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Predator and Prey Scramble

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#31734
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:** (1.71)
Submitted By:skittledewzoo*us****




Unscramble the words below and follow the instructions in parentheses.

1. REDE (Take the 3rd letter)

2. SAVEREB (Take the 4th letter)

3. HERSWS (Take the 5th letter)

4. OSINB (Take the 4th letter)

5. SOMEO (Take the 4th letter)

6. LETANPOE (Take the 5th letter)

Now unscramble the letters you got to find your answer.


Read the title!

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Jul 12, 2006

Your first teaser? It was fun, not too hard.
Jul 12, 2006

Gebbie - Yep, first teaser. I'm glad you liked it.
Jul 12, 2006

Nov 22, 2006

Well done I loved it
A bit easy for my taste but i still liked it
Nov 22, 2006

Not a bad little teaser, fun to work out and to solve. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Nov 22, 2006

Rather easy but I liked the concept.
Nov 22, 2006

The topic gave it away. I liked it.
Nov 22, 2006

Nov 22, 2006

Nice themed scramble. Rather on the easy side, but still fun.
Nov 22, 2006

Didn't have time today to unscramble and put letters together. Should have waited until later. I did figure out the first word, then quit. Sorry.
Nov 22, 2006

Silly me I came up with vowels...what the heck was I thinking??????But it did work!!! Nice one
Nov 22, 2006

Good one. I kept getting "bereaves" instead of beavers, until I saw I was adding an extra E. Next time I'll use pen & paper!
Nov 22, 2006

Nice job. I enjoy word mujbles (that's "jumbles" jumbled).
Nov 22, 2006

I got the words but forgot the topic. So I came up with "vowels" for my answer. I make the simplest teasers into rocket science.
Nov 22, 2006

Nice one. Easy if you looked at the title (I did w/o the hint).
Nov 22, 2006

alrighty finally one that was a brain wakerupper...good job...
Nov 22, 2006

Hungry like the wolf! Good job!
Nov 22, 2006

Easy but great fun! Just the way I like 'em! Language teasers are my favorite. Keep up the good work!
Nov 22, 2006

That was fun. Thanks!
Nov 22, 2006

They will also eat your cat
Nov 22, 2006

Easy but definitely fun for someone who just woke up!
Nov 22, 2006

Fun! Loved it. It all tied together so nicely.

Nov 22, 2006

i feel sorry for the poor wolf who has to survive on shrews ...btw, if you like wolves, you'll like the book "The Loop", written by the same guy who brought you "The Horse Whisperer"
Nov 22, 2006

Nice job. I also came up with vowels, but then remembered the title and all the rest were animals so figured it had to be wolves. Thnks for subitting.
Nov 22, 2006

LOL I came up with vowels too!

Good one!
Nov 22, 2006

Lots of fun! Easy with pencil and paper, but still required enough thinking to work it out. That's the way I like'em!
Nov 22, 2006

Fantastic teaser! Easy enough, yet divided enough to get an individuals mind working. WTG Keep creating them!
Nov 22, 2006

I really like that one! I'm kinda braindead (it's break, what do you expect!0 so it took me a while, but the idea was really clever!
Nov 23, 2006

i liked it, also the whole theme thing was very good, one on the best scrambles i have seen, good job
Nov 23, 2006

It was ok. It didn't tell the directions very well.
Nov 26, 2006

I liked it; good word scramble; keep creating more; you will become greater at it!
Nov 27, 2006

I am the wolf and your puzzle is the prey, yummy!!
Dec 21, 2006

The wolves were hiding too well for me, and I was stuck wondering what VOWELS have to do with predator and prey...

Oct 26, 2009

Feste is right, they will eat a cat if they can find one. They also eat foxes, livestock, birds and bear cubs. Not to mention that the ones that live in the Far North will grab a seal if it finds one. Great Job!
Nov 22, 2009

Antelope scrambled can be Talenpoe (Talanpoe is the real name) who is a user
Nov 22, 2009

This teaser was a HOWL.
Nov 22, 2009

Wolves...OK, that makes more sense than
Nov 22, 2009

Pretty easy, but fun! I liked it a lot.
Nov 22, 2009

I sat there looking at "vowels" too. Great teaser!
Nov 22, 2009

vowels can also be another answer, thats what i got
Nov 22, 2009

NICE 1!!!
Nov 22, 2009

A good teaser. I was going to complain that you mixed singular and plural, but then I realized they are all plural.
Nov 22, 2009

Hey, how do you get points? I am really wondering.... only have 26 and I want 250! Hahaz. But how do you? Anyone may tell me. I have been looking forward for posting my own teasers, and then today my account was six days old, and I try to make a teaser, but it says you only have 26 points, and you need 250.! I am so bummed!): Sorry I had to come to you. Your teaser was the first teaser I saw, and I don't have any friends that I can message this, and noyone will answer on my post! Thanks.
Nov 22, 2009

animallover, click the FAQ button at the VERY bottom, choose the points and awards FAQ button, and look at the second question
Nov 22, 2009

Nice one, I enjoyed working on this one.
Nov 22, 2009

How do you submit a teaser?
Nov 22, 2009

Oh, now I know how to. Thanks.
Nov 22, 2009

Hey, do you have to be a MEMBER, to submit a brain teaser? Like, I have any account, but do I have to have a membership to submit a teaser?
Nov 22, 2009

No you don't need to be a member..
Nov 22, 2009

garagph and auntiesis, thank you for helping me out.
Hey, how do you tell the moderatprs that something is wrong witha post?
Nov 23, 2009

WHAT??? All these animals were killed by VOWELS? Makes "Wheel of Fortune" seem a little more dangerous.
Nov 23, 2009

Dsjt, there were killled by Wolves. What did you guess? Vowels? I guessed right. It seems that I was practically the only one who did. Haha
Nov 22, 2012

I got them all even though I struggled with shrews. I did not know that was an animal, but was the only word I could get from the scramble. My son finally informed me it was an animal Good teaser!
Nov 22, 2012

I got all the scrambled words right, but my answer was "vowels" - crazy for someone with the name of Wolf!
I'm still laughing at myself!
Have a wonderful day!
Nov 22, 2012

Easy and enjoyable. HAPPY ERUYKT everybody.
Nov 22, 2015

FUN!! Easy too and I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet!
Nov 22, 2015

kinda easy

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