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Einstein's Riddle

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#602
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:*** (3.04)
Submitted By:link2440**
Corrected By:MarcM1098




Einstein's Riddle:
Einstein wrote the following riddle. He said that 98% of the world could not solve it. But several NIEHS scientists were able to solve it, and they said it's not all that hard if you pay attention and are very patient. Give it a try:

There are 5 houses in 5 different colors in a row. In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The 5 owners drink a certain type of beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar, and keep a certain pet. No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage. Other facts:
1. The Brit lives in the red house.
2. The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
3. The Dane drinks tea.
4. The green house is on the immediate left of the white house.
5. The green house's owner drinks coffee.
6. The owner who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The owner living in the center house drinks milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The owner who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats.
11. The owner who keeps the horse lives next to the one who smokes Dunhill.
12. The owner who smokes Bluemasters drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house.
15. The owner who smokes Blends lives next to the one who drinks water.

The question is: WHO OWNS THE FISH?


Just take your time. This one should take you some time and is probably one of the harder riddles you see.

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(user deleted)
Aug 02, 2001

I just completed Einsteins Riddle in about 20 minutes. Easy if you know how to do these sorts of logic puzzles.
Oct 21, 2001

It was one of those fun "elimination puzzles". Took me a couple hours, but I went after ALL of the information (found all houses, colors, animals, cigars, and drinks). A good submission, bravo!
Oct 23, 2001

It's extremely difficult when dealing with a two year old and a six month old at the same time while trying to solve this "Brain Teaser"
Dec 06, 2001

Completed it and loved it! Thanks for submitting the riddle.
Jan 27, 2002

Cool Man!!!!
Sabrina Thompson
Feb 01, 2002

Being a genius that was extremely easy!!!
Feb 09, 2002

Took about a half hour.. great puzzle, I got it
Feb 10, 2002

The interesting thing about this puzzle is how it can envoke a level of emotional tension as you get closer to the answer but then find it still has twists. It begins to physically affect you.
Feb 13, 2002

I got it but it was fun
Feb 13, 2002

It's been a while since I've done a logic puzzle and really enjoyed the challenge. When I got the "one" clue that lead to everything else I was ecstatic!
Feb 17, 2002

This was one of the toughest brain teasers i have encountered. It took me 16 mins to complete it.
(user deleted)
Feb 21, 2002

I really loved this one. These types of logic puzzles have always been my favorites. I've found that the easiest way to solve them is to set up a chart to keep track of the information you have. That way, nothing gets "lost" in the transition.
Feb 22, 2002

I just finished the puzzle...It was really easy if you know how to work it!
Feb 22, 2002

That wuz VERY HARD but i could figure it out
Feb 27, 2002

i figured that out so easily. my school had the grade 8s do it. and me and like 5 other people figured it out.

Mar 01, 2002

YAHH.. im part of the 2% of people who figured it out...YAH

Cold As Ice
Mar 08, 2002

that was heavy
Mar 11, 2002

Are you supposed to do this mentally? I did it in a couple of minutes just writing it down
Mar 14, 2002

After taking in the given information and using my superior CIA intellect, I was able to arrive at the correct answer in 37 seconds . . . by taking a wild stab in the dark and exclaiming, "IT was the German dude!" hahaha
Cool riddle!
Mar 17, 2002

Bloody well hard!
Mar 19, 2002

Very good!
Solved it with maths...
Mar 22, 2002

I thought one of Einstein's riddles would be harder than that! Excellent submission though!
Mar 26, 2002

Mar 27, 2002

5 minutes
Mar 28, 2002 that tune.
Mar 30, 2002

Took me about an hour to get all the info. That had to have been one of the more fun puzzles I've ever done, it rules)
Apr 12, 2002

It toke me about 1 hour! I was really frastrated!
Apr 13, 2002

Got this right away... Einstein must have an idiot.
Apr 13, 2002

cool, did it in about 20 minutes, nice
Apr 15, 2002

Hmm is it just me or are many of you extremely self-centered?
Apr 16, 2002

can't get it so hard
(user deleted)
Apr 18, 2002

nice riddle....i finished it...quite surprised, but for the big heads out there...intelligence shows it's face in many forms and where you exert yourself is where you shall be wise....i bet those who are awesome at logic problems spend no time figuring how their car works thus making them quite the "idiot" when they visit their local mechanic
Apr 21, 2002

Loved it!
Apr 28, 2002

This is one of my favorites. The easiest way to figure this out is making a chart.
Apr 29, 2002

Hey you guys!!! I did it!!! It took me 50 minutes but I solved it!!! yey!!!
May 10, 2002

This was fun! And now I am one of those 2% that are able to solve the riddle! I feel smart...
Thanks for submitting this phenomenal riddle, and please submit more!
May 10, 2002

hey that was good fun! took about 5 minutes, but definitely some good mental exercise
May 11, 2002

very long and boring by the time you finish reading it you are to tired to even bother to solve it.sort it out
May 12, 2002

This is a standard logic problem format and easy but a bit time consuming. Not really a riddle at all.
May 13, 2002

Good but fairly standard logic problem - I took about a half hour. I guess the techniques available now for this kind of 'puzzle' weren't generally known when Einstein made his assessment of it's difficulty. I know absolutely that I am not in the top two percent of humanity!
May 19, 2002

I love puzzles such as this. I did however figure it out like many others, although i am willing to bet several of you how "figured it out" just guessed or lied when saying that. I took me around 25 or 30 minutes, but it was quite difficult. I am very impressed and please, submit more!
May 19, 2002

Einstein was a smart man, he once said, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax"
May 22, 2002

oh my god.u guys are sooooooo big-headed if u really r geniuses y r u wasting ur time on the internet????
any way i am pleased 2 say th@ i gave up in about a minute coz i couldn't be arsed 2 write anything down.
May 23, 2002

I didnt get it
May 25, 2002

German, Green house, Prince Cigars, his Fish
my mom loves these dang things, took about 7 minutes, good one
Jun 04, 2002

Hi guy's nice work u all finishing it. Took me a while but I did finish it in about 30 min. NB 2% of all the human race is about 120 million so don´t be to suprised if a few more comments start rolling in
Jun 06, 2002

Yeah, it also took me about 20 mins, writing it down too. Too true, the clues are all there. Good fun!
Jun 07, 2002

It is really easy if you know how to solve it, I finish this riddle for 1 hour, The methode I Used is Matrix 5 x 5
it is really fun
Jun 07, 2002

I agree with Gill - it's easy if you know how to go about solving it!
Jun 13, 2002

i dont care what every body said in the above colum or below me but this was very hard.the man said 98% could solve not guess.
Jun 28, 2002

Wow, it's so great when you discover the clue that leads to all the other ones. But I don't think I'm in the top two percent of humanity.
(user deleted)
Jul 04, 2002

Einstein was joking when he said 98% could not sole the riddle. 100% would fail if they were not given the riddle.
Jul 07, 2002

I went onto the NIEHS website and solved it easily.
I was gonna submitt it but you saved me a job thanks :p
Jul 24, 2002

took me all of 15 minutes to do first oneof these things i have done
Jul 26, 2002

FYI : isaw this one on another site that says apparently Einstin said that 98% of people in the world can't figure this one out. I guess I'm part of the other 2% since i figured it out in five minutes!
Jul 26, 2002

i got it in 3 min. and 17 sec.
Jul 28, 2002

I'm part of the 2% that got it!
(user deleted)
Jul 29, 2002

How long exactly did it take you to get this dumb riddle that would literally take me hours to solve?
Jul 30, 2002

that was one of the hardest riddles i have ever seen. it took me 45 minutes to complete it. guess i'm not a logical person
Aug 05, 2002

Wow by the end of this logic puzzle. My head was to warn out to actually remeber when i started. Somewhere from 40-60 minutes. But none the less this one was worth the strain!:-)
Aug 08, 2002

Took me about ten minutes and my method involved the use of scissors.
I think Einstein thought it was more difficult than it is.
Aug 15, 2002

this teaser is very easy it just takes a few minutes
Aug 20, 2002

took me about 45 mins but was real fun.
Aug 21, 2002

This was a good teaser, but it was impossible not to get. The best teasers don't allow process of elimination. This one, you couldn't be that proud of getting.
Aug 22, 2002

A friend's teacher had given this to all the kids in the class. I had dropped out of school, but always loved this kind of thing. I remember solving it, but never knew the true answer. I tried it all over again this time, and did it in an hour. Made me happy to know I'm not a complete idiot, even having dropped out of high school after two freshman years. Took me an hour... I'm happy I got it at all!
Sep 17, 2002

That teaser actually made me think! A
Although it was rather easy, it was fun.
Sep 22, 2002

Very nice. Took a bit of notes to do this but I got it finally.
(user deleted)
Oct 05, 2002

The easiest way of solving this is to draw a grid. It's a teaser by a brilliant guy and one we should have more of-entertaining AND quizzical.
Oct 18, 2002

i did this before with some of my work mates. i found the teaser on the internet age's ago!!!!!!!!
Oct 20, 2002

The riddle wasn't as hard as einstein said it was. If you keep on guessing and checking you'll eventually find the answer. I got the answer in about 20 minutes by using a diagram.
Nov 08, 2002

Took me about 30 minutes to get it, but very good one.
Nov 08, 2002

Set a chart up and solved it rather
quickly. It feels great to be a part of
the 2%. These help keep the mind sharp.
Great teaser
(user deleted)
Nov 24, 2002


I figured out that the DANE owns the FISH.

There is a circular road with 5 properties like a pie chart.

The road goes along the outside of the circle of properties.

The first house is Yellow, with a Norwegian who drinks Water,
smokes Dunhill and owns Cats.

The second house is Blue, with a Dane who drinks Tea, smokes Blends and owns a Fish.

The centre house is Red, with a Brit who drinks Milk, smokes Pall Mall and owns Birds.

The fourth house is White, with a Swede who drinks Beer,
smokes Bluemasters and owns Dogs.

The last house is Green, with a German that drinks Coffee,
smokes Prince and owns a Horse.

Prove me wrong!
Dec 22, 2002

The Einstein-riddle is very simple to solve. Under "" you find heavier riddles. Also you find there the mostly unknown secret of the Einstein-riddle.
Dec 28, 2002

I got it in about a half hour. It was difficult! Are you sure that the 2% is an accurate calculation?
Dec 31, 2002

hey nice riddle! it took me 10 min. to get the answer. well goet to go. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 11, 2003

Hey nice riddle pretty tough but still got it after puttin it all together.
Feb 13, 2003

I think the bit about 98% of people not being able to solve it is rubbish. When I got this in an email about a year ago I forwarded it to 20 people on my address list. Ony 2 of those people couldn't do it.
Feb 13, 2003

I liked it. But isn't this more logic as opposed to riddle? It took me 10 mins. I am surprised that Einstein said that only 98% of people would solve this one. I think at least 20% can.
(user deleted)
Feb 23, 2003

Actually, because FISH was never mentioned in the teaser, it is only assumed the "fifth" pet could be a fish. We are informed of a cat, dog, bird and horse. How could we possibly conclude the fifth pet is a fish. It could be any other animal. Therefore, the answer could be "No one" or "Insufficient data provided to correctly answer."
Jul 14, 2003

I had to do something very similiar for this in my math class about a month ago. This one took me about 10 minutes.
Aug 13, 2003

Do you really believe, Einstein is the creator of this riddle? And do you really believe, he said that nonsens about the 2%?
Aug 17, 2003

It was too easy. All of you who don't believe that Einstein came up with this riddle, try coming up with one this long and complex by yourself (warning: it must be able to be solved). I don't believe that only 2% of the population can figure this out because it was just too easy, however.
Aug 23, 2003

Agreed that this was an easy "logic" puzzle... did these kind of puzzles in grade 6. They are fun still tho!
Sep 06, 2003

its hard but got it and loved it
Sep 16, 2003

hey i can't get it cus i haven't that much time to figure it out.. can those people who got it in 5 minutes explain detailly the shortcut method? i must be one of those 2% who CAN'T get it right judging by so many who can so quickly
(user deleted)
Nov 01, 2003

This riddle is nuts. Could drive a normal person to insanity. But those guys were right: it IS easy if you take your time and use reasoning to narrow down the possibilities. Took me 35 minutes to complete.
(user deleted)
Nov 11, 2003


From where did you get this riddles, please? How could it be written by Einstein? When?
I am asking because others are asking. Thanks.
Feb 21, 2004

I dindn't even get all the way through working it out, and I had to see the answer! Very good one, but a little too long! LOL
Mar 13, 2004

5 minutes i'm wondering how u guys skipped all the matching and was able to get the answer
5 minutes!!!
it took me more than five minutes to make the grid for this
Mar 13, 2004

i have something to say to all of you "genii" out there. first, when Einstein made this riddle, 98% of the people could not solve it. today people are alot smarter then they were when he lived (1879-1955). second, many of you are not 2% who can solve it, but 25% who can guess it. and finally, most of the people who are out of 98% that cannot solve it will not be on this site.
Mar 16, 2004

first, i thought i wasn't going to get it because i thought that Einstein actually wrote it, but after sitting there for about 30 minutes, i came to the answer and realized that it just takes time to answer
Apr 01, 2004

Simple, but time consuming...
Apr 30, 2004

Wicked awesome! Took me like 45 minutes, give or take, and consumed me at work, but I got it! Yay!
May 04, 2004

Wow, thats the longest i've ever spent on a teaser, i usually give up & look at the answer but i just had 2 try this one. I got it eventually, after several pieces of paper later, kept thinking i'd solved it & then finding a bit that didnt add up. All the people saying they got it quickly probably didnt, u all just guessed the answer or you would have taken longer. Well done to all you who actually got it! top 2% people!!!
Jul 07, 2004

One of the Best Teasers Ive done. Just when your almost done something is wrong it took my 30 minutes and a lot of paper to figure it out but I got it.....
Jul 14, 2004

This one's going on my list!
Aug 01, 2004

I saw this on another site, and i absolutly LOVE these problems. It took me a while to do it, but i eventualy got it right! Its great!
(user deleted)
Aug 09, 2004

Einstein would be proud
Aug 18, 2004

Great teaser! Took me about 25 mins to solve
Aug 26, 2004

AHHH!!!! all this kind of question takes is a little concetration......einstiens genius wasnt about norwiegins and germans it was about thinking outside the box........
Sep 08, 2004

i think the reason he said only 2% could solve it, is because not many people have the patience to actaully work it out, its not so much the difficulty which he was talkin about, by including so many objects as distractions, he discouraged many people from even attempting it.

Hence, the 98% of people who couldnt solve it!

im 13 by the way
Sep 24, 2004

Umm, are you all on crack, there is not nearly enough information in this page for this riddle, therefore you're all liars and never solved the riddle...

How do i know anybody had a fish?

Not a single bit of information in the riddle says anything about a fish. The correct answer to anybody paying attention is:

NONE, the german had a pet rock


There is no info of a fish existing and therefore a fish does not exist.
Nov 11, 2004

I got it, excellent riddle.
Nov 17, 2004

I gave up in like 10 seconds. Oh, and mankatozx, Einstein was not an idiot!!!!!!!!! Thanks for subbmitting!
Nov 21, 2004

You can't say that there isn't enough information because the question is who owns the fish... The fish is owned by the person who last doesn't have a pet... Which in common sense can be found out without using a grid, all you need is 5 minutes of hard mind-boggling thinking... The rest of the information besides who owns the fish is of no purpose, and the reason only 2% of people get the answer, is because they lack attention to detailed questions... If you solved it and found out each person's things, then your answer is wrong... In summary... Read, it helps! :-D
Nov 22, 2004

I'm sorry but that was no fun at all. Very frustrating 2. brain hurts...
Nov 23, 2004

I looked at it. Knew I wouldn't get it. Guessed the right answer!
Dec 19, 2004

I first encountered this problem around 1966 and have loved this type of problem ever since.
Jan 02, 2005

Did this a while ago... took me about a half hour... but then, i'm the most unorganized person ever.

Einstein was wrong, or this is a myth.. because probably closer to 50% of people could do it.

Really, though, I knew it was the German from the start. Why? Well, he was German, wasn't he?
(user deleted)
Jan 04, 2005

That took quite a bit of paper! I don't remember when I started, but I took all the information down and curled up on the couch. I wish there were more of these riddles on the site. They are my absolute favorite...
Jan 05, 2005

haha, ya, i used ALOT of paper too. It took me awhile to solve, but I did it!!!!!! I feel smart. lol. anybody know of others like this??
Jan 07, 2005

took me just over 20 minutes but i found it pretty good....ready for the next one now
Jan 16, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You submitted the first riddle that I was able to solve. Great teaser!
Jan 24, 2005

I attempted this riddle a while ago and couldn\'t solve it. Now, however, after trying it again, I found it fairly simple. Overall its an incredibly entertaining riddle. Probably my favorite...
Feb 07, 2005

Wow! I think I may have given myself an aneurysm with this one! I did get it, but I kept having to go back and re-evaluate. I also made a chart. This would be a great one to put in the Logic-grid section. Then you could just point and click as you figured things out. It was very fun. I'll send it along to see how many of my friends and relatives will hate me. I'm thinking of making them beg me for the answer...we'll see.
Feb 07, 2005

comment too long...
Feb 14, 2005

wow for being hard that was eaasy took me less than 10 minutes
Feb 21, 2005

it is cool ...
Eye bogglingly Amazing!
Feb 22, 2005

GREAT teaser. got it in about 15 min. right to the favorites!
Feb 23, 2005

Shouldn't this one be in the logic-grid category?
(user deleted)
Mar 03, 2005

I saw this teaser referenced in the Logic-Grid section. It took me almost as long to build my grid as it did to solve. The real genius is the one who first developed the grid system. I'm just the chimp with a banana! Yummmm.....!
Mar 06, 2005

Wow!!!! I got it in like 15 minutes! I'm so proud of my self!
Mar 18, 2005

cool one

i was confused at first but after i gpt the first clue, wow every thing went easy
May 02, 2005

Yep the 5X5 grid is the only way I could organize and track the facts. Anyone doing this in their head should be out making money somewhere and not playing games .. or maybe making up games like Einstein did .. Of course all those guys are dead now from smoking and their pets have died and one of those TV guys bought up the houses and made a million dollars instead of doing grid problems in their head! ha ha liked it!.. back to the zone ..
May 03, 2005

That was great...YAAAAYYY!!!
May 11, 2005

I am the ghost of Einstein,
You are all wrong.

The answer is...

I am not Einstein.
I'm bored.

May 31, 2005

The hint is right, all you have to do is remain patient and you will get it. Perhaps Einstein was making a coment on the character of 98% of the people in the world, and what real intellegence is.
Jun 06, 2005

Jun 06, 2005

... one of the "more harder" puzzles. Somebody's definitely not Einstein.
Jul 06, 2005

to much for me... I'm not that patient...
Nov 13, 2005

Gave up in 45 minutes.But then right when i clicked the answer link i said"i bet it was the German".lol
same here not really that patient.
Nov 20, 2005

still confused
Nov 27, 2005

It took me about 45 minutes scattered throughout the day to solve this using a logic grid. It was pretty simple, though took a straining effort. I had guessed all along, however , that it was the German because of Einstein's nationality. As I solved it, I gained insight into how to use logic grids. I was very worried about whether the houses were numbered from left to right or the opposite, and I wondered if that was a trick. THIS TEASER NEEDS TO BE IN THE LOGIC GRID CATEGORY!!!
Nov 30, 2005

I thought about 2% of the world could solve this?! About half of everybody who wrote a comment solved it!
Feb 01, 2006

well I guess I', the loser of the bunch I got it wrong after I racked me nrain for 30 minutes
(It hurts!! It hurts!!)
Mar 02, 2006

I am in 6th grade and i got it in 15 min. It was easy if you used a diagram.
Mar 05, 2006

YES! I man doh, i didn't get it. Almost though.
Jun 05, 2006

Ah good stuff i loved it! Keep em comming, Does a brain good =)
Jun 07, 2006

Very good and challenging.
(user deleted)
Jul 18, 2006

well, we did it in maths - im in year 8 and a friend and i did it in 15 minutes and it was so easy!!! i dont get what all the fuss is about!!! cos i mean we did it quite quick but after half an hour about half the class had solved it!!! so either were a load off boffins which i doubt cos its a pretty normal state school, or the fuss is about nothing!! lmao
Aug 21, 2006

did it in about 35 minutes
Aug 27, 2006

Yay! I am thirteen and I got this one not a very long time period!!!
Nov 07, 2006

It's not very hard, when I first did it it took about 15 minutes. If you know how to do logic grids, then it is fairly easy
Dec 30, 2006

This didint take very long. The key to do this teaser very quick and easy is to use a logic-grid.


long,ez,and fun!
(user deleted)
Jan 07, 2007

This is all BS... everyone is so proud of themselves because they think their the top 2%... Einstein never wrote this... u are all full of yourselves
(user deleted)
Feb 15, 2007

Take a more Einsteinian view of the riddle...

The answer to the question is that the German owns the fish. However, you can't tell which house he lives in because of clue #4.

4. The green house is on the immediate left of the white house.

Left is a relative term. Left from the street looking towards the houses, or left from the house's perspective?

It's all relative.
Mar 30, 2007

I did this in math class
May 02, 2007

i couldn't get it...
I obviously not in the 2 percent.
Of course, when Einstein said only 98 percent of people could figure it out he was talking about the people of his time. Also, 2 percent is actually a considerably large amount of people, considering there's about 7 billion people in the world.
(user deleted)
May 16, 2007

Actually, everyone is both wrong and right. No where in the problem does it specifically state there was a fish, only in the question "Who has the Fish?". The problem only said there were five pets and that four of them were the dogs, birds, cats, and horses. The fifth pet could be fish or it could be turtles, or any other pet because NOWHERE IN THE CLUES DOES IT ECPLAIN A FISH BEING THERE. So it either could or could not be a fish meaning that everyone who said fish were right and wrong at the same time. That's Einstein's real answer.
Jun 13, 2007

I am one of the two percent took me about a half-hour
Aug 31, 2007

I am also take part in the 2% of the population who could figure it out. It took me about 45 mins but I finally got it. Very good Riddle. Looking foreward to more. Thank you
Aug 31, 2007

I also take part in the 2% of the population who could figure it out. It took me about 45 mins but I finally got it. Very good Riddle. Looking foreward to more. Thank you
Aug 31, 2007 said in the riddle that they were in a row. These 5 houses couldn't have possibly been both in a circle and in a row. Also, If it was circular street, you would never know which house was the first one...not that it quite matters in a circle. And if you would check with your answer and the clues, it won't make sense. I found this riddle pretty easy and solved it in about 10 minutes. it was pretty fun...
(user deleted)
Sep 07, 2007

it took me 20 mins ...
(user deleted)
Oct 02, 2007

The alternative Dane answer is incorrect, because the problem specifies that the houses are "in a row". houses in a circle do not qualify as "in a row" in the standard definition of that idiomatic expression.

I imagine that Einstein meant that only 2% of the population could get the answer if it were asked of them verbally and they did not have pen and paper. After all, that would have been the context of a riddle in his time, a party trick. Einstein would've listed out all the clues in some party, and someone would've had to have thought real hard and got it... I imagine 30 minutes would not have been given; at the most 5 or 10.

If you could get it by reading the question only once and then thinking it out, you're one of the 2% of the population Einstein was talking about.
Nov 03, 2007

I guess I'm in the 98%.

Difficult but fun!
Jan 10, 2008

i think people misunderstood Einstein,the correct statement is we only need 2% of our brain to solve this riddle.and the 2% is only for fingers and eyes functions!!no need to think at all!!
Aug 22, 2008

It is often called "Einstein's Puzzle" or "Einstein's Riddle" because it is said to have been invented by Albert Einstein as a boy. Some claim that Einstein said "only 2 percent of the world's population can solve it". It is also sometimes attributed to Lewis Carroll. However, there is no known evidence for Einstein's or Carroll's authorship.

Incidentally, we can all get good at doing logic puzzles, doesn't make you a genius, it means you've practised. Having a high IQ doesn't make you clever, it makes you good at IQ tests although IQ tests are relatively comprehensive so more often than not the two will correlate, if you've done lots of logic puzzles before, you're going to know how to approach them and how to think it through, if you haven't, the likelyhood is that this will be much trickier for you. This took me just under half an hour, very enjoyable.
Aug 22, 2008

sorry but i've just noticed alaois' comment and it really annoyed me. Einstein, even as a boy, wouldn't have been stupid enough as to think one in 50 people were clever enough to work that out in their head. Everyone who's done it on here obviously enjoys brainteasers and has had the practise to make it easier. But as a general population, the majority wouldn't be able to solve the puzzle full stop. The idea that out of the 6 000 000 000 people on the planet, call it 3 000 000 000 adults (on a very bad day), 60 000 000 could solve this thing in their head!? is plainly just stupid... do you not realise how large a percentage that actually is when we're dealing with something like this. 2% of people in Britain go on to study further maths at AS level, 1% continue to A2, of that 1% 25% get an A, so 0.25% of people get an A in further maths, i recently received my A. As i've said above, that took me about half an hour with a pen and paper, so how could possibly make such a stupid claim... there are probably a ridiculously small handful of people who could solve that in their head with a confident answer, unfortunately it's impossible to find out how many because you've got a 20% chance of getting the right answer anyway.
Nov 15, 2008

well it couldnt be a circular road because he said in a row. a row is a line straight across. but anyway i loved the teaser. it was very easy. that two percent stuff is kinda wrong
Nov 25, 2008

I don't know why but during the middle of my solving i thought it was going to be the german....and it was....hmmmm
Feb 18, 2009

I got a different answer

The question never told us that the fifth guy(i.e. the German guy) has the fish. The fact that given by the question only said that they have 5 different kinds of pets, they never said anything about the fish. Therefore the answer is not the German guy but could be anyone else because the German can have a tiger or crocodile or anything for a pet(Although he could have a fish but we can't be certain about that).
(user deleted)
May 09, 2009

Great riddle, It took me almost a couple of hours to solve it. It may be quicker if Im not hungry.. XD:
One great hint is to disregard the hints with pets . They should be taken last.
May 12, 2009

Me, my mom, and my brother all sat down and did it in about 20 min, but it was hard.
Jun 02, 2009

Very good riddle, took about 30 minutes for me. Keep them coming. I have 4 gripes which involve comments not the riddle itself.

1. Everyone who is stating that the German could own any pet because it is not specifically stating that one of the five people own a fish, need to learn what the word "infer" means. If you actually figured out the puzzle and everyone owned the other four pets, then the German had to own the fish, because thats what the riddle is asking. Stop trying to sound smart because you have a problem with the wording. I do not believe you even solved the riddle or else you would just be happy you figured it out.

2. As far as the whole 98% of the population not figuring this out, no one (not even einstein himself) could know the exact number. He could only know a percentage of a sample group, which still wouldn't be accurate to the rest of the world. I also believe everyone overestimates the intellect of people in this world... I would still say there is a large percentage who either couldn't figure it out or do not have the attention span to do so.

3. If you solved this in under 5 minutes, you are either lying or incredibly smart. To just read and re-read clues then write down your work would take way over 5 minutes.

4. Why is it spelled "practise" in some countries and "practice" in the United States? Maybe thats a riddle in itself!

Thanks if you've listen to my complaining/reasoning!
Jun 14, 2009

It took me three hours, but i finally proved that i was in the top 2% of the people who can figure this puzzle out.

The hardest part of this puzzle is making sure you keep your train of thought.
(user deleted)
Sep 13, 2009

Ok girl1962. . cut the bullsh** no woman could ever do this. Womens brains are a half the size of mens. it's science
(user deleted)
Sep 13, 2009

Awishfulthinker: U may be one of the biggest douche bags I've ever encountered in my life. I am literally baffled at how someone could write that much garbage about a riddle. You make me cry for all of mankind, and you probably have no testicles. Here's a riddle you'll never figure out. . . how to lose your virginity
Dec 19, 2009

Took me about 30mins to solve!

Not nearly as difficult as it looks. You just have to write your clues out clearly.
(user deleted)
Mar 23, 2010

This was Sooooo fun. Yes you can use algebraic arrays to solve, but drawing pictures of houses , using the obvious to fill in first then puzzling over the more obscure clues later made this the most fun so far!!
(user deleted)
Mar 23, 2010

This was Sooooo fun. Yes you can use algebraic arrays to solve, but drawing pictures of houses , using the obvious to fill in first then puzzling over the more obscure clues later made this the most fun so far!!
(user deleted)
Jun 07, 2010

Its cool!!! It took me about 30 minutes to solve. Study the clues carefully and fill in a table - you will find the answer easily
(user deleted)
Nov 20, 2010

15 minutes..GOOD ONE
May 10, 2011

there are so many in 2 % ..even am in one of them... took some time..bat that was relly very gud..
(user deleted)
Jun 28, 2011

It took me like 3 minutes and I just went with what felt right..... And I was right! Riddles usually have the same kind of system built into them that makes solving them a lot easier.
(user deleted)
Aug 16, 2011

i'm sorry to break this to ya BUT...the 2% were for the people that can solve this riddle MENTALLY, with NO WRITTING DOWN. sorry, not all of you are in the 2% i guess.

My brother in 5th grade can solved this in an hour, writing them down. Doing this mentally is the REAL challenge. LOL

I know, it made me feel disappointed too, thinking i was in the 2% of the world's population. guess not
Nov 01, 2011

I'm usually rubbish at these but I got it in about 15mins, veryy happy with myself right now! Great teaser
Nov 17, 2011

This was the teaser that got me interested in puzzles about seven years ago. It was so hard then, and it took me forever! I decided to revisit it and knocked it out in like 15 minutes.

I don't think I'm any smarter than I was then...I'm just better at making charts. ;)
Feb 23, 2012

Easy easy, did it before.
Feb 25, 2013

I am 16 and I figured out this riddle in 42 minutes I got the answer that the German owns the green house with a fish,smokes prince and drinks coffee
May 13, 2013

15 minutes is all I needed..hahaha


so proud to be part of the 2%!!!
May 13, 2013

For those who thinks the Dane owns the fish...

Here's a solution:
http:// /einstein / einsteins -riddle - solution - explained/

Jan 06, 2015

I thought the riddle was quite easy, I solved it and i timed it 8 mins give or take a few seconds. I even made an account to post this, but I get why some people don't get it. You just have to think in that way I guess. I also know that just because you can solve this, it doesn't make you a Genius. I guess someone that solved it in a matter of seconds (with little to no knowledge of riddles) could be classified as the top 2 %, but only because people of today are much more intelligent then in Einsteins time.
Sep 27, 2015

This should be transferred to logic-grid
Jan 31, 2017

SUPER FUN!!!! luved it! it tuke me ubout 10 minutes two due it. i finished it and then shared it with all my stretch friends and only half of them got it right THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS
Mar 11, 2017

I saw this one on YouTube. Ted Ed Riddles showcased this.
Mar 11, 2017

I saw this one on YouTube. Ted Ed Riddles showcased this.
Mar 11, 2017

1. Oops 🙊 accidentally duplicated the entire comment 2. I don't think it's nice to say that kind of stuff Awishfulthinker.
Mar 11, 2017

You are insulting women.
Apr 22, 2017

when you say norweigian is the first. is it first from left to right or from right to left

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