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How many Apples Did Appear

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#541
Fun:*** (2.51)
Difficulty:*** (2.16)
Submitted By:Squidgy***




Little Alice, dreaming one night,
Dreamt apples floating into sight.
She dreamt of apples, often my dear.
How many apples did appear?


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(user deleted)
Jun 23, 2003

i was thinking none APPEARED beacause she dremt them phloating OUT OPH SIGHT
Dec 22, 2003

I thought 3 because the word 'apples' appeared three times in the riddle.
(user deleted)
Dec 26, 2003

Good one I would have never thought often would be split up.
(user deleted)
Dec 26, 2003

Lewis Carroll must be turning in his grave! The original riddle that has been horribly mangled here is: "Dreaming of apples on a wall, / And dreaming often, dear / I dreamed that, if I counted all, / How many would appear?"
Sep 06, 2005

hehe, very cute, never would have picked it.
i had three as well, because apples appears three times
Dec 30, 2005

i guessed none, because she only dreamt about apples. that doesn't neccessarily mean they'd be real.
Mar 15, 2006

I don't think this is a true riddle, at least in my opinion it's not, there's no true intellectual basis for the answer.....I think it belongs in Trick.

Good teaser though.
Mar 17, 2006

i thought that it was going to be three because 3 apple in the riddle.
Mar 22, 2006

yup three, that's the better and easier answer. o well it was a riddle i think kind of a riddle with a trick
Jun 02, 2006

ya, that's what I thought too
Oct 17, 2006

Woo! i got it good teaser
Jun 09, 2017

Seriously? Did no one know it was ten??

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