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Methane Gas

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#1016
Fun:*** (2.64)
Difficulty:* (1.07)
Submitted By:Michelle***




If you were to step into a sealed room filled with 100% methane gas and strike a match, what would happen?


Nothing. The match cannot spark without oxygen.

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Nov 09, 2001

yeah, but you'd also die because there wouldn't be oxygen to breathe either.
Nov 11, 2001

Gee, what would you have to eat
to generate that much methane? I
certainly would not want to share a room
with you :-)
May 01, 2002

I remeber seeing this in a particualr game advertised by this site.......
Jun 07, 2002

The room wouldn't be filled with 100% methane because you have stepped into it.
Nov 12, 2002

Kids don't try this one at home!
Feb 25, 2003

yes Kids try ths at home
Sep 03, 2005

nothing would happen because you probably would be dead or not breathing
Feb 10, 2006

Good one Michelle!
Mar 15, 2006

nothing u'd be dead u'd die with out oxagon
Jun 16, 2006

Ewwww! Stinky!
Sep 20, 2006

Hate to try this!
Jun 25, 2008

I knew nothing forgot about oxygen, and I am a boy scout
Sep 17, 2016

I think you'll be dead, if you entered the room and took a breath. Once you entered the room, it wouldn't be totally sealed anymore. If you held your breath and struck the match, it would ignite. I believe match heads have chemicals which produce enough oxygen to produce the initial spark. Once that happens.....BOOM! That's what I think.

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