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Chess Tournament

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#5023
Fun:*** (2.55)
Difficulty:*** (2.77)
Submitted By:Beelzebub**




During the final round of a chess tournament, the eventual top 4 finishers in the tournament played their final game against 4 different opponents. The tournament boards were numbered from 1 to 50 to facilitate location and identification of games. Each of the top 4 finishers played a different opening in this last game. Use the clues below to determine the first and last names of the first through fourth place winners of the tournament, the chess opening each used in his last game, and the number of the chess board on which he played his final game.

1. Mr. Hart played the King's Indian Defence.

2. Steve placed ahead of the one who used the Ruy Lopez opening.

3. The top 4 players were Larry, Mr. Korn, the contestant who opened with Queen's Gambit, and a player who played on an even-numbered board.

4. Mr. Rose finished exactly 2 places ahead of the player on board 31.

5. The number of the 3rd place winner's board is at least 10 higher or at least 10 lower than that of Mr. Baird.

6. The number of the board of the contestant who placed immediately after Bert is exactly 15 higher than the number of the board played by the one who placed immediately before Tom.

7. The lowest board number of the top 4 finishers was exactly half the number of the board played by the one who placed immediately after the one who played the Giuoco Piano opening.

8. The highest board number was exactly 8 higher than the board number of the man who finished exactly two places after Bert.


All other information (First name, Surname, Moves, Positions) are given in the puzzle, apart from the board numbers. The key to this puzzle is figuring them out, and then everything falls into place. Try different combinations, there is only one that works.

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