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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#709
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.47)
Submitted By:Phyllis*****!
Corrected By:Mogmatt16




Can you figure out the well-known expression which is represented below?



Read just the letters.

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Jul 09, 2002

Clever answer!
Mar 16, 2004

Liked it! I was completely on the wrong track!
Sep 21, 2004

Nice! I've been on the site this long and only just found this. I liked it!
Nov 14, 2004

I got it, great teaser
Dec 23, 2004

Love it!! Nice Teaser
Jul 17, 2005

I thought it said safety 1st!!
Jul 29, 2005

That was a great teaser! mahalo
Nov 16, 2005

Great one really enjoyed trying to figure it out. Had to read the hint to get the answer
Feb 08, 2006

Was pretty easy even without the hint, but it was fun.

P.S: you forgot the E in saftey
Mar 11, 2006

Um, no he didn't forget the E, it goes "F4329*E*8977T" Great teaser, I loved it
Mar 26, 2006

pretty easy..still liked it though.
Apr 07, 2006

the hint gave it away!!!
Jul 06, 2006

I thought it was stupid. No offence, but you need to come up with something better then that.
Nov 03, 2006

It was written over four years ago by someone with over 75 teasers... I'm sure they've come up with something better. . .
Apr 01, 2007

The hint really gave it away man!
May 30, 2007

Dudette, that was kind of rude, and you spelled offense wrong. I liked it!
Jun 02, 2007

I loved it!! thats was an awsome teaser!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep em comin'.

And i dont think dudette understandds the consept of a rebus, because this was a perfect one.
Apr 11, 2008

It was a great teaser! i loved it but i pronouncend saftey wrong bc i wasnt paying attention fully

Dudette i dont think you should have said that because it was a great rebus and i didnt get the answer but when i saw the answer i understood perfectly so that was a really rude thing to say
Jun 27, 2009

Vey clever,thank you!!
Jun 27, 2009

Saw this before,made it easy.
Jun 27, 2009

Clever rebus, but I agree that the hint did solve it. Thanks for posting.
Jun 27, 2009

What fun! I got it without looking at the hint. I like it when I can get a teaser so easily. It doesn't mean the teaser is too easy. It makes me feel smart!
Jun 27, 2009

Yes, the hint gave it away. I just couldn't figure it out without it.
Good one!
Jun 27, 2009

I couldn't get this one, and I never think to look at the hint.
Jun 27, 2009

Great teaser! Had to look at the hint.
Jun 27, 2009

Oh, CLEVER!!!!!
Jun 27, 2009

Jun 27, 2009

I knew the hint before I read it.
Jun 27, 2009

I have to admit to being totally blind-sided. I thought we were dealing with some impossibly boring cryptograph (sp?). Even after I read the hint, my mind didn't realize the puzzle was a rebus instead. It should have been fairly easy and obvious, but my brain was making it too hard. All the same, I liked it, thought it was excellent.
Jun 27, 2009

Everyone seem to understand the type of Coding of this teaser except me. I wish someone would drop me a hint in my messages, explaining briefly, of course which code governs this teaser. Please help? Proctor.
Jun 28, 2009

There is no code. Just S-A-F-E-T-Y in numbers.
Good teaser, by the way.
Jun 28, 2009

great teaser!!! i loved it!!! and i hate to be repetitive, but the hint did give it away a bit. i got it w/o the hint, though!!! really gr8!!!!
Jun 27, 2012

Well good for all of you that thought it was a great teaser. As for me...I never know what we are supposed to do with all those numbers. Maybe if someone said find a hidden message in these it would help. I never noticed letters in between. All I saw was numbers and thought what am I supposed to do with these? Sorry! I did not like it.
Jun 27, 2012

Looked, solved, smiled.
Jun 27, 2012

I don't get too many of these -- they always seem so open ended to me. I first tried, "maybe it's a substitution code -- 0 is a space, 1=A, etc." But what are the letters? Well, maybe something they couldn't encode for some reason, so let's list them and see if there's a pattern... S-A-F-E-T-Y, what's safety doing among all those numbers. Ah!
Jun 27, 2012

Great I loved it. I had to use the hint to get it but it was so much fun. Thanks for posting it.
Jun 27, 2015

Not knowing I had read it before and found working it in 2015 as easy as pie. I have learned a lot over the years and what was hard for me then has become easier for me now. Back then I did not know what was expected of me. I am having a better time now.
Jun 27, 2015

I've been working rebus puzzles since I was knee-high as they say. Some I find quite easy and some are much more difficult.
This one was hard enough it has been looked at for more than 2 seconds, but easy enough to be solved without too much thought.
Nice to see you are learning how to do them Babe and that you are able to enhoy them more.
Jun 27, 2015

simple, yet once again got the brain on track this morning!
Jun 27, 2015

I never read the hints, so it didn't make any sense to me. But I liked it - clever. Babe, I love your attitude and sense of humor. I have a feeling you've always known how to handle life's difficulties! Good for you!
Jun 27, 2015

It was easy (after I read the hint ) My brain was too tired to do the work of trying to figure it out. But, I enjoyed it anyway - clever and entertaining!
Jun 27, 2015

HOW does one tell zero from O ??

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