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Four Fine Fellows

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#10342
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.9)
Submitted By:Codammanus***
Corrected By:dumbell




'From where did he come, this one called Max?' everyone did ask,
To get him to appear today indeed was no small task.
All admired his physique, from head to feet amazing!
Gentlemen and ladies alike, eyebrows he was raising.

Much talk there was about him though he did nothing shameful, nor noble,
The looks, the whispers, and the expressions you wouldn't believe if I told you.
And too, without 'Jack' to support him, and neither the 'Old Man,'
He soon appeared in dire need of one or two big fans.

He kept his poise for hours, and then all began to wane,
Not his countenance, nor his physique, was Max able to maintain.
Perhaps someone forgot a true Superstar was to make its presence,
A spectacle Max was to be, but not the day's whole essence.

Besides he was cold, proud in form, and really had no feelings,
And no one engaged him in questionings, for they knew he would be unyielding.

From deep and bitter isolation he came, you see, so to be in the light,
In time proved to be the undoing of Max, perhaps he would have done better at night.

(1)What is Max?
(2)Who are 'Jack' 'The Old Man' and the 'Superstar'?


1) Max is an ice sculpture of a bodybuilder.
2) Jack is 'Jack Frost' and The Old Man is 'Old Man Winter.'
3) The Superstar, or (Super Star), is The Sun.

Clues Explained:
-Making an ice sculpture is no small task. Max's physique is admired very much, which raises eyebrows during the event. There is quite a bit of talking, whispering, and staring, although he does nothing "shameful" nor "noble" (meaning "bad" nor "good") to talk about. Meaning he did nothing. He can only stand there and look good for the people.

-It must be another season, because Jack Frost and Old Man Winter (which could have helped Max 'keep his cool' so to speak) aren't around to help. Beginning to melt, Max looks like he could use one or two big (industrial-size) fans, to slow the process-maybe.

-Max is able to keep his poise or composure for hours, and then it was downhill from there. Being inanimate, he couldn't do anything to keep his face or body intact. Perhaps the person who ordered the sculpture didn't take into account that a 'true SuperStar' our wonderful Sun would be out today, making it difficult for Max. In any case, Max was there to add to the occasion, not be the entire center of attention, or 'the day's whole essence.'

-A really good clue is that Max is COLD. Also, alluded to again is the fact that he is inanimate. He has no feelings. In the image of a bodybuilder, he stands 'proud in form'
(Probably posing with his chest out or something. Use your imagination). No person in their right mind, regardless of how interesting, asks an ice-sculpture a question. He won't give, or 'yield' a response. (At least I hope not).

-Max comes from 'deep and bitter isolation.' How about deep and bitter (cold) ICE-olation? Ice sculptures are usually stored in some sort of chest freezer before use. They probably don't have any company either. To be in the light, in time, proved to be the undoing of Max the ice-sculpture. If it was nighttime he probably would have lasted a little longer.

-Lastly, max couldn't be a snowman because snowmen can't be carved to have a 'Physique,' as the expression is normally used, and certainly not one 'Simply amazing' (they're just round), and almost never have 'feet' as max has. Those among other reasons.


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