who attempted cranberry sauce did not grow the cranberries.
13. The gardener grows root vegetables and squash, but not fruit.
14. Emily is older and younger than at least one other sibling, and Ali is not the middle child.
15. The one who overslept is older than Emily, and the teenagers' names both start with the same letter.
16. The five are the person whose gravy was too salty to bring, Emily who did not have any arguments, Jacob, the host, and the person whose stuffing was delicious.

Open Grid Solver


Jacob is the only male. Don't assume that one food grid is all ruined items. Potatoes are root vegetables and pumpkins are squash.

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Nov 18, 2005

That was fun!!
I got it after like 20 min.
All that food!
Nov 18, 2005

that was confusing
Nov 18, 2005

Clever, but not my favorite. Too wooooorrrrrdy!!!!! I eventually got it after wading through all the clues.
Nov 18, 2005

Good Job NOT too wordy!!!!
Nov 18, 2005

I'm known for my lack of brevity. I'm still new at this, so haven't gotten my clues down to an art. My only hope was to make it not too easy.
Nov 19, 2005

The difficulty rating had me a bit worried, but it wasn't that bad to sort out! Good one!
Nov 19, 2005

Glad you liked it. It's my first teaser.
Nov 19, 2005

That one was tough for me. It was no more wordy than most. That was a tough one for your first.....way to go!!!!
Nov 19, 2005

Great teaser. A bit wordy but every clue was necessary. So great job on the wording. The hint helped a bit. Although I was convinced that gardeners garden for green beans, until I remember that they grow on trees. Silly me.
Nov 24, 2005

That was kind of long. And confusing.
Nov 24, 2005

Sorry about the long part. But confusing - that was definitely what I wanted to do.
Nov 24, 2005

A little wordy, but definitely a challenge. Needed to understand why the gardener needed to be in the story and who exactly was the host.
(user deleted)
Nov 24, 2005

i don't have the attention span to read all...
Nov 25, 2005

Very good...the whole gardening thing really threw me.
Nov 25, 2005

Not too hard... I did have to use a paper on your light of love or language, but not on this one. One really must read all the clues first before eliminating choices on this.
Nov 26, 2005

too many clues
Nov 27, 2005

hard enough for me (but you could make it harder, I don't mind)!!! Congrats on your first teaser!
Dec 13, 2005

Splatt I loved your first teaser. Great job. I look forward to doing more of your logic grids.
Dec 14, 2005

thumbs up! more, more! motto, motto!
Dec 17, 2005

That was heaps o un, but pretty hard too...
but stil fun, i reccomend it to anyone looking for a challenge
Dec 31, 2005

Really enjoyed this, although I got it slightly wrong
Jan 17, 2006

Good job! Made one think.
Jan 30, 2006

Good and hard. WHEW!!!
Feb 01, 2006

I think I enjoyed the narrative (aspect) on this one more than any other I've tried at this site so far. I can also see though how it would cause a problem for those that like to get straight down to the problem-solving, or brag about how fast they are. Difficult, but fun to solve. Well done.
Apr 15, 2006

Thanks for the invite to try one of your puzzles. I really liked this one, but too many duplicate clues. I loved your use of clues like "Ali's little sister" and "her" to eliminate lots of other possibilities. Very Good job!
Jun 18, 2006

liked it very much. there were lots of clues and that's always great fun! Do more like this!!
Jun 28, 2006

OMG That was a doosie of a teaser. I loved it!!!!! That was a fabulous one. I love it when they are long and really make me think. Thanks for making it, and keep them coming. This will go on my favorites list.
Oct 23, 2007

Wow, that one took some thinking! I was a little thrown off at first by clue 4 with the gardener and host stuff, until I read through the rest of the clues. I like the fact that you use that to make it a bit more difficult! I agree that there are alot of redundant clues, but most excellent for your first teaser!
Dec 12, 2007

I want to second the great use of "host" and "gardener." I really enjoy logic-grids but it caught me off guard to suddenly not have a place on the grid to store that info. Made it more challenging!! Had to keep things in my mind. I loved it!
Apr 26, 2010

really enjoyed this puzzle; however, the gardener was misleading since they grow pumpkin which is technically a fruit. Overall though, very enjoyable!
Sep 05, 2011

Phew! I wrote this game in '05. I just did the grid now 6 years later and I had a tough time of it! I'm out of practice. Incidentally, those are the real names of my siblings and I, and those were our real ages in late '05.
Aug 01, 2013

nice! would've been easier if I hadn't been thrown off by the 3rd clue and now I'm kinda hungry..
Nov 03, 2013

Splatt, Good for you, checking back so many years later! It's nice to know that someone sees it when you thank or complement them Thank you for making this teaser, and it was really fun, and a tremendous effort for your first puzzle!
Oct 11, 2015

Excellent puzzle! very clever set up and delivery
Nov 19, 2015

nice on, just one remark: turning off the stove does not indicate, that it ran out of gas imho ;)

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