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Mixed Doubles

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#41740
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:** (1.81)
Submitted By:SSVillalobos*****




The answers to the following definitions all start with the prefix "para". It might take a bit of lateral thinking to figure them out! For example, the definition: "Two places where a building is being constructed" would have the answer "Parasites".

1. Two tender green plant growths
2. Two 10-cent pieces
3. Two male bovines
4. Two shark appendages
5. Two untruths
6. Two furry family members
7. Two dorky guys from "New Joisey"


Actual definitions for the answers:
1. Canopies for slowing a fall from an aircraft
2. Models that form a basis of something
3. Morals or religious stories
4. Fuel oils
5. To deprive somebody of voluntary movement
6. Low protective walls
7. Distrustful or obsessively anxious patients


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Apr 29, 2008

Great teaser! I got some of them right... anyway, I liked it! Good job!
Apr 30, 2008

Very Punny! Good job!
May 01, 2008

Great teaser! Cute plays on words!
Feb 20, 2009

Got 'em all but the last which I do not understand.
Feb 20, 2009

Great puzzle! Do more!
Feb 20, 2009

Well done...!!...and thx 4 the "noids"
Feb 20, 2009

SS great fun. feste a nerd "dorky guy" from New "Joisey" is a Noid
Feb 20, 2009

Got them all. Loved the bonus.
Feb 20, 2009

Loved them all.I am ashamed to admit the first one was a real tough one for me.I thought parabud parachute just escaped me. Lot of fun though
Feb 20, 2009

Great teaser. Got all of them except for the bonus question.
Feb 20, 2009

Very fun and very clever! Would love to see more!
Feb 20, 2009

Its all in the accent Feste LOL

Loved this one even tho I didnt get the last one, thx 4 the fun
Feb 20, 2009

WOW something pleased Doehead at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20, 2009

awesome!! Love the paranoids! Very clever. didn't get it, but very nice. Missed parapets too. DOH!!!

Feb 20, 2009

loved loved loved
goin in my favs!
clever ! fun!
I got all but 7! lol cute! get it now!
Parapets- fun I got it but took me the longest!
I like that you gave the and the actual definitions in the hints to give people a second chance!
More please!
Feb 20, 2009

your instructions were very helpful too1
the fact that you mentioned Lateral Thinking is what made me understand and then figured out #1 and there... you go!!!

Well constructed
Feb 20, 2009

I just loved this one, lobo. It was fun and fairly easy. Paranoid gave me the most trouble. I didn't need the hint til the last one. More , please. Thank you.
Feb 20, 2009

Excellent Teaser. Well thought up, I didn't even think of the lateral connection of words. Silly me. Good job. That I have examined the first clue, for the second time, I can see the answers, clearly. This was learned.
Feb 20, 2009

By the way, I did not even get one correct.
Feb 20, 2009

I was doing great until I got to the last two. Very nice teaser. I thought the clue was very nicely done as well. thanks!!
Feb 20, 2009

Nice one, took me a while, and I didn't get them all but enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for posting.
Feb 20, 2009

Yeah, real nice teaser. I though paradise would be one of the answers, though.
Feb 21, 2009

That was fun! I got almost all of them. Give us more!
Aug 28, 2009

Made me laugh! Got them all but the last one as I was stuck on 'joiks'.
Feb 20, 2012

Great one! Loved it. I got them all but # 2. Fun and clever!
Feb 20, 2012

I really liked this one, lots of fun to figure out, easy but not too easy. I missed the bonus question - I kept thinking "what is paranerd", actually laughed out loud when I read the answer.( "DUH *slaps head*)
Feb 20, 2012

Nice teaser. Got them all,needed that accent shot for the bonus.
Feb 20, 2012

Needed the hint only for parapets!! Good wake-up exercise for the brain
Feb 20, 2012

I only missed 'noids'. Fun.
Feb 20, 2012

Loved tham all, but the last one is my fave.
Feb 20, 2012

thank you for that! somehow, it seemed especially right for a Monday workout-fun!
Feb 20, 2012

Got the first five, great teaser!
Feb 20, 2015

I did not notice I had done this one 3 years ago, but did it again and still liked it, but this time I missed two. Last time I only missed one. That is strange. Oh well, fun again. Thanks!
Feb 20, 2015

Missed the last two.
Feb 20, 2015

Still enjoyed it the second time
Feb 20, 2015

simple, but fun!
Feb 20, 2015

Feb 21, 2015

Got 1 - 5 then gave up, FUN!

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