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Series teasers are where you try to complete the sequence of a series of letters, numbers or objects.


Puzzle ID:#28416
Fun:*** (2.85)
Difficulty:** (1.47)
Submitted By:jessjspieks*us****




What word is missing?
begin inch chapel elastic ==?== cellar arisen end


Last 2 letters

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Feb 02, 2006

Or induce, invoice, injustice, interface...
Feb 02, 2006

No, wizo, the letters are ic not in. Nice thought though
Feb 02, 2006

What about icicle or icy?
Feb 02, 2006

yeah, anything along those was the first one i thought of and the shortest, so i figured it could be any form of
Feb 03, 2006

WELL DONE, liked it a lot
Feb 03, 2006

My first thought was icicle, then, like the guy who stayed up all night wondering where the sun had gone to, it dawned on me!
Feb 03, 2006

actually, it couldn't be icicle because the next word starts with ce.....silly me
Feb 03, 2006

I liked this one alot! good one!
Feb 04, 2006

I thought that, even though it said "word", there were supposed to be two words in between because of the double sets of dashes, so I'm thinking icon & once. Then I read it over again & realized you were only asking for one word. Yes, ice was the first word that came to mind. Good one.
Feb 11, 2006

well done!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 11, 2006

Sorry for any confusion Pawz , should have clarified that a bit better. Sounds like you figured it out anyway with another answer though. Way to go!!
Feb 12, 2006

That was pretty neat and a cool refreshing end to puzzeling on Braingle today .. Good one!
Mar 13, 2006

I got it immediately!
Terrific teaser.
Jun 17, 2006

That was a clever one! Nice job!
Mar 07, 2009

I thought it was a word with five letters, the instructions weren't very clear!
Mar 07, 2009

Actually, in every word combination other than this one it was the last two letters of the word prior to given word 'x' at the beginning of the next word, thus the word must be ice, no other word has ic at its beginning and ce at its end to my knowledge.
Mar 07, 2009

I needed the hint, and though I got ice immediately, I thought there ahd to be more. yet I still can't think of any begins with "ic" nds with "ce" words... if ice is the only answer, then this is superbly done.
Mar 07, 2009

Very very easy!!!
Mar 07, 2009

Hate to rain on your parade, but according to your rules, the correct word would be icce, not ice -- I figured it was ice though.
Mar 07, 2009

@ crazy10man: I hate to rain on YOUR parade, but the teaser is correct.
elastIC iCE cellar - fits the pattern.

Very clever! I usually avoid language teasers because, well, I suck at them. But I enjoyed this one (though I didn't get it), and maybe I'll start trying out the language category more often.
Mar 07, 2009

Apologize for the double post, but I just realized this is in the Series category... which I also normally avoid for the reason mentioned above.
Mar 07, 2009

I found it very easy, but I thought I was wrong because ice only has 3 letters and there seemed to be 4 dashes plus the question mark. Since I couldn't come up with a word of 5 letters or more, I figured ice was correct. Slightly confusing, but a good one. Thank You.
Mar 07, 2009

I loved it!

Just enough thinking involved!

I'd like to see more along this line!
Mar 07, 2009

I had my face an inch away from the screen and I figured it out! YAY! YAY ME! HEHEHE!
Mar 07, 2009

The others used 2 letters from each word, so I gave up. I thought of ice, but that seemed too short. (I always make things too complicated!)
Mar 07, 2009

I thought we needed 2 words, so I came up with icicle and lettuce.
Mar 07, 2012

Very good teaser. I was skeptical about "ice" being the answer, because it shares the "c," but the last word, "end" would have to share the "n" if the pattern continued (though I can't think of any words that start with "nd")
Mar 07, 2012

hard but fun
Nov 23, 2016

how about "icefacename " the locals name for Whiteface Mt in upstate NY
Nov 23, 2016

sorry for typo it's iceface
Nov 25, 2016

I enjoyed this puzzle again this time, too. Fun and just enough challenge! Thanks for posting!

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