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Jazz Band Solos

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#49444
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:** (1.83)
Submitted By:RhythmicAus***!!!




Evan, Lucy, Maria, Steve, and Will all played together in a local jazz band. At their last concert, they each had a solo. Match the musicians with their last name, instrument, and order they played.

First names: Evan, Lucy, Maria, Steve, Will
Last names: Earl, Lewis, Masters, Sacks, Wilson
Instruments: Alto Sax, Piano, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet

1) Maria's solo was unique. She sang as she played.

2) Steve's last name sounded like the instrument he played.

3) Mr. Wilson played his solo before the tenor sax player.

4) Will played his trumpet during the fifth solo.

5) Ms Earl, who didn't play trombone, played her solo before Steve but after Ms Lewis.

6) The alto sax was featured in the first solo.

7) Lucy played a brass instrument.

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Lucy and Maria are women.
Evan, Steve, and Will are men.

Trombones and trumpets are brass instruments.

Sacks sounds like sax.


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May 13, 2012

May 17, 2012

A little too hard for me...
May 27, 2012

I didn't catch there were two different kinds of saxophones.
Jun 02, 2012

Ugh, why do people feel the need to post "first" on all the new teasers. It drives me crazy.

Good logic-grid, though. Like the creativity.
Jun 04, 2012

this one took me some time to figure out but i got it and i did not need the hint. it was still hard though, but that's what makes it fun. imagine a world with no challenges. A world with no challenges = BORING! I liked it. good job. ;)
Nov 04, 2012

Thanks again for the clever puzzles, I don't rate them as "hard" because for me, that entails having to figure more than one scenario in order to rule something out. I prefer this kind, challenging and very clever ( for instance, clue 1 rules out all but the piano) but not so hard it becomes work, which takes some of the fun out for me. Please keep them coming! Very enjoyable and much appreciated!
Nov 09, 2012

This was a very enjoyable logic grid, I really liked the way the clues and how some were obvious but others made you think...great teaser, keep them coming!
Jan 26, 2014

#7 was unnecessary for me
Sep 27, 2015

A good one, but I thought clue 7 was a bit sneaky, not being a musician, saxophones are actually "woodwind" instruments, even though they are made of brass ... according to Wikipedia anyway.
Sep 29, 2015

Good one, creative

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