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The Colored Bear

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#103
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.3)
Submitted By:JakeAadminus*mod!!!
Corrected By:snaps




If a hunter goes out his front door, goes 50 miles south, then goes 50 miles west, shoots a bear, goes 50 miles north and ends up in front of his house, what color was the bear?



The hunter is at the north pole, and the bear is a white polar bear.


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Jan 11, 2001

Since bears do not roam within fifty miles of the pole, the bear is either imaginary or imported, and there is no telling what color it is.
Jan 11, 2001

There is another place (actually a whole set) on earth from which one can go fifty miles south, fifty miles west, and fifty miles north and end up where one started. Consider the parallel of latitude close enough to the South Pole that its length is 50/n miles, for some integer n. Take any point on that parallel of latitude and pick the point fifty miles north of it. Situate the hunter`s front porch there. The hunter goes fifty miles south from his porch and is at a point we`ll call A. He travels fifty miles west, circling the South Pole n times, and is at A again, where he shoots the bear. Fifty miles north from A he is back home.
Dec 12, 2001

to comment on the above comments There wouldn't be any bears that near to south pole either.
Dec 28, 2001

you know, this was the first teaser ever entered into the site.
Nov 25, 2002

shouldn't this teaser be in the logic or trick sections instead of MATH???
Jul 19, 2004

Not only is there no bear near the North Pole, which is not on land but on a frozen ocean, there is no house. -----

Santa Claus and his elves live at North Pole, Alaska (64º45'N, 147º21'W), and they are not killers.
Apr 07, 2005

Apr 20, 2005

(looking at Yoda) I don't have a clue.
May 17, 2005

Darn it. Ain't no commentators realised that from the South Pole, the only direction a critter can head in a straight line would be due NORTH!
Jun 09, 2005

Jun 28, 2005

so this is the first teaser ever? on this site
Nov 24, 2005

It's only a game, just like the Raiders and the Chiefs! (i.e not meant to be taken seriously)
Nov 27, 2005

contrary to pop. belief, this is not the oldest teaser. the oldest teaser is #9327 (as of sunday, nov. 27), called J, 'F, M, A, M, J ....'
Nov 27, 2005

sorry, its
'J, F, M, A, M, J ....'


J, 'F, M, A, M, J ....'
Dec 15, 2005

if this is the oldest teaser, why is it #103 instead of just #1??

anyhow, this was from MindTrap.
Jan 03, 2006

grrrrrrrrrrrrr, i wanted to put something like this, but was rejected because it too close
Mar 21, 2006

This puzzle pwnzrs. Don't make fun of it. lolerskater
Apr 25, 2006

this is the 1st teaser on the site
Apr 25, 2006

i mean, this IS the 1st teaser on the site
Apr 25, 2006

fun. don't let the naysayers and the know-it-alls get you down.
May 13, 2006

thats so cool!
great teaser!
i had to read the hint before i got it
May 16, 2006

What if the front of his house was 51 miles long? Front door on the east end and front door on the west end, and then he's back at his front door after shooting the bear.

Of course to find a house that massive we'd have to be looking at a large expanse of land, which would suggest somewhere like Australia. And there are no bears in Australia, however the koala is often misnamed as a bear. And koala's are grey. So the answer is grey.

But of course the important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what colour the bear, both polar bears and koalas are protected species, which means that this hunter is hunting illegally. Of course the way it could have been "legal" is if the bear wasn't a native to the area, and as such was considered a dangerous animal. Which means it could have been any colour.

I could go on here, but in short let me just say that it's only a brain teaser. If you get it right, then yay for you, otherwise it's not the fault of the teaser.
May 19, 2006

i liked this one
Jun 10, 2006

ber was ranebuw
Jul 14, 2006

Maybe this hunter had a fifty mile porch?? Then the bear would be Green!!! Why? Do not ask...
Aug 28, 2006

for some dumb reason I was thinking of a brown bear...
Oct 29, 2006

bears white....thats a great one i like it much.
Nov 01, 2006

How does one determine the westerly direction of travel when near the pole? I understand that when leaving the north pole, convention dictates that all directions are equally south. After the first leg, in order to "turn and go west" one should make a 90 degree turn to the right by pointing ones right arm back to the pole along ones own tracks.

This has always been my problem with this classic teaser -- it seems to introduce a 90 degree angle into an equilateral-triangle path which should have only 60 degree turns.

After all, if the path is the same 50 miles on all three sides???

Help. What am I missing here?

Aside from a sense of humour.
Nov 04, 2006

This is the first one on the site i've got even though i looked at the hint!!!!!!!!! :LOL: ;)
Nov 04, 2006

Nov 04, 2006

This is the first one on the site i've got even though i looked at the hint!!!!!!!!!
Mar 06, 2007

first one on the site ya rite
Mar 16, 2007

Mar 17, 2007

I don't know about you but I said red. If it was shot then it's usually red isn't it? Also I don't believe there would be a hunter that hunts polar bears.
Mar 17, 2007

At least not one that lives that far north.
Mar 31, 2007

I WAS RIGHT!! yess i like never get these things right! good one =)
Jun 28, 2007

i love it...i got it right!!
Aug 03, 2007

Awesome teaser Jake!
Aug 05, 2007

Wonderful Teaser! Keep up the good work!
Sep 18, 2007

i cant beleive this is the first teaser on braingle!! GO JAKE!!!! im your biggest fan!!!!! GO BRAINGLE!!!!!!!!
Nov 22, 2007

Acually polar bears have clear fur and black skin.
Dec 19, 2007

People never seem to be consistent when they post...
BTW the skin is black but the fur IS white, and reflects light.
Dec 21, 2007

You people are crazy! Of course, I'd say the same thing about myself.
Jan 19, 2008

I knew it was a white bear.
May 16, 2008

#1 answer to scavenger hunt heheh
Jul 10, 2008

actually nidhog, the skin is black and the fur is clear. it just creates the illusion of white by refracting light. Real-life example: look at a roll of saran wrap.
Sep 26, 2008

I have no clue if this is suppose to make sense????
Dec 15, 2008

The bear would be red....since it was now covered in blood after being shot.
Dec 31, 2008

Yay I got it right! The hint helped.
Dec 31, 2008

Oh and Jake, there aren't any bears in the south pole.
Jan 10, 2009

Easy, its a polar bear/ white bear. I heard it before so I know it.
Feb 05, 2009

First, this is an OLD teaser, not original to the site.

Second, to answer Earmon's question, what you are missing is that the internal angles of a triangle projected onto a sphere always exceed 180 degrees. There are a separate set of trigonometric identities for spherical triangles.
Feb 21, 2009

i put this anwser in the braingle scavenger hunt and it said no
Jun 08, 2009

Easy and fun but I had heard this one befire.
Sep 17, 2009

EZ PZ. But fun anyway!!!
Oct 27, 2009

Actually, I've seen a very similar question before(It was actually in a science test!!!! ) And the answer was white, because the place which this thing can happen AND have bears is the North Pole. Oh, and the other version is that a man was frightend and ran away.(at least that's not cruel or ilegal.)
Oct 27, 2009

And I agree with tangled brain. Polar bear fur IS clear.

Oh, but as a teaser, this one's fun!
Nov 18, 2010

This was really fun! I am glad that i tried!
Nov 25, 2010

For my talk-box game:

Great job! Next Clue:

Send me this message unscrambled in private message:

Apr 24, 2011

With this puzzle, for the average user, it would be a bit difficult to actually pinpoint where you are. I think next time you can give the reader an idea or a hint of where you are. Please do not take this personally but that is just my opinion.............
Sep 19, 2011

That was easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Oct 28, 2011

Awesome teaser by an awesome owner
Nov 12, 2011

Nice one

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