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Big Bill's Balloon Barn

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Puzzle ID:#28923
Fun:*** (2.57)
Difficulty:*** (2.85)
Submitted By:PineappleMamaAus**!!!




Bill, of Big Bill's Balloon Barn, is having a bad week. Not only did a multi-symptom flu bug blow through the office, but a computer bug as well. Here it is Friday morning, and he's having to make out the payroll without the use of his computer. This, of course, is harder since all five of his employees missed some work this week. Can you use the clues to figure out each employee's name, symptom, what day they left early, when they left, and then their total hours for the week?

Names: Jerry Jones, Vanessa Williams, Jessica James, Robert Marley, Jenny Number
Symptoms: Earache, Dizziness, Headache, Sneezing, Nausea
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Times Left: 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm
Hours: 13, 14, 35, 36, 39

Useful Information:
Full Time = 40 hrs/wk, Part Time=16hrs/wk.

1) The five employees are: "Sneezy", Bob, the woman who had 39 hours, the man who earned $210.00, and the employee who goes by J.J.

2) The two part time employees are students at the local college. One has classes on Tuesday and Thursday; the other has classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bill likes seeing his employee's educating themselves, so he pays all his employees the same $6.00 per hour whether they are full time or part time.

3) Jessica's glad that no one at work knows about the annoying Cher song her mom named her after. That would have made her headache much worse! "Just further proof that Mondays are evil."

4) Vanessa doesn't think she's as cute as the beauty queen who shares her name, but she could only handle being called a dwarf until 1pm. Of course, when the others finally caught the bug, they didn't think their symptoms were funny either.

5) Jessica and Robert both spend Wednesday morning studying in the library. Vanessa left early 3 days before Jessica had to.

6) Marley got nauseous, so he didn't last as long as Jenny, but he did manage to hold out one hour longer than his study buddy.

7) Thursday's dizzy victim, who left at noon, thinks his name is ironic, since he never liked Troy Aikman, or his team.

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Bill is making out checks on Friday MORNING...which means that the PAYROLL week runs Friday through Thursday...not Monday through Friday.

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Mar 05, 2006

very good! fantastic!
Mar 05, 2006

I didnt read the whole thing! but, it is probably good, so good job
Mar 05, 2006

Congratulations on your first teaser!
I don't really do this kind.
Mar 05, 2006

I thought this one was good. I did think there were a lot of assumptions though. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just what I thought. I did like how you had to think a lot and use math to figure out all the hours. Please keep em coming. This is a different type of teaser, and it was good!
Mar 05, 2006

that was fun...I felt like I had to guess a lot also
Mar 05, 2006

Too hard for this kid. Maybe I'll do better next time.
Mar 06, 2006

Well, I tried to make it tricky. I get so frustrated when a puzzle stumps me...then I spend twice as much time trying to figure out where I went wrong. When I worked through this one I found it easier to start at the bottom of the clues, and then once I got to the top go back down and double check everything. But then again that's my usual M.O. for logic puzzles. Thanks for the 's
Mar 06, 2006

I guess Bill believes in education, but not in paying enough for people to live on.

I could never work for him. $6 an hour? How would I pay rent, get heat, and also feed myself?
Mar 06, 2006

You know in the original copy of this I have the comment: "For the realists, I know $6 is pathetic, even if you are working full time." I just KNEW someone was going to comment on that! Splatt I never pegged you as a realist...I hate when my illusions get shattered. but thanks for giving it a shot!
Mar 08, 2006

You didn't peg me as a realist? Huh, surprise surprise! ;)

Either way, it was fun! I await your future LGs.
Mar 08, 2006

Thanks Splatt...I have another LG in the works...
Mar 09, 2006

The fact that Jessica was on monday, and then it says Vanessa left 3 days sooner makes it really confusing. The way you wrote it, it sounds like it is only one week we're looking at. If that were the case than Jessica could not have left on Monday. Very confusing. It was fun with the math & all. This was a great teaser because it was more than just x's and o's. It was so frustrating to find out I got it wrong because of those two clues!! . O well, maybe I'll do it again (now that I know it's not only one week) so that I can feel better about myself! This was great for your first try!!
Mar 09, 2006

Good on Ya...
Mar 14, 2006

Waaaaaaay too many assumptions.
Mar 16, 2006

Another good teaser. Hard but enjoyable.
Mar 25, 2006

i ejoyed it alot...the only confuzing thing was when she left "3 days early" i wasent sure if i should count the weekend....
Mar 27, 2006

this one was not that hard really. most people who get paid on friday realize that the work week is friday through thuresday. (even though i didn't think of that at first) i made no assumptions. very fun though with math needed "off the grid"
Apr 11, 2006

THANK YOU! I tried to make it a bit tricky, but I didn't think it was impossible.
Apr 13, 2006

i loved it, but i didn't get the part about the dwarf.
Apr 14, 2006

Ahh, that would be sneezy!
Apr 28, 2006

I love these! Good job! I would probably leave out too much info if I tried to do one of these! I DID need the hint though...but once I had that, I got it! WOOT!
Jul 16, 2006

Great fun! I got it all except what differentiates between Robert & Jenny, Tuesday & Wednesday?

I saw where Robert studies Wed morning, but that wouldn't stop him working, and leaving early, Wed afternoon.

Other than that, great teaser!
Jul 25, 2006

I liked the math and the way you worded some of the clues, but i get paid on friday for the previous week so that threw me off. Also, counting the weekend threw me off...

It was fun and difficult, but made too many assumptions.

Keep them coming!!
(user deleted)
Jan 10, 2007

I eventually got it, but someone explain how Jenny was able to get it 39 hours by working less than 4 days? Is she on a 4-10 schedule and starting early so that her day still ends at 5pm? I guess this must be another "assumption".

Normally one would assume Fri-8hrs, Mon-8hrs, Tues-8hrs, Wed 8hrs, and THURS-7HRS, which would conflict with Jerry's day to leave. But whatever.

Otherwise, I enjoyed incorporating the math.
Jan 10, 2007

Jenny is a full time employee [40 hours - 8hrs x 5 days] who left early on Wednesday... by one hour... so subtract 1 hour from her normal 40/wk and you get 39. I'm not sure how her leaving on Wed. could effect Jerry leaving on Thursday though?

Thanks for giving my teaser a go, this is the most difficult LG I made, so if you'ld like to try an easier one try the cat park one.
Aug 20, 2007

GREAT puzzle, and definitely solveable!! I too solved it without making any assumptions -- but it did take me two tries. More like this please!
May 07, 2013

i don't understand how to tell between jessica and robert who worked 13 hours and who worked 14 hours
May 07, 2013

6) Marley got nauseous, so he didn't last as long as Jenny, but he did manage to hold out one hour longer than his study buddy.

Marley, as in Bob Marley?, managed to hold out one hour longer than his study buddy... which IDs him as one of the Part Timers taking College Classes... and IDs the other one, the study buddy, as being 1 hour less than him. If that helps at all?
Jul 15, 2013

I also had trouble with the days, I very rarely critique, but if you changed a couple of words, you could have made this teaser much more sensible to fit a Mon. - Fri. work week. (most employers pay on a 1 week delay, like if you were hired on a Tuesday, finished that week and worked the next 5 day week, THAT Friday you would be paid for 4 days of work.)
So, given this, just changing "Mondays are evil" to "Thursdays are evil," and " Thursday's dizziness" to "Tuesday's dizziness" Would have all other clues and conclusions make sense:

Mon.- Vanessa (three days before Jessica, "but when EVERYBODY ELSE got sick..."); Tues.- Jerry (process of elimination); Wed.- Robert (if Jessica was Thurs.,(see above), her school was Mon., Wed., and Fri., making Robert's school days Tues. and Thurs. This would make his short day Wed. or Fri.; Thurs.-Jessica (three days after Vanessa); Fri.-Jenny, 39hrs., suggesting Mon.-Fri. and leaving 1 hr. early on the last day of the week. This eliminates Fri. as a possibility for Robert. All other answers remain the same without conflict (as far as I can remember). BTW, Thanks for your work!
Sep 18, 2013

Thanks for taking the challenge and for your comment. I totally understand your concern, however with any puzzle assumptions can bite you in the bum, so I will leave it as is.

However, should the Eds decide to alter it to fit the system you work with I won't complain.
Mar 03, 2014

Well that kept me absorbed, I had to Google Troy Aikman to find out who he was, then read up on Dallas Cowboys to understand the connection to this puzzle. I would suggest that you bear in mind it is the WORLD Wide Web before making obscure references to a uniquely US sport, but I do these for the challenge, it was certainly that!
May 09, 2014

Yup, unfortunately we Americans do tend to lean towards tunnel vision. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy the puzzle though, and thanks so much for commenting.

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